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As a plus size lady it is natural to look for curvy boudoir photography ideas to feel more confident and get creative. Infect, all women want to look attractive in photos, so it is important to know what poses for a photo shoot of full girls will be the most successful. One of the most frequently used tricks is the correct angle, which will allow you to disguise the fullness, emphasizing the dignity of the figure.

It is better to prepare poses for boudoir photo poses plus size in advance by experimenting at home in front of a mirror – this will show what it makes sense to pay attention to in the image.

The quality of the photo depends on the experience of the master, the looseness of the model. If the two conditions are met, then the plus size boudoir photography models will look more slender. However, there are also certain rules that regulate poses for a photo shoot for overweight girls. Options for posing will be considered in the article.

Plus Size Boudoir Photo Shoot Ideas

plus size boudoir

If you are the owner of curvy forms, then you do not have to deny yourself the pleasure of being photographed in a plus size boudoir. Do not be shy about yourself and look at the catwalk models with sadness. You are also a model, but unique.

The success of boudoir photos plus size will depend not only on the appearance of the model, but also on its openness, natural state of rest, self-confidence. Tune in to a positive result in your head, but knowing the basics of correctly posing in front of the lens will not hurt you.

Portrait Rules in Curvy Boudoir Photography Ideas:

The portrait should emphasize the dignity of the face and cleavage of the model. The plan turns out to be large; the lens can add a couple of kilograms. Therefore, the photographer should take pictures from above, but in no case from below.

To avoid the second chin effect in poses for plus size boudoir photos, you need to:

  • Sit with your back half turned to the camera;
  • Slightly raise your head and slightly tilt it back (do not overdo it, so that the photo does not show that you deliberately did it);
  • Lean your upper body forward — there will be an emphasis on the face, which will stretch a little;
  • Owners of long hair should let them down over their shoulders. If the portrait of a curvy boudoir is done in a half-turn, the hair can be thrown to one side, covering the cheek close to the lens;
  • Try to avoid straight lines when posing in front of the camera, there must be a slight deflection of the body or a slope to the side;
  • The play of light and shadow, if the shooting is studio-a bright accent is given to the center of the face, the contours are slightly darkened to hide the plump cheeks, the second chin, to make the oval more elongated.
  • The second chin will disappear if the head is pulled forward or the model is leaning on his hands. Shooting from an upper angle will hide this flaw, highlighting others. The viewer perceives the images from the upper and lower points as staged. Looking at it at close range turns the photo into a part of everyday life.

Boudoir Photo Ideas For Plus Size

boudoir photos plus size

Many women of piquant forms refuse to do full-length, collecting in their boudoir galleries only pictures along the chest line. If you choose the right pose, you can remove the folds on your stomach, lengthen your legs, reduce the volume of your thighs, and make your hands more attractive even in short-sleeve clothing.

Plus-size Boudoir Ideas Standing Up

  • Heavy girls always try to squeeze, slouch, and think that this way they will be smaller. And the right pose for a photo shoot is:
  • Straight back, straightened shoulders, chest raised as much as possible and exposed forward (if there is something to show, then why hide — this should be the main focus)
  • The model’s hands should not be tightly attached to the body and should be straight. They need to be slightly spread apart; you can bend, touch the hair, any accessory, or just leave it on the waist. To reduce the volume of the waist, the palms should be placed in the middle, and not on the edges. The smaller the distance from one hand to the other, the narrower the waist of the plump model looks. You can wrap your arms around your abdomen to remove a few lines of wrinkles. Therefore, you can emphasize the chest area. Then you will get a tasteful plus size boudoir photography.
  • Legs — this is also an important point in posing. You cannot place them wider than the shoulders, but they should not be straight and closed. You can stand in the following position — legs crossed or slightly apart. At the same time, one leg remains straight, and the other should be slightly bent or put forward (a sense of movement, step). It is advisable to pull the toe forward to create the illusion of a slender and long ankle.
  • Bend all over-the-top principles of plus size sexy photos for overweight girls standing up. The bodylines should not be strictly vertical or horizontal. You can always put your shoulders forward or to the side, bend your body forward or backward, bend the lumbar region, if the photo is taken from the side or half-turn, direct your hips in the opposite direction from the shoulder girdle. Catch yourself thinking that you are not a tree, but a wave that changes its state.

Plus-size Boudoir Ideas Sitting

bbw boudoir

When the model sits down on a chair, sofa, chair, and her body becomes shorter and wider, especially if you turn full-face.

Plus-size Photoshoot Ideas

The portrait should emphasize the dignity of the face and cleavage of the model. The plan turns out to be large; the lens can add a couple of kilograms. Therefore, the photographer should take pictures from above, but in no case from below.

The sitting position for the BBW boudoir is insidious in that the folds on the sides and abdomen are revealed. The legs should preferably be stretched out or crossed. So they visibly lengthen, hiding the volume of the hips. Legs at different heights look spectacular, like open scissors. Full-face shooting for boudoir photo galleries is undesirable. Wins the half-turn, pulled-back socks. In addition, avoid parallel lines as in the vertical pose.

  • Sit half-turned, without touching the back. Tilt your head slightly to the side and lift it up. The legs can be thrown on top of each other or one can be lifted on a bench, and the other can be left at the bottom. At the same time, the body should be straight or slightly tilted back to avoid folds on the abdomen.
  • The chair can only be used as a support — stand with your back to it, rest your hands behind your back, and sit down slightly or bend one leg at the knees, and leave the other straight. Do not allow the chubby boudoir to direct the body towards the camera.
  • Use accessories to cover your stomach in a sitting position. A soft toy, pillows, will distract attention from problem areas.
  • Chubby girls at a photo shoot should try to pose lying down, especially on their stomach. This pose will add sexy boudoir pics.
  • Will emphasize the advantages of plus size boudoir pics curvy shapes, retracted belly and heavy chest. The correct position of the hands will indicate the waist. The palms on the hips visually narrow it; the closer the fingers are brought together, the feeling of thinness of the waist increases. The crossed arms on the chest accentuate the lush bust. The flirty curve of the spine will hide unnecessary folds.

Hide To Highlight and Label

Interesting plus size boudoir photo ideas for a photo shoot for overweight girls from the back. A full-length shot or in combination with a partial profile, designation encourages the viewer to imagine the full image of the art object, to imagine what does not fall into the frame. The deflection of the spine and the designation of the movement of the hands emphasize the integrity of the image.

The freedom of the hands is relative. The rules of plus size boudoir photography poses shooting do not allow limp hands. Hands are an active, meaningful art object. Sharp movements are not allowed. The second taboo applies to the open palm. The back of the hand, the cam, is shown, or the hand is hidden by the folds of clothing, or by a pocket. The hand in the picture in the boudoir photo shoot attracts attention no less than the nude.

The female body is a focus of smoothly curved lines. Chest full of air, back arched like a panther before a jump. The legs are turned relative to each other at an angle with the gait of a ballerina. In addition, the mysterious life of the hands that accompany the smooth rotation of the body relative to the camera.

Some Mistakes In The Plus Size Boudoir Shoot

curvy boudoir photography idea
  • Do not spread your arms and legs wide, taking the “starfish” pose. Outwardly, this spoils the figure.
  • Do not press your hands against your body in the waist area. This visually makes the figure even wider.
  • Do not lower your chin down. This adds extra creases to the face.
  • Do not lean back from the camera. It is necessary to do the opposite – bend forward.
  • Do not remove your face from the bottom. This makes for a double chin in the photo.
  • The key to success is correctly selected plus size boudoir outfits, hairstyle, and makeup. Without this, even the brightest model with the right body proportions can turn out poorly in the photo.
  • For big girl boudoir photography, choose a photographer who has a portfolio of girls with racy sizes. Discuss the details of the shooting, note not everything that you like about yourself and what suits you. An experienced specialist will offer poses for a photo shoot that emphasize your personality.
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