Plus Size Business Casual Ideas – Basic Business Casual Wardrobe: Must-have for Plus Size Ladies

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plus size business casual

In the modern world, women can hold various positions, for example, managers or heads of an enterprise. However, despite the choice of their profession and strict dress code, women want to look attractive and feminine.

Business style in clothing has become more complicated than before, and achieving a balance of professionalism and style is not always easy. Modern offices promote free Fridays or do not have a strict dress code at all. To look businesslike, overweight women choose plus-size business casual, which is considered a relaxed option for classic office wear.

Leg What Is Business Casual For Plus Size Women, And Who Is It Suitable For?

plus size business casual looks

Brief description of the concept of business casual-informal business style. It is well suited for directors, managers, young entrepreneurs, and modern businesspersons. The style combines items of clothing that are typical for business and everyday fashion. There are no strict business suits and ties, but still, restrained shapes and lines are maintained.

Using this style of clothing, you can safely experiment with the color scheme; do not stop at black and white combinations. It is allowed to use textured fabrics that are not allowed in the classic business style. For example, jeans, a corduroy, or a velvet jacket will be appropriate.

Business casual for women focuses on practicality; style implies competent combinations of things and allows the use of accessories. This style is universal and will be appropriate both at business meetings, in the office, and in a restaurant, café, on a date.

Basic Elements of Women’s Plus Size Business Casual

Style requires having high-quality items in your wardrobe, ideally made of natural materials. It is better to have clothes that can be combined and worn at different times of the year. Business casual style includes trousers, blouses, traditional women’s items-skirts, and dresses. The style allows you to wear jumpers and knitted sweaters.

It is also important to have accessories that would be combined with plus-size business casual wear and emphasize individuality. In any situation, the suit will help. It is enough to wear a plain T-shirt under the jacket, put on loafers, and complement the image with a bag. Do not ignore the monochrome bright costumes. Monochrome options look perfect when all the clothes and shoes are matched in one color.

The main basic elements of the style:

  • straight blue jeans and skinny trousers;
  • tops without sleeves or with thin straps in combination with cardigans and jackets;
  • sheath dresses and loose-fitting models;
  • skirts of different styles;
  • sweaters made of fine wool, in tandem with blouses;
  • short-sleeve jackets;
  • t-shirts made of knitwear or cotton;
  • lace opaque blouses.

Plus Size Business Casual Ideas

plus size business casual ideas


Choosing a shirt for business casual plus size female, it is better to stay on the classic model; from the materials, it is better to take cotton or silk. Choosing the color of the shirt, you can choose any color scheme-blue, light green, pink and other neutral shades. Silk blouse with a print or plain, bright color. There should be only one bright element in the image

Trousers, Jeans

In business casual plus size fashion, classic black trousers are always appropriate; the acceptable option is narrowed, flared, or cropped models. The color should be solid-brown, black, dark blue, Marsala. If you have printed trousers in your wardrobe, it is recommended to choose a neutral option. As for the material, the trousers made of elastic fabrics will provide maximum comfort.


Choosing a suitable model of office plus size clothing business casual dress, you need to pay special attention to the cut, styles, colors, and various details of tailoring. First, choose the color scheme. At this stage, it is necessary to abandon bright and catchy colors, even in the summer, when everyone is trying to diversify their clothes with all the colors of the rainbow. In summer, you can choose dresses in light colors: coffee with milk, sand, blue, light gray or other bed tones. For winter, dresses in dark blue colors, as well as in dark gray and burgundy are suitable.


The skirt is a popular element of a women’s wardrobe. The ideal style for plus size office casual clothing is a “pencil skirt”. But no one forbids classic styles, pleats, or with a cut. A-line skirts, models with a smell can be made of non-standard textured fabrics, decorated with a small pattern or geometric pattern.


Business casual for fat women offers to choose shoes with a stable low heel, ballet flats, or any other comfortable shoes. The favorites are pumps, but you can also wear ballet flats, ankle boots, and oxfords. It is important that the shoes do not have massive buckles or other jewelry.


The jacket will be able to give the severity of plus size business casual looks, without it you cannot do with the onset of cold weather. A fitted, elegant model in a pastel shade will be a universal option. In a light jacket, you can hold a meeting in the office and relax in the club. It will look appropriate everywhere.

Additional elements

You can decorate business casual for plus size with additional elements. Jacket, cardigan, or accessories-with this choice, the image will sparkle with new colors and emphasize the taste and sense of style.

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