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We all have those days where we feel upset about our bodies and aren’t happy with the way it looks, it’s completely normal to feel that way. Sometimes seeing other people with a similar body type to yours is a great help in pushing you to love your body. There are a ton of celebrities and social media influencers who play a role in pushing for self-love and body positivity. Although there are celebrities promoting body positivity, there are also fictional characters that push this message as well. Whether they are in your favorite movie or TV show, most of the time, plus size characters have an effect on how we feel about our bodies. We want to go ahead and look at the plus size characters in tv shows as well as plus size movie characters.

Gilmore Girls

plus size characters

Gilmore Girls is one of our favorite tv shows with plus size characters, portraying plus size female characters. If you’ve watched this show, which is shown on Netflix, then you probably know who Sookie is. She lives her life without letting her look affect it, going for relationships, and her job with her head held high. Not only is she very confident in herself, but she is also definitely one for fashion.


plus size characters in tv

Being chubby tv characters, Willowdean, along with her friend Millie, is on a mission to show everyone that because they aren’t what a typical pageant contestant looks like, they can still hold their heads high with confidence walking the pageant stage. These two beautiful women gain a lot of self-acceptance and show everyone just what they are made of. The way these curvy characters on tv take the pageant by a storm is amazing. It’s such an amazing feeling to see plus size characters break stereotypes in these shows and movies because, at the end of the day, that is how it should be. Being able to see Willowdean and Millie break the stereotypes surrounding beauty pageants was extremely inspiring.

My Mad Fat Diary

plus size female characters

In this series, Rae Earl has struggled with loving who she is and accepting the fact that, regardless of how she looks, people love her. She eventually learns to love who she is and it is an amazing thing to see. As plus size women, it truly is outstanding to see other women who have struggled with body image learn to love who they are. Some of us have similar struggles of being able to love who we are and seeing these characters really does help.


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Tracy Turnblad is from a very popular musical, Hairspray. She is a plus size tv character and many never really believed in her. However, she didn’t let that stop her, she kept going and showing everyone how amazing she really is. She made her way on the Corny Collins Show, having people look up to her and gain confidence in themselves. It isn’t all about appearance and Tracy showed many of us how to look past it.

Criminal Minds

tv shows with plus size characters

Criminal Minds is one of our favorite tv series. It is a crime show, revolving around the FBI. However, in this show, Penelope Garcia who is in the FBI is a plus size female character dripping with confidence. She knows that she is absolutely stunning and makes sure that everyone else in the show knows it too. Her character dresses in absolutely stunning outfits daily and shows everyone just what she got.

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