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Do you want to buy a plus-size crop top? But do you think it’s worth buying this thing? Our article will help you choose the perfect crop top for you!

There is an opinion that cropped plus size crop tops and skirts are suitable only for girls with an ideal figure and a flat stomach. But we and our favorite plus-size divas are ready to argue with that!

How to Wear Crop Tops Plus Size?

Crop tops work great as an accent at the waist, especially when matched with a high waist skirt or palazzo pants. Remember that the belt should not tighten the waist if it is a plus size crop top dress. If the belt and top themselves are even slightly away from the body, you will look slimmer. Are you shy anyway? Put on these crop tops for curvy girls denim or leather jumpsuits.

Some people think that cropped tops are suitable exclusively for girls with a thin waist and a flat tummy. It is not true! Take an example from chubby Hollywood beauties – these chubby girls in crop tops pair it perfectly with a variety of skirts and pants. Here you just need to follow a few rules. It is best to choose a top that is not quite tight-fitting, the skirt should be of a high-waisted pencil style, and the most acceptable model of trousers is a palazzo. If such combinations of clothes are too provocative for you, then we recommend wearing a fat crop top under the jumpsuit. This piece of wardrobe looks ugly only in those cases when you have an apple-shaped or rectangular figure.

Today it is fashionable to leave bare skin, for example, wearing crop tops, the same cropped trousers, jeans with holes, or a dress with bare shoulders. All of these things are suitable and complete if you find the right plus size crop top outfits and take into account the proportions of the figure. For example, it is better for a girl with an apple figure to give up short tops so as not to show her belly, but you can fit a blouse with a neckline into the wardrobe. The owner of a pear figure can also use crop tops in her wardrobe, combining them with skirts and high-waisted trousers.

A high waist and chubby girl crop top is always a beautiful combination for girls plus a size beautiful combination. Thus, you will not only create a stylish look but also stand out from the crowd!

One of the most striking details in a plus-size girl’s wardrobe is crop top on plus size. Who would have thought that crop tops can be worn by overweight girls too, but it turns out that this wardrobe detail can compete with regular long T-shirts or long sleeves because it is the crop top that has become the hottest trend for real fashionistas?

crop tops for thick girls

Among the Most Popular in the New Season Are the Options of Crop Tops for Larger Ladies:

On one shoulder. The fashion for asymmetry has not yet passed, so many options could be seen on the catwalks, demonstrating that it is not difficult to choose a set for it. This model of crop tops for thick girls can be with long and short sleeves, laconic, or decorated with a number of flounces and ruffles.

Fat girl crop top straps in lingerie style. In order not to look vulgar in it, stylists advise choosing models from the silk of neutral tones and a small amount of lace and other details that make the shirt look like part of a sleeping set.

Variants of models of crop tops with sequins – suitable for those fat girls in crop tops who want to attract attention in any conditions. The bottom to such a crop top should be selected depending on the situation. At a party, he will be in harmony with glossy, and on a day walk with simple laconic trousers.

With a picture – a multifunctional object that can make even a simple image bright. Stylists advise wearing them with plain clothes in neutral tones.

What to Wear with a Crop Top?

A black crop top, as well as blouses of other shades, are considered universal things, as they can be easily combined with various styles of shorts, skirts, and trousers.

Pants – this clothing option can combine thick girls in crop tops who want to look stylish

Short and long crop tops are worn with classic or wide-leg pants. If the top and bottom are monochromatic, you can get a business look, and feel free to go to the office or to negotiations. A bright blouse with pants, put on for a walk or while going to the store.

How to Hide Your Stomach with a Crop Top?

Black crop tops can be easily combined with culottes. Black will make your waist look thinner. If the outfit is made of leather, it will emphasize sexuality and independence. Pants made from other fabrics are suitable for the office if you wear a sleeveless trench coat or jacket on top. In warmer months, trousers can be replaced with denim and jacquard shorts with a high waistline.

Jeans is a good variant of wearing a crop top without a flat stomach

In the cold season, a long-sleeved crop top is worn with high-rise jeans. This combination is self-sufficient and does not require additional decorations. An interesting set will turn out if you combine a short blouse with denim overalls. Sneakers, sandals, or other low-cut shoes will complete the look.

How to Wear a Crop Top If You Have a Belly?

fat crop top


The combination of a short sweater and a midi skirt looks very feminine. A white crop top with an ethnic pattern and a knee-length skirt are perfect for fans of boho style.

The crop top matches perfectly with a floor-length skirt. On an evening walk, a top with lace inserts or ruffles and a long snow-white skirt will look good. Particular attention should be paid to accessories. A shoulder bag decorated with tassels, sandals with a stable heel, a choker, and many rings will be suitable.

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