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Disney’s princesses are a source of inspiration for many children, largely due to their beauty and charm. However, according to critics, such iconic characters as Cinderella, Snow White, Belle or Ariel, never represented all women.

Natasha Polis Belle

The lack of curvy shapes and the variety in skin color was exactly what inspired influencer Natasha Polis and her friends to launch the #PlusSizePrincessProject.

This project proves that queens and princesses come in all kinds, origins, shapes, colors, and sizes, and that someone who dreamed of becoming one as a child has no reason to think they should not. On the project, she was inspired by the images of Elsa plus size model.

Natasha Polis Plus-Size Belle

Natasha Polis claims that Disney was in her life from a young age, when she grew up in Orange and spent every weekend at Disneyland. Today, Natasha Polis is a well-known person who likes to emphasize the fashion of large sizes. She also created a cool project where girls dressed up in plus size Disney inspired outfits. After that, this project proved to people that it is possible to be a princess regardless of size, skin color or origin.

Plus Size Disney Characters

Natasha says that the lack of diversity in cartoons for children pushed her to the idea of reincarnating as a princess from Disney. “Chubby children look at cartoon characters and don’t see anyone they might look like, because everyone there is slim,” the blogger complains.

Natasha says that if she had seen a plus size Disney princess in cartoons as a child, then she would not have been so insecure. It took her many years to accept herself as she is, to stop torturing herself with diets, sports, etc. Now she feels confident.

Plus Size Disney Princess

One of the participants of the project is Michael McGrady, a plus-size model, influencer and defender of body neutrality from Los Angeles, USA.

Michaela McGrady Anna

Michaela donned a plus size Anna frozen dress, while her sister Hunter donned a plus size Elsa costume

plus size anna frozen dress

The woman notes that it is very important for girls with a similar physique to see such reincarnations, because it can not only liberate them, but also in general greatly affect their lives, changing it for the better.

Mikaela believes that the beauty and fashion industry has inherent biases that are imbued with outdated ideals. In truth, 68% of shoppers are usually plus-size shoppers. Designers and fashion houses should start from the beginning — with the variety of people they hire and the bodies they want to dress.

Natasha Polis very carefully selected the outfits for her participants, she wanted it to look very similar to the picture and so the plus size Moana costume gave Zoe, who looks like Moana and is similar to this character in character.

Zoie Moana Plus-Size

Sarah Ann is a plus-size Merida. Sarah Ann was inspired by the beautiful image of Merida from the cartoon “Braveheart” and was in the project in a plus-size Merida costume. Sarah hopes that people will love princesses regardless of clothing sizes and will be able to accept the natural differences in others.

plus size merida costume

Sarah Tripp, in turn, put on the project plus-size Rapunzel dress. Sarah claims that she and other participants are calling for inclusivity in the media. Sarah Tripp gave a flattering review of the project. She claims that the project was very fun and important to work with.

Sarah Tripp Plus-Size Rapunzel

The image of Mulan was one of the most important for Natasha Polis. In the wonderful plus size Mulan costume, Marie Tran dressed, she sewed the whole image herself and it turned out beautiful. The suit cost her $ 40. She decided to do it all by herself, because the Internet did not have the right size and prices exceeded $ 150.

Marie Tran Plus Size Mulan

Bonnie Barton performed as plus size Princess Jasmine. Her costume consisted of two parts, but they were quite small according to Natasha Polis. Bonnie Barton found the outfit in Party City, but it was too small for her and she cut it from the back.

plus size princess jasmine

Alyssa D’alessandro Santiago, one of the celebrities Polis approached because she loves Disney. Alyssa herself is very happy about her transformation into a plus size princess dress. Alyssa claims that she and her hero Megara from Hercules are very similar. They are both sarcastic, independent, strong personalities who do not tolerate nonsense and decide their own fate.

Alysse Dalessandro Santiago Megara

Plus Size Disney Princess Costume

plus size rapunzel dress

Natasha Polis claims that there is not enough inclusivity. There is not enough inclusivity and another problem – the inability of girls with a curvy physique to choose a plus size princess dress.

When Natasha Polis decided to reincarnate as a Disney princess, she noticed that all the costumes were made for slender girls. Such discrimination can be traced at any level and in different spheres.

Natasha Polis claimed that she would like to sew each dress separately. However, she was able to create her Belle costume and Aurora dress from “Sleeping Beauty”. Model Heather Traska appeared in the Aurora dress.

plus size elsa costume

Natasha Polis claims that it was very difficult to choose a suit. After all, you need to take into account that it was cute and did not look cheap.

This led to the fact that people chose outfits that fit the style of the models themselves, but did not look exactly like in the picture.

For example, Becca Ashman, who was supposed to impersonate Ariel, pulled out of the project because she could not find a costume. However, Becca stepped into the role of the mermaid princess. She put on a tracksuit and said she was interested in the character because people do not accept the black mermaid.

Audience Approval

Natasha felt that she could somehow change the situation, so she launched the project of reincarnation in princess dresses plus size. Her idea was liked by other bloggers, so they supported a colleague and joined the challenge. As a result, the Internet was flooded with photos of girls in cartoon character dresses.

It turned out funny and unusual, but the users of the Network really liked it. The pictures gained a huge number of likes and comments. In her address, Natasha heard many warm words of approval and gratitude, so we can assume that she has completed her task.

Step By Step

In general, the topic of inclusivity is not new, and it especially concerns those people who somehow allegedly do not fit into the generally accepted norms and frameworks

Despite the active promotion of the idea of how to love yourself and your body, fashion designers and famous brands still do not seek to reformat their business to inclusivity.

Nevertheless, thanks to the efforts of people like Natasha, progress exists: although not immediately, but gradually, society is taking steps to combat discrimination in all its manifestations. And this can not but rejoice.

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