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We are all built with a different body style, gorgeous of course, but different. We are sure that events tend to pop up in your life where you need to find the best dresses for plus size women. It can sometimes be challenging to be able to find dress styles for plus size women, but there are actually so many places to shop for them. Whether it be a casual dress type or a formal dress type, there are a ton of dresses to choose from. Let us go ahead and introduce to you some of the best dresses for plus size body types. They will be sure to be figure-flattering plus size dresses that you cannot resist.


best dresses for plus size

This is the best dress style for plus size bodies. It is definitely one of the most flattering dress styles for plus size women. The style of this dress gives your body that beautiful hourglass shape with its fitted top part and torso while flaring out at the waist area. We recommend this style of dress to any body type because of the emphasis it puts on the curves. If you decide to go with this option for your dress, look for ones made of cotton, rayon denim, and polyester to really flatter those features.


best dress style for plus size

A straight dress is a great dress style for curvy body types, in fact, it may be the best dress shape for plus-size women in our opinion. It is comfortable, casual, and falls straight from the shoulders. This dress type is especially amazing for rectangular and apple-shaped bodies, giving a flattering look.


flattering dress styles for plus size

These are one of the best types of dresses that look good on plus size women. The focus on this style of dress tends to be on your upper body rather than your lower body. If you have an oval, rectangle, or triangle body type, then this is the perfect dress for you, keeping attention higher up and flowing down from under your bust. These dresses come in so many different lengths that it makes it easier to choose.


best dress shape for plus size

Corset dresses have some of the most flattering dress styles for plus size women. This style of dress was worn a lot in the 17th and 18th centuries with a torso hugging panel that emphasizes the waist area. While hugging your torso, your breasts are pushed higher and your hips are released, giving you that stunning hourglass figure. We definitely recommend this dress for any body type, but it is especially great for plus size women because of the emphasis on the figure.

Considerations to keep in mind when dress-shopping

dress style for curvy body


When choosing a color, you need to keep in mind that darker colors tend to be more flattering, black in particular is a great go-to color for a dress. It is a neutral color that flatters everyone who has ever worn it. Of course, you can also add color to your outfits to emphasize different parts of your figure.

Where to?

Where are you wearing a dress too? A dress can be casual or formal so it’s up to you to decide what look you are trying to achieve with this dress. When opting to go for a more relaxed look, an empire dress is a great option. It has the perfect amount of flow and comes in a bunch of different lengths.

Dresses that fit perfectly and look stunning can be challenging to find, but once you do find the right style for your body type, it is the best feeling. Stores like Macy’s have a variety of plus size dresses that flatter the body, making you look gorgeous. We say, go out and try on a bunch of different styles to see which type you like best! There is always that one dress that looks great but fits in such an uncomfortable way and that is never the goal. You want to be comfortable in your dress, you want to be able to enjoy yourself and not have to worry about it. Dresses come in all sorts of different styles and colors, it’s time to go out and find the right fit for you.

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