Plus Size Fall Fashion: Outfits Ideas & Main Plus-size Trends Of This Season

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plus size fall fashion

During the cold season, every woman wants to look refined, elegant, and attractive, despite the fact that clothes become bulkier and fabrics become denser. Therefore, the question of how to make an image of light and airy fashionistas with plus-size forms will be relevant in the coming season.

Plus Size Fashion Trends

Knitted jumpers and cardigans, loose pantsuits, medium-length skirts, ponchos, capes, fur coats with colored fur, and coats are the trends of fall clothing for plus size.

Plus size outfits for fall include a variety of dresses and skirts. Maxi and midi skirts made of warm dense fabrics look great. Their combination with soft sweaters and pullovers is especially relevant. Shirt dresses with a wide belt are still at the peak of popularity, which perfectly emphasize the waist and hide all the shortcomings.

Plus Size Fall Fashion

Plus Size Fall Dresses

Plus Size Fall Dresses

Leading in the list of autumn clothes for overweight women are called dresses. A properly selected style makes girls visually thinner, creating a proportional figure. Famous designers create many variants of products for different events.

Fashionable styles of fall plus size dresses will be A-silhouette models for the smell, A-line dresses, and plus size fall maxi dresses in a tight bodice and a cut-off waist. Also, plus-size fall dresses with sleeves are suitable for full girls, which will cover the fullness of the hands and make the figure look harmonious and elegant.

When choosing a fashionable dress of large sizes, we recommend choosing models that are moderately fitted. Pleasant pastel and classic shades will look advantageous on overweight girls. The print should not be too flashy, large, or too small. The length of the outfit should be average, then the image will turn out to be harmonious.

Plus Size Fall Color Dresses

The following shades will be relevant this season: blue, dark blue, and dark green; muted red and burgundy; black and gray.

Plus Size Fall Sweaters

Plus Size Fall Sweaters

Knitted sweaters are best to replenish the wardrobe of girls with curvy shapes in the cold season, as well as in the cool spring period. Not too voluminous knitted patterns will perfectly decorate stylish sweaters presented in a loose silhouette, which we offer to combine with a slip skirt and a pleated. Sophisticated knitted turtlenecks will be the perfect completion of the image with a pencil skirt and trousers made with a high fit.

Plus Size Fall Shirts

Plus Size Fall Shirts

As a top for overweight women, the shirt will become a favorite, which, if chosen correctly, will not add extra pounds, will bring a touch of sophistication, and make the look more feminine.

Shirts with open shoulders look beautiful and cute, which can be complemented with light flounces and ruffles, transparent voluminous sleeves, as well as trendy prints: peas, floristics, and abstraction.

Plus Size Fall Skirts

Plus Size Fall Skirts

The favorite in plus-size fall outfits will be a skirt that you can wear both to the office and on a date. The most optimal will be the average length of a plus-size skirt – this can be a midi model, short options are also in the trend, revealing the knees, but not too shortened.

For the warm period, free and flowing variations of light and floating fabrics in the length of the midi will be excellent, as well as short denim skirts for full of a smell or decor with buttons. Current styles in autumn for full will be pleated skirts, with a smell, pencil, sun, with a slit in the front, slip skirts.

Plus Size Fashion Ideas

Plus Size Fashion Ideas


The cardigan is one of the current plus-size style ideas that will emphasize the style of the image. With the right selection of a cardigan, you can look beautiful and feminine even in the cold season. The cardigan usually has a length up to the hips, but there are shorter and longer models.

Fitted Coat

A fitted coat can have a belt, or go with large buttons. The choice of a certain product will directly depend on the type of your figure. This season, narrowed coats that have a bright or more pastel tone are relevant.

Plus Size Outfits Ideas

Plus Size Outfits Ideas

Fur Coats

When choosing a fur coat, plus-size women should pay attention to the fur is short, smooth and soft. A fur coat in a dark color is a classic and the most acceptable option this season. She will be able to effectively emphasize the beautiful sides of the figure and cover up its shortcomings. Bright prints will also be relevant this season.


A poncho with fur trim will be relevant in Women’s plus-size fall fashion. Fur always brings a special zest to the outfit, emphasizing femininity and charm. This season, bright ponchos with sleeves and without sleeves will be relevant.


The ideal option for curvy women is a medium-length jacket under the belt. The jacket should not have many accessories. And you should also remember about three tips:

  • the sleeve of the jacket should not be very wide;
  • if the hips are wide, it makes sense to choose a fitted model;
  • if the chest is large, you should choose a jacket from the “bat” model.

Plus Size Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Plus Size Fall Capsule Wardrobe


Pantsuits have long captured the world of fashion and women’s wardrobe. Once a trend, but today it is the latest plus size fashion trend, which can significantly improve the wardrobe of a plus-size girl.


It is the knitwear that sets a special autumn mood, so we should pay attention to it in fall outfits for curvy. The main rule for plus-size girls: do not to choose sweaters and cardigans of large knitting. It adds unwanted volume to the chest and abdomen. But laconic knitwear without unnecessary decor will be an excellent base for your autumn wardrobe.



The choice of outerwear for overweight girls is also diverse. So everyone’s favorite trench coat will perfectly fit into plus-size fall looks. The ideal length will be below the middle of the calf. It is she who creates the impression of slender, thin legs. The belt will emphasize the waist and create an hourglass silhouette that girls love so much.


To wear a full girl in the fall heels or a flat stroke is an individual choice. If you are a fan of casual style, then, of course, sneakers, or rough shoes will suit you. Pay attention to the massive models that will look commensurate with the parameters of your figure.


The cold season is not a reason to forget about femininity. Moreover, skirts and dresses in combination with autumn rough boots or boots with a high top look especially stylish. Pleated skirts will help to hide the imperfections of the figure. To make the image successful, the main thing is to find the right crease width for you. Experiment a little and your wardrobe will be replenished with the perfect autumn skirt.



Among the dresses, a win-win option will be a model for the smell. It is suitable for any type of figure, masterfully hides all imperfections, and emphasizes the advantages. The V-shaped neckline will emphasize the beautiful line of the neckline and create an additional vertical that will make the figure a little slimmer. Give preference to models made of dense fabrics, with them the image will look more statuesque, and the folds on the body will become less noticeable.


With bags, everything is also simple. It is enough to abandon some models, and the choice of the ideal companion will become much easier. And we will attribute micro-bags to taboo options, against the background of which the plus size figure will seem larger. Replace them with round geometric bags, as well as shapeless bags.

The ideal choice will be bags of rigid shape and medium size. If you prefer to leave your hands free, contact the cross bag models. In addition, if you wear it on your shoulder, you can create an additional vertical in the image. You already know about its advantages.


Various shawls will help to diversify the autumn wardrobe. They can be either plain or printed. Make sure that the drawing is not small, otherwise, it risks getting lost on the plus size figure and making it visually more voluminous. In addition, autumn is a great time to experiment with hats. The most appropriate will look, of course, felt models with narrow margins of medium height. We believe that designers have presented many new trends for curvy girl fall fashion, but the main trend in fashion remains the desire for comfort and individuality. You can track the main novelties and pick up fashionable things in your wardrobe for the upcoming cool season in this article. And don’t forget to choose bright accessories for your outfits!

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