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What is the first thing that you notice when you look at someone? Their shoes? Shirt? Eyes? How about hair? When we look at someone typically our eyes directly make focus towards their hair. It can sometimes be a bit difficult to find a hairstyle that will suit us. Our face shapes are different, our hair comes in all colors and sizes, it is up to us to find something that frames our faces well.

We know the struggle of having around, little bit chubbier face and coming up with the right makeup look, accessories, and hairstyle. There are a couple of different factors that come into play when finding the right fit, the framing of the face, how flat or voluminous it is looking, whether it covers too much face. Finding a great hairstyle for a round chubby face won’t come overnight, you need to experiment with multiple different styles. Let’s dive into some hairstyles for plus size women.

Pixie Bob Cut

hairstyle for round chubby face

This is one of the simplest haircuts for chubby faces. It is very early maintenance and requires nothing more than a quick comb through. A great length to choose when going in for your pixie bob cut is to have it about half an inch above the shoulders or even shorter if you prefer, this way, your neck will look longer! Your sides will be kept pointed out, which helps make the face look slimmer. This is probably one of the most recommended hairstyles for overweight women.

Messy Curls

haircuts for chubby faces

An awesome long hair, plus size hairstyle, would probably have to be messy curls. These can be achieved with a curler and a comb. The simplest way to do it would have to be, to curl your hair, run a comb through it and spray it so that it stays in place. This is one of the most popular hairstyles for round chubby face women. Not only does it give your face a more toned look, but the long voluminous hairpieces help in hiding any extra fat around the cheek and chin area. This hairstyle can be worn throughout a regular casual day or you can glamorize it for a fancier event.

Straight Bob

haircuts for plus size women

This option is one of our favorite haircuts for plus size women. It gives off a professional vibe to it and is very simple to maintain. Typically the front pieces are a little bit longer than the rest of the hair, which creates a slim effect for your face. It’s definitely an awesome go-to style, whether it be for an event, for work, or a casual dinner.

Bohemian Braids

haircut for chubby girls

This is one of the prettiest hairstyles for heavy women. It gives off a beautiful bohemian vibe, just like the name says. This style is braiding throughout the long hair, which makes it another one of our favorite hairstyles for plus sizes. It works wonderfully, especially for women with longer hair. Add some height to the hairstyle by doing a half-up bun look.

Sleeked Bun

plus size hairstyle

Being comfortable is a definite must, but so is being glammed out. This is a hairstyle for big women, especially if you want something a little bit more casual. Gather together all of your hair in a section you see the best fit, typically the best spot is on the top of your head to add some more height. Tie it together and spray down all the flyaway pieces. This is an amazing look for work, a casual event, or even a glamorous event. You can really wear this hairstyle anywhere and dress it up or down to your liking through the outfit you decide on.

Short Bob

chubby face hairstyle

This is a great haircut for chubby girls. It adds some great volume to the head area taking all the focus. It adds volume to the top and the sides giving your face a beautiful look. This gorgeous bob cut should end right under the chin for a perfect finish. It’s especially great for the summer, with very easy maintenance, all you need to do is comb through it for a flawless finish.

Straight Look

hairstyles for heavy women

Although this hairstyle is a little bit more challenging to pull off, the outcome result is definitely worth the effort. Definitely one of the prettiest haircuts for chubby faces. We love that this style is such a game-changer, making it another one of our favorite hairstyles for overweight women. You can do so much with this style, whether it be parting it in the middle of the side. You always want the side pieces to be longer so they touch your chest giving you a sleek look. It surely does scream flawless and looks absolutely amazing with casual or dressed up outfits.

It absolutely can be a nightmare finding a great chubby face hairstyle. The right haircut for chubby faces needs to be put together the right way. You want to make sure that it gives you a nice, beautiful finish. There are so many styles and cuts to choose from, it comes down to what you are trying to achieve. Are you looking to achieve a slimmer face?

Do you want to show off your chubby cheeks? Or do you want your face to look even and contoured? Once you determine the look you are trying to achieve, then it will be so much easier to find the right style to finish off your look. Take a browse and experiment with the different styles out there and see which one your more comfortable with and more in love with!

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