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There are so many different factors that play a role in being well put together. There are the clothing pieces we choose to wear, the jewelry we decide to put on, the hairstyle we choose to portray, and of course our hygiene.

We want to leave our houses knowing we are well put, clean and fresh. As plus-size women, we should be making sure that we are taking good care of our bodies and keeping up with our bodily changes. As we gain or lose weight, our body changes, giving us stretch marks, causing folds in our skin, or making it harder to stretch around and get clean all over.

Sometimes it can be such a hassle trying to scrub your back because it is a little bit harder to reach or stretch around in order to scrub, but there are tons of obese hygiene products to help out. Not only scrubbing, but shaving can also be a hassle, trying to stretch or place your leg a certain way, or reach all the way behind your leg, which can sometimes get complicated. Of course, there is never any shame in this, we all have our difficulties or some things can be easier to accomplish than others. Let’s get into it and talk about some personal hygiene products for obese women.

Remedy Soap

One of the best hygiene products for obese people is remedy soap. This soap provides amazing personal hygiene for obese people. Sometimes as we grow and gain weight, our skin develops folds, typically near the stomach area. Since our skin is developing folds, it gets irritated, itchy, and can sometimes smell not the best. This Remedy Anti-Fungal Soap is natural, made with ingredients such as tea tree oil, mint, and Aloe Vera, which all have great healing properties. Due to the natural ingredients in this soap, it is okay to use it regularly on your whole body.

Detachable Shower Head

One of the best bathing aids for obese people is a detachable showerhead. Unlike an

attached shower head where you struggle to get water aimed in the right direction, a detachable one can be moved as needed. If you need to lift your rolls or get to a certain area, then having this is perfect.


Wipes are our ultimate hygiene products for obese people. They provide amazing personal hygiene for obese men and women. Wipes are great when you want to wipe down your body and freshen up a little bit without taking a full-blown shower. There are so many different types of wipes that can look into buying, whether it be baby wipes because they are great for sensitive skin or Dude Wipes because they are biodegradable. Wipes are definitely a must-have, for wiping down sweat or for wanting to just wipe off the day.

Long Handled Shower Products

obesity hygiene products

As a plus-size woman, you know that it can come as a hassle when you want to scrub down your bag or other areas that are a bit harder to reach. Having a long-handled shower product is one of the best personal hygiene aids for obese women.

It makes it so much easier to give your back a more in-depth scrub and get it perfectly clean. There are so many different types of these hygiene products for obese people. There are long handled loofah’s, sponges, toenail scissors, and even razor extension handles!

Can you believe that? Shaving behind the leg or your back is so hard and to finally see that razor extension handles exist is such a relief. To add on, long washcloths are a thing now too! They are great for a good shimmy to get it scrubbing around your body.

Foot Scrubber

This is another one of our favorite obesity hygiene products. This is the perfect product to keep in your shower to aid you in exfoliating your feet. It gives you great blood circulation and gives an amazing foot massage in the shower. Pour on some body wash to add that extra cleanliness.

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