What to Wear to an Interview: Plus-Size Tips, Top Ideas, and Brands for Women

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Why do you think you should approach the choice of plus-size interview outfits responsibly? Your appearance indeed is what people notice in the beginning. The first impression is based on it, and it is not easy to change it. No matter how rational the recruiter is, the first, intuitive reaction would influence their judgments and decisions. Stylish, well-matched clothing suits the circumstances of the meeting can help to show that you:

  • Adequate and mentally healthy person;
  • You really want to get the job you came for the interview for;
  • You would be able to fit into the corporate culture.

And finally, job interview outfits for plus-size girls would help to feel more confident in the interview. And this would help to create the image of a strong professional and a pleasant person to communicate with.

What to Wear to an Interview: Plus Size Tips?

When you go for an interview, it is always better to prepare. At a minimum, you can google info about the company, and even find photos with its employees and notice their style in clothes. What other advice can be useful?

Don’t Be Afraid to Overdo Your Curvy Interview Outfit

plus size interview clothes

When it comes to interviewing, it’s almost impossible to look “too” good. Of course, if you come to talk to the HR of a fashionable design studio about the position of a producer or creative director and are dressed in a strict office suite, then you may feel uncomfortable, and your interlocutor would suspect that you do not quite understand the specifics of the work. In all other cases, it’s not scary if you look a little more formal and “ceremonial” than the company employees you pass by in the corridor. After all, your job is to please, and you have to fit the role.

Details Are Important

plus size job interview outfits

The job seeker at the interview needs to look neat, literally from a needle. Even if the style of clothing adopted in the company is casual, this does not mean that you can wear wrinkled clothes covered with spots or animal hair. Expensive plus-size interview suits can also play against you – if it does not fit you well.

Give Preference to the Classics

curvy interview outfit

It’s best if your clothes don’t distract the recruiter’s attention from you. Avoid unnecessary or too flashy jewelry, complex cuts and decor, bright prints. This does not mean that the image should be boring: it would be great if you compliment the classic, “basic” things with a quality bag or a briefcase made of genuine leather, expensive watches, glasses with unusual frames. Pay attention to the color scheme of your plus-size interview attire. Versatile options – things in gray and blue, diluted with classic black and white, complemented by slightly brighter details.

Consider the Specifics of the Profession and Industry

casual plus size interview outfit

When choosing your best interview outfits for plus size, try to meet expectations, perhaps even stereotypes associated with the profession this would prove to the recruiter that you understand the industry specifics and would easily join the team.

Fit the Position

interview clothes for plus size

If you are interviewing for a management position, your choice is a dark business suit, classic, or more modern cut. It should depend on the industry. A woman can come to a meeting in a trouser suit or a jacket and skirt. You may be able to afford to look different already in the company, but you would have to play the role of the “big boss” in the interview.

Invest in Shoes

plus size interview suits

You can have a successful, well-chosen plus-size interview dress, but if your shoes look shabby or uncomfortable for some reason, the whole look would suffer. If your job search has taken a long time and it is difficult to find the money for expensive shoes, remind yourself that this is an investment in you, your career, and in comfort at future work.

Interview Clothes for Plus Size

There are many ways to emphasize your appearance and look neat. However, the most important method is still to understand the shape of your body. Now you can easily buy clothes of any leading brand in the mall or at the flea market. In fact, you can also get many plus-size interview clothes online.

Coat or Cardigan.

These two things are reliable interview suits. The coat should not be too long – it should reach the abdomen. On the other hand, the cardigan is made of exquisite elastic material and again fits the body. The best part is that you can only have a few of them, and you can wear them constantly without feeling pressured because they are very versatile. For a casual plus-size interview outfit, always choose a plain cardigan or coat. This way, you can easily combine them with mid-length skirts and even flared pants. It also would make your figure slimmer.

Flared Pants

If you are looking for clothes that would make your curvy figure slimmer, flared pants will be an incredible compliment. Try to choose them so that they do not fit too tightly to your body. The trick is to make your body look awkward so that you can cover your curves while being smartly dressed. Pair the pants with a plain shirt or tunic for the perfect formal look. In winter, wear a jacket or coat with a shirt, and you can go for an interview. However, denim was used during the interview because it looked like very casual plus-size job interview clothing.


A skirt is the best way to emphasize the curve. But the problem is that it should be flowing and reaching to the knees, not a pencil skirt or fitted. The creases of the skirt with folds, as always, would make you slimmer and more attractive. During the interview, you can easily wear plain skirts of medium length, or A-line skirts can also be beautiful evening plus-size interview dresses. For a feminine look, choose a shirt or top with a V-neck. Combine it with a beautiful belly, flesh-colored wedge shoes, or even plain high-heeled pencil shoes to create the best interview outfit for plus size.


Simple shirts are the best choice for a job interview, especially if you want a successful plus-size business professional attire. If you are once very confused about what to buy during the interview, peeled shorts in white, black, or neutral colors would be your savior. However, if you do not want it to look monotonous, try to change the design of the shirt. You can choose it with air sleeves or a bright satin shirt. Combined with black pants or A-line skirts are the perfect choice for an interview outfit. In addition, these shirts are not fixed, so they look nicer, complement your neckline. You can choose a lighter shirt to contrast with the pants or skirt.

Brands for Plus Size Job Interview Outfits

You don’t have to look for a specific brand to create your interview outfit. Plus size clothing is available almost everywhere, the main thing is to correctly combine different elements of clothing in a single image and color scheme. However, below are the three brands that most often come to the aid of curvy women.


plus size interview attire

Many cool interview outfits for plus size come from the Henning brand. The company is known for its clean lines, attention to detail, and chic looks – and it looks sharp. It has a cute dress in solid color. So, just try it and make sure the sleeve is touching your hand between the bottom of your thumb and the bone of your middle finger, and the pants are a few inches off the ground.


best interview outfit for plus size

Jibri can be the best brand for your plus-size women’s interview attire. It makes great jumpsuits. And its iconic styles are available in a variety of fabrics and colors. You can combine the jumpsuit with pointed shoes or thick heels, add earrings and go confident.


best interview outfits for plus size

This brand has long established itself as the most suitable for curvy women. Therefore, here you can easily find cool plus size interview outfit ideas. The main thing is to choose something in which you are comfortable in order to look not only stylish but also confident in yourself and your goals.

Bad Ideas for Interview Outfits for Plus-Size Women

  • Mini skirts and blouses with a deep neckline;
  • Shoes that open toes;
  • Sheer or too tight items;
  • Dirty and crumpled clothes;
  • Clothes with an overly bright “personality” – for example, patent leather, lace or ruffle, ties in flashy colors, vintage.
  • Jeans. Even if the corporate dress code is informal, give preference to non-classic trousers or an unusual skirt. The opportunity to wear jeans to work would still have to be earned, it is better not to risk it during an interview.

Of course, clothing is important to make a first positive impression. But then it all depends on your personal skills. Therefore, try to treat the interview as a conversation with like-minded people and everything will work out!

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