Strawberry Body Type: What Is It & What to Wear for Your Plus Size Body

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strawberry body shape

If you notice that your shoulders are wider than other parts of the body, then you are the owner of a plus size inverted triangle body shape. Of course, there are styles that would best capture the benefits of your body type, but that doesn’t mean you should only follow them. Be the one who loves to break the rules and find more risky and beautiful options. However, it is still worth knowing the main trends for the strawberry figure, since you can complement the most successful images of them and thus create your own individual style. Just don’t confuse personality with an unhealthy need for attention. You should not wear something that would 100% draw attention to you, but you feel uncomfortable in it. Comfort and style should be true friends, not enemies!

What Is a Curvy Inverted Triangle?

If you have a strawberry type, your shoulders will be wider than your hips. Such shapes tend to have a good bust and amazing legs, with a small hip-to-waist ratio, that is, a small waist circumference. When it comes to clothing for such a figure, the main goal is to balance your upper and lower body so that it looks more symmetrical, while creating more definition for your waist, giving the illusion of a curved shape. Strawberry body shape has:

  • The straight shoulder line is proportionally wider than the hips;
  • Big bust;
  • Expressive buttock belt;
  • Flat hips and bottom;

You can reach the best balance if you follow any of these ways:

  • Reduce the width of the top half to a minimum;
  • Create the illusion of width in the lower half;
  • Determine your waist;

Best Clothes to Wear with Plus Size Inverted Triangle

In the modern world, clothes are different, and only you can decide what to wear. However, girls are often asked how to choose the best outfit if I have wide hips, etc. Below you will find tips on different wardrobe items that would help show your strawberry figure only from the best sides.

Dresses & Skirts

plus size triangle body shape

Choose a dress that can serve as a top and bottom. This style can minimize the width and draw attention to the upper body. It is better to choose a dress of medium length, because it can instantly add shape and contour to the waist. Mermaid dresses can give the illusion of curves too, but strapless styles should be avoided because they can make your ovens look wider. Skirts that fit the inverted triangle body shape for plus size should help to tighten the lower body. In other words, it needs to add volume to your hips to create a slender figure. Pay attention to layered skirts, and if in doubt, try on several options, and you would see that they are just made for you.


inverted triangle body shape plus size

For this type of figure, bright and pattern-rich types of pants are often advised. And it’s true that they are great for highlighting the advantageous sides of your thighs, but keep in mind that this is only if you choose something solid for the top. This would help reduce the drawing of broad shoulders. It is also important to take the time to choose the fabric here, because it can also give you extra volume. The most popular models for the strawberry body type are flared pants, straight or wide leg pants, and harem pants. But jeans are suitable for lighter shades, for example white jeans can even help to hide cellulite, and also balance broad shoulders with a bottom.


plus size inverted triangle

The design of the top should be fairly simple, with almost no patterns. Because the main purpose of the plus size inverted triangle outfits is to minimize the width of the shoulders and give the waist a definition. You’d better forget about boat collars, open backs or square collars, as they create the opposite effect – they increase the width of the top. But the tightened waist, the top of the tunic or the folds at the waistline would force the eyes to look away from the wide shoulders, creating the illusion of a curvature of the body. Try to choose a style where the curves of the top would be close to the curve of your waist. This would help lengthen the midsection and give your thighs an advantageous shape.


strawberry shaped body

For a plus size triangle body shape, a jacket with flowing lines is best, instead of a double-breasted cut, because they would accentuate your broad shoulders. But more structured and even custom jackets do not look very good on such a figure. The only exception can be if you successfully beat up. Also consider a jacket with a waterfall. This has a softer appearance and can direct the eye down and away from the wider top. Also, keep your comfort in mind when choosing the best jacket for you.


strawberry figure

For a plus size inverted triangle body shape, consider the location of the accessories on you. Scarves, beads, brooches, earrings, and other accessories worn around the shoulders and neck can draw attention upward and accentuate your burdened body. Hang long beads on a long chain, even wrap the scarf around your neck so that both ends hang down to the waist of your hips, drawing attention down. Try to reserve thick jewelry for rings and bracelets. Wearing a belt can be a good way to determine your waist circumference. The bag would also have an impact on your body, but choosing the wrong one can seem silly. Try to avoid small clutches and shoulder bags because they would protrude from your wide shoulders. So try to choose a bag with a long strap. Each type of figure is beautiful and no ranking between them should exist. And you shouldn’t try to change your body type just because someone finds it less attractive. If you have a strawberry shaped body, what other cool tips do you use every day? Share in the comments!

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