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If you are an expecting mother or someone who is trying to get pregnant and wants to have the best fashion style during your pregnancy, then you know the struggle. Finding trendy plus size maternity clothing used to come as such a struggle and it would be so hard to find a stylish outfit to rock. However, the years have gone by and the clothing options for pregnant women have increased and diversified.

There are a ton of cute plus size maternity clothes out there that are not only super cute but super comfortable as well. As an expecting mother, you want to be as comfortable as possible, and thankfully there are so many options that offer comfort and the trends. You may have thought about how jeans will fit right and be comfortable during pregnancy, but they offer a stretch around the top rather than buttons to be comfortable and avoid pressing against your belly.

As your belly starts to grow, you will want to purchase more and more plus size maternity clothes stylish young moms are wearing. Of course, we want to be in the loop and stay on-trend, even when pregnant, so why not find the best plus size maternity clothes and look the best. If you have ever wondered where to buy plus size maternity clothes, then let’s take a look at some cute plus size maternity outfits and where they can be found.

Dresses for plus size pregnant women

dresses for plus size pregnant women

Maternity dresses are like a woman’s best friend. Cozy and open as if you are inside of a cloud. They are best to be worn on a lunch date, beach day…etc. It is a pregnant woman’s go-to, like a man’s tank top. The reason dresses are the go-to for plus size pregnancy fashion is because of the comfort they provide. Usually, the flowy dresses provide the most comfort due to the fact that you have no piece of fabric pressing against your body because it is flowy. Some of the best plus size maternity dresses can be found at Target, Macy’s..etc.


JCPenny has some of the best plus size maternity clothes. The pieces are amazing, being some of the most stylish plus-size maternity clothes we have seen. They offer over 100 plus size maternity options online and quite a bit in-store as well. Although they have some great fashionable pieces, you are also likely to find some great, affordable pieces such as T-shirts and jeans. Another great thing about JCPenny is that you can find more than just maternity clothing, you are able to find some great pieces to help you get ready for your newborn. They also offer car seats, onesies, cribs…etc.

Good American Jeans

When you want to look cute, but stay comfortable, Good American jeans are the place to go. They have a great maternity selection that will catch your attention. Jeans are definitely not the comfiest pick, but these jeans have an amazing stretch. Although these jeans are $150, they work for both the first and second trimester so you would not need to go buy another pair.

These jeans may seem like they are extremely expensive and sit at a very high price point, but once you try them on, you will never want another brand of jeans again. They provide the most comfort that any jeans have ever provided and the material is absolutely amazing, they have that stretch to them, making them comfortable enough to wear all day.


Amazon carries a large maternity selection with cute and comfortable clothing items. Not only does amazon have jeans but they have about everything you would need with one quick search. A specific seller on amazon caught my eye, “Savi Mom”, selling birthing gowns for the new parents out there.

Additionally, you are able to find nearly anything on Amazon such as dresses, jeans, tops, tank tops, bras, panties, and so much more. Of course, Amazon offers more than just clothes, they offer items that you would need for your newborns such as cribs, strollers, bottles, pacifiers, baby clothes, and a ton more items.

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