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Sometimes, we all have those days where we just want to be as minimal and simple as we can be. We, as plus size women, are always looking for comfort and simplicity, especially now that the new fashion trends are simple. Although it may sound like being a plus size minimalist is too boring and may not let you express yourself as much as you would like, it is actually the opposite.

You are still able to express yourself and look absolutely stunning, all while being as simple and minimal with your outfit as you’d like. There are days we just want to run errands, grab food, or go out with some friends. Usually going out means that you need to put together a decent outfit, especially if you are going out with friends. Events with friends often include going out to dinner parties, events, concerts… Etc.

However doing those things means finding over the top outfits which include jewelry, makeup, hair, outfit, and nice shoes, which most of the time, we just want to be comfortable and stay on the simple trend. You can be just as fashionable with a pair of jeans and a cute top, it doesn’t necessarily have to have all these fashion additions. If you are into plus size minimalist fashion, then we are going to show you some amazing plus size minimalist clothing pieces that you will just fall in love with. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some minimalist plus size fashion and spark some ideas for you. 

Universal Standard

If you are thinking about how to dress minimalist and plus size brands to go with that, then Universal Standard is a must know and must see. Universal Standard was launched in New York City back in 2015, starting with only an eight piece collection. That eight piece collection sold out so quickly, that the two friends that launched it, knew that the brand was going to be successful. The brand offers sizes ranging from 6 to 32 and carries a variety of styles such as, everyday wear, activewear, and basic pieces that are necessities in your closet.

ASOS Curve

plus size minimalist dress

ASOS Curve is another brand that offers amazing plus size minimalist style. It is online and is constantly on point with current trends and really cute outfits. The best part about this brand is that most of their pieces featured in ASOS Curve are also featured in their smaller sizes as well.

They offer a ton of different pieces as well that is amazing for nearly any occasion. You are able to find professional wear pieces, active wear, underwear, beachwear, casual wear, and so much more. You cannot go wrong with ASOS Curve, you can pretty much find nearly anything that will fit for pretty much any occasion you have going on. 

Veronica Beard

When looking for the perfect minimalist outfit, plus size women turn to anything available that they can find. But why not turn to quality minimalist pieces? Veronica Beard offers great quality plus size pieces that last you a very long time. Of course, when you shop for the right pieces, you will be able to mix and match them so that you are able to wear them for more than one occasion.

We love this brand and think it is amazing for plus size minimalists who want something that offers great quality as well. You won’t only find casual pieces here, you might also find an amazing plus size minimalist dress that can work for any occasion as well. 

Nic and Zoe

Nic and Zoe is another amazing brand that is a must have. It originally started with a single sweater by a mother and daughter and it was uphill from there. The line creates a bit of a feminine touch but works amazing for someone who has a lot to do throughout the day. The pieces you will find with this brand are a great fit and are amazing when wanting to mix and match. We love this brand and recommend it to plus size minimalists who want to put together a great outfit.

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