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what size is jill kortleve

Black eyebrows, brown eyes, a straight square and plump lips — a cursory glance at the photos of plus-size model Jill Kortleve seems that you have already seen her somewhere. The options may be as follows: in New York, where the model recently relocated, on the cover of the February Vogue Paris, or on the catwalk Fendi. On the Fendi catwalk, she became one of the first models with shapes in history. This particular case is the best illustration of the fact that one person can take and slightly change the industry in the direction of greater inclusiveness, refusing to adapt to its requirements. This is what the girl sees as her mission, she claims that she is trying to expand her standards of the modeling world.

Jill Kortleve Bio

jill kortleve bio

Jill Kortlev is a 27-year-old plus-size model from the Netherlands and one of the main stars of the fashion industry in recent years. Her story is this: Jill dreamed of becoming a model and aggressively lost weight to fit into the canonical standards, but at the junction of 2017 and 2018, she said goodbye to the aspirations for conventionality, and then success came to her.

The first show — Alexander McQueen — Jill made in October 2018. The brand signed an exclusive contract with her for several seasons, after which Kortlev’s career rapidly took off. Today, the list of brands that work with Jill includes plus size «Chanel», «Versace», «Fendi», «Valentino», «Mugler», «Jacquemus», and other brands that do not need to be introduced. And for many of them, Kortlev was the first plus-size model to ever participate in their shows.

Moreover, Jill is one of the few people who is not afraid to reproach even Vogue for pseudo-targeting diversity. Therefore, the Japanese version of the publication last year put a portrait photo of Jill on the cover and shooting inside the magazine significantly reduced the size of the Cortlev. “Making my legs visually slimmer in such a stunning shoot was absolutely not necessary,” the model wrote on Instagram.

Combining her courage with her boundless love for her body and adding to it a great sense of humor (you can check it out on the model’s Instagram), we come to the conclusion: Jill is one of the few people in the (sometimes very cruel) fashion world who really wants to look up to. Here are a few favorites of Jill’s things

Jill likes layers and loose silhouettes, and the long beige coat in her frequent outfits is proof of this. Korolev, for example, loves his Prada and almost never leaves them.

Slim bottom, loose top — one of Jill’s favorite rules. In the summer, she usually wears bicycles or short shorts and often complements the image with a loose-fitting shirt.

Jill Kortlev has a tattoo on the inside of her hands that says, Self Love. Do not forget: self-love is the secret ingredient that will adorn you regardless of what you are wearing.

Jill Model

Plus-size model Jill Kortleve has been actively filming for the past six years. One of her first major successes was an advertising campaign for American Apparel (before the disgraced Dov Charney went bankrupt and left the brand). A huge billboard in Los Angeles with a photo of her in a tight leopard-print jumpsuit then seemed to the girl almost the pinnacle of a career that had just begun. Then there was the Calvin Klein lookbook, the Vogue Netherlands shoot, and the identity crisis. Kortleve suddenly realized that she could no longer and did not want to sit on diets and watch her colleagues suffer from eating disorders. The model claims that at first it tried to meet the standard requirements that were assigned to the models. She agreed to what she did not like and suffered. Now it has changed. The end of this period was marked by a screenshot from “Friends” on Instagram with a quote from Joe “I am curvy and I like it and a contract with the university agency The Movement Models, which was launched by one of Jill’s friends.” She was his first model and his first triumph.

What Size Is Jill Kortleve

jill model

Kortleve gained a comfortable weight for herself. Along with it, confidence also increased. Jill starred for their spring-Summer 2019 ad campaign and hasn’t missed a show since. This time, she walked on their catwalk for the fourth time. Invitations to shoot went one after another: H&M, Marina Rinaldi, Fenty, Zara and, finally, the first cover of the native Dutch Vogue in 2019. She began the new decade with a January shoot for British Vogue and the cover of February’s Vogue Paris.

Jill clarifies that her parameters are 93-78-106, which is more suited to the definition of models. Now they have even introduced a gradation: the hips are 90 centimeters and smaller-this is the model size, 90-104 cm-real size. From 104 cm – this is curvy, from 116 cm-plus-size.

The model’s career is developing successfully, but she warns subscribers that they are not obliged to achieve success under the pressure of society, sacrificing their own ideas about happiness. On Instagram, Kortlev not only shares his photos in swimsuits, selfies with his parents, in whom he dotes, and funny screenshots but also describes his position on various issues in detail. The most heartfelt post is dedicated to her stretch marks, where she claims that you need to love yourself for who you are, we are all imperfect and there is nothing more boring than perfect.

I believe that Jill Kortlev is a very strong, beautiful girl who has come a long way and is now able to inspire other people. The girl began her career as a completely ordinary model of minimal sizes. However, she admits that during that period, she constantly had to fight with nature and exhaust herself with merciless diets to maintain weight. At some point, she decided to give up the perfect figure for the sake of her own comfort and normal nutrition. Jill accepted herself and her body. It was a defining moment in her career and changed her life for the better. Now she is changing other people’s lives for the better

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