9 Best Plus Size Period Panties: Are They Worth to Spend Money On

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Best Plus Size Period Panties

Imagine that you have your period, and pads and tampons have not yet been invented. That would be terrible, wouldn’t it? Women until 1920 came up with hundreds of ways not to leak at a crucial moment. According to surveys and Google statistics, tampons are the most demanded items. However, women’s panties are rapidly moving towards leading positions. Do you already know what it is, and why women like to use it? If not, then we will tell you all secrets. And if so, then our selection of plus size period panties will also come in handy. 

Why Is Menstrual Period Clothing a Good Choice?

In order to appreciate the benefits of menstrual clothing, you need to understand how it works in general. Outwardly, it looks like ordinary pants. However, do not think that this is a grandmother’s version because there are many interesting and even sexy models. There are two types, which are usually made from cotton and elastic fibers:

  • Pants used as a basic during a period (today we will discuss this particular type);
  • Pants used as additional protection, for example, to better secure the pad.

The first one also has different types:

  • Light;
  • Moderate;
  • Super.

We’re sure you don’t need to be told that these are blood absorption levels because both tampons and pads have similar types. This way, you can choose plus size period panties for each day of your cycle. Many gynecologists advise using them because it does not irritate. If you do not believe in their effectiveness, try wearing them at the end of your period, when the discharge is not so strong, or when you are at home all day, so you can be sure of their reliability.

Best Plus Size Period Panties?

Many bloggers believe that menstrual panties should be on the pedestal of cool inventions. Designers have been competing with each other for ingenuity or a combination of different styles. However, the main thing is not only design but comfort and durability. Check out the best period panties for plus size that we have selected for you.

Thinx Super Hiphugger

Thinx Super Hiphugger underwear
Thinx Hiphugger Menstrual Underwear

These pants have made a splash because they are made of durable nylon and can displace up to 4 blood tampons. They can be used as overnight protection against leaks. You don’t have to worry about Thinx sizing, because if you google “thinx sizing chart”, then the first link will take you to the official Thinx website, where there is a handy size chart. These panties are suitable for all women because they are available from XXS to 3XL.

Thinx Air Hiphugger

Thinx Air Hiphugger underwear
Thinx Air Hiphugger

These breathable pants are great for the later days of your period because they can hold up to one and a half tampons of blood. In addition, they contain non-migrating silver, which helps to eliminate odor. Most often they are sold in black, green, and pink. If you decide to buy this model, be sure to leave your Thinx review in the comments.

Thinx Cheeky

Thinx Cheeky period underwear
Thinx Cheeky Period Underwear

This model has over 1000 positive Thinx underwear reviews and all claim that this model features a seamless fit in nylon and elastane. Sizes from XXS to 4X period panties are often available in four colors, and have a rating of about 4.8 stars.


Bambody period panties
Bambody Absorbent Panty

It is the best underwear for plus size women, which comes from XX-small to 6X-large. These panties would save you from leaks and unpleasant smells during your period. If you are in doubt about whether to buy them, then read the reviews on Amazon. 


Knix period underwear
Knix Wear Women’s Fitknix

Knix is a cool plus size leakproof underwear and divided into light-medium and heavy-extra strong. The high rating (4.6 stars) and about 1000 reviews testify to the confidence of buyers in this model. The wide variety of sizes, colors, and quite affordable prices are always available on the official Knix website. By the way, it contains eight tampons.

Proof Thong

Proof Thong
Thinx Thong Period Underwear

Proof is a sexy plus size leakproof underwear in black and sand colors. These panties would help deal with light leaks, and you can wear them outside your period. They are lightweight, made of dense material that protects against any secretions and odors. According to reviews, the girls who bought them feel comfortable and confident. 

Aisle Boxer Brief

Aisle Boxer Brief
Aisle Boxer Brief period panties

If you are looking for 5x period panties, pay attention to the Aisle Boxer model. These briefs can hold up to four tampons and have a high waist. Such a model is rarely worn under dresses, but it is an excellent option to protect against leaks. However, the color choices are small, and you can buy only Black, Green, and Goldenrod. According to Aisle period underwear reviews, customers often praise the additional booster, which increases the capacity by two tampons.

Saalt Elemental Lace Hipster

Saalt Elemental Lace Hipster
Saalt Elemental Lace Hipster

These are cool lace and mid-waist panties, which can provide comfort and lightness during your period all day long. They can absorb up to two tampons, so you don’t have to worry about leaking at the most unexpected moment. They have an average price, so they are affordable for everyone.

Ruby Period Underwear Brief

Ruby Period Underwear Brief
Ruby Period Underwear Brief

It is one of the plus size period underwear made by an ultra-stretchy. You would feel comfy and free in any color and size (XS-3XL). However, you need to be careful because they are for mild to moderate menstruation.

Of course, it is not necessary to have period underwear, but the advantages are quite obvious. Therefore, you can buy one pair and make a decision based on your own experience. Do you think period panties are a necessity or an unnecessary wardrobe item? Share your opinion in the comments. And don’t forget to read other related articles:

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