Plus Size Pole Dancing Clothes and Poles for Dancers: Are All Myths True

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Plus Size Pole Dancing

It doesn’t matter if you are plus size, pole dancing would help you to open sexuality in you. For a long time, pole dancing has been associated with young skinny girls, but times are changing, and our forms should not be an obstacle to doing what we like. This industry is the most tolerant of curvy women, there you would not hear “why this fat girl on a pole”, you would be welcomed, and you would find loyal friends and get the support you need. Is it hard to believe it? But it is all true. Today we will declassify the myths that have developed about plus size pole dancers, help you choose the most comfortable clothes, and tell you everything about pool dance equipment. Enjoy reading!

Pole Dancing: Weight Limit, Body Strength, and Other Myths

Pole Dancing for plus size

Weight is not the only reason many girls deny themselves what they like. They are afraid that others would condemn them and that they would not succeed.

  • My arms are weak, and I would not be able to keep myself on the pole. Strength is not given at birth, but it can be achieved through training. You do not have to wait until the strength of the arms is strong enough, training on the pole would help you with this too.
  • If there is no coordination, then I am not able to dance. On the pole, you can choose a certain type of element, and you don’t need coordination. The only thing that can get in the way is shyness.
  • I need to lose weight first. A pole that is correctly installed would never fall off, so you can try at any weight. Moreover, many are engaged in pole dancing for weight loss, but we would discuss this with you a little later.
  • I look bad plus size stripping outfits. These lessons should help you liberate yourself, but it won’t happen right away. You can of course wear more comfortable clothes in the early stages.
  • Lack of experience is an obstacle to becoming a cool plus size pole dancer. Whichever dance style you choose, no one would require you to experience it differently. We all find ourselves at the beginning of the path sometimes. In the first workout, you may not even come up to the pole, because you would be doing exercises to strengthen the arms and stretch. An experienced trainer organizes the training correctly to achieve the result you expect.

Of course, these are not all myths, but they are clearly at the top of this list.

Can Pole Dancing Help Lose Weight?

A lot of women heard that pole dancing can help to burn fat. It happens during dance moves. An hour of the pole can burn up to 250 calories, which is almost the same as with other exercises in the gym. By doing more complex and complex movements, you will be able to train more muscle groups and burn more fat in these areas. Just google “pole dancing before and after weight loss”, and you would be pleasantly surprised.

Plus Size: Pole Dancing Clothes

Pole Dancing Clothes for plus size

It is difficult to find clothes that are suitable for exercise because they not only fit but also make you feel and look good, especially if you are looking for plus size pole fitness clothes. Don’t be afraid of my pole dancing companion because in this article we will cover it all. We recommend starting your search with a store that caters to plus size women. If you are unsure of your size, it is recommended that you meet with someone in person to find the right bra for you. You may have specific measurements that are difficult to find. It is always a pleasure to speak with the professionals in the field. Pole dancing is essentially a dance that can be considered erotic, so if you want to look sexy while pole dancing is understandable. The only problem is that it is difficult to find underwear larger than XL, but there are many solutions on the internet, and they are easy to find plus size pole dance wear nowadays. For plus size women, there’s no reason to be afraid to wear sexy silk, lace, leather, or satin underwear while dancing, but it’s up to you.

Sure, you can wear regular sneakers or even dance barefoot on a pole, but if you want a sexier option, you can start with wide-soled high-heeled shoes. The provided shoes can not only improve your daily activities but also support your weight as you twist and rotate around the pole. In other words, do not use high platform shoes directly, because if you are inexperienced with a pole, it could lead to serious injury.

How to Choose a Pole for a Big Girl in the Pole Dancing?

  • Plus size pole dancing outfits are important to choose but pole also has its important characteristics. Many of the cheaper models available, especially some imitations made at sea, cut corners by using thinner metals. If you are concerned about maximum safety, stay away from them, as they would not carry the same weight as high-quality products with thicker walls. The standard diameter used to be 2 inches (50 mm), but most manufacturers now offer at least one smaller diameter rod. Depending on your weight and whether you’re going to use it – for aerial exercise or just for dancing – this may not be the deciding factor.
  • The type of material the pole is made of also affects its strength. For example, brass is a softer metal than stainless steel or alloys, so brass rods are inherently weaker than stainless-steel rods. Remember that all materials have their advantages and disadvantages, and many people also have personal preferences, such as brass over steel or powder-coated over brass. But if plump dancers are concerned about the overall strength of their chosen model, they may want to consider the characteristics of the various materials used for pole dancing.

Pole Dancer: Ro’Yale

Pole Dancer Ro’Yale

Ro’Yale is one of the most famous BBW pole dancers and instructors, and this girl ignores the seriousness of the fitness world and her attitude towards everyday life. Thanks to her activeness, composure, and infectious personality, she has been viewed over 60 million times on social networks. She had no idea what would become an influencer and a popular brand today.

How Did Ro’Yale’s Career as an Instructor Start?

Ro’Yale began to practice pole dance, and when she achieved mastery, she realized that she wanted to help other girls with curvaceous forms to find themselves in this style of dancing. Now the studios began to release special programs for such women. The first studio was Vertical Joe’s, which together with Ro’Yale proved that plus size women are made for the pole. The movements of the course are adapted to the shape of any large body. This allows women to feel comfortable in the classroom, especially as they can attend classes with coaches and other clients who are like them, rather than Victoria’s Secret models. What does Ro’Yale think about her work? Pole dance is life-changing because its supportive community of like-minded people wanted to be active and accepted at the same time. It also creates an environment in which women receive support from each other, the desire not to give up and continue to work towards their goals. Many women are afraid to try, but then they would not be interrupted from training, because they begin to feel comfortable, confident, and sexy. It’s like a fraternity in college, where different people are united by a common interest – love of dancing and acceptance of yourself and your figure. Hundreds of women of different professions come to the girl for training, and everyone goes through about the same thing – embarrassment. In one of her interviews, Ro’Yale said that she was sure that it would be precise because of the fear of condemnation that women would not be comfortable dealing with thin girls in the same room, so special programs were needed. However, the time would come, and this division would no longer be needed.
Just google “plus size pole dancing classes” in your city, and believe in yourself!

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