What Are the Best Plus Size Robes to Choose: Fluffy, Cotton, Flannel, or Fleece

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plus size long robe

For many people, a robe is simply a piece of clothing that they use as a light cape when they shower or meet unexpected guests. Yes, in many ways it is true. However, you should not consider this element of your wardrobe as useless for anything else. Competently selected fabric and print are able to make your favorite clothes from the most ordinary dressing gown, pleasing to both the skin and the eye. And then the question arises, what plus size robes exist in general and how to choose the most suitable one?

The whole secret in the right choice is precise to determine what you need it for and how exactly you are going to use it. So, for example, you cannot put on a terry robe in the heat, leaving the pool. Just like in a waffle robe it would be uncomfortable to sit on the veranda in winter. Therefore, you really should first understand how and where you will start using your plus-size luxury robes, so as not to get screwed up and spend more than you need to. If there are too many purposes for which you want to adapt your new robe, consider acquiring several options, each suitable for its own occasion. Then problems will definitely not arise!

Best Plus Size Robes

best plus size robes

We will provide you with a choice of several cool options from which you can definitely pick up something for yourself or choose some kind of bathrobe plus size robes as a gift for a friend, sister, or mom.

Fluffy Robe Plus Size

Robes from Dreams & Co are made of soft wool, comfortable fluffy hoods, and comfortable sleeves are also available. Therefore, it is a great option for the winter season. The largest and available size is 4 XL. This model usually has an A-line and a front zipper. A robe length of about 53 inches can warm you up to the ankle. There are also two deep and comfortable side pockets for your comfort. You can also look for such robes in other stores, but this brand is one of the best.

Cotton Robe Plus Size

AmeriMark’s sophisticated and lightweight robe with patch pockets is a great option for any season. You can feel comfortable in it and even do chores like cooking or cleaning. An attractive neckline will be able to successfully highlight your shapes but also cover up the clothes that you have under your robe. They are usually 52-54 inches long. This brand has many different options for plus-size robes, so you can definitely find something for yourself from XL to 4 XL.

Flannel Robe Plus Size size

Cool robes from Alexander Del Rossa are made of flanged wool to keep you warm no matter the temperature drops. It is really very convenient and can bring style and comfort into your life. There are also two handy pockets sewn on, perfect for keeping your hand warm or storing items. With this brand, you can find not only comfortable robes but also pajamas for plus-size women and men.

Fleece Robes Plus Size

This hooded robe from Hemlock has a retro look. It’s quite warm, so you should be able to wear it this winter and the following cold evenings. A comfortable belt, two wide pockets, and a warm and comfortable material are the qualities that captivate buyers to opt for this particular model. You can go to the official website of the brand and choose the size and color you want, as well as look for other interesting models.

Lightweight Plus Size Robe

Sioro offers plus-size women interesting models of lightweight robes on the shoulder and with a beautiful open neckline. Gray is the most popular color, but they have other colors as well. It’s not very long, but it has two deep pockets on the sides so you can wear it after showering or when doing household chores. It is also quite compact and easily fits into a suitcase to take on travel.

Cute Plus Size Robes

Not only the material is important, but also the different color ideas. Below we provide some interesting options:

  • The dressing gown is one of those models that will definitely be fashionable this season. Firstly, the garment is usually made of a fluid, pleasant fabric, which guarantees freedom of movement and a cozy feeling. Secondly, choose a robe in subtle shades like pink. Usually, it is an elongated style with buttons and a collar.
  • The designers’ recommendations on the theme of prints stand out for their diversity and color. As always, animalistic fantasies and cute combinations of bright colors are in favor. That is why a terry warm bathrobe in the style of a black and white ladybug or a leopard print will never lose its relevance.
  • Even though fashion is a changeable lady, she also has constant favorites. And it’s definitely a checkered print. For several years, it has been at the peak of popularity. Therefore, you can safely choose products with such drawings in different catalogs. For example, a bright burgundy-red gingham robe with playful bows on the sleeves. Soft jersey fabric and expressive design will make the robe cozy for women of all ages.

Why Is Plus Size Long Robe the Best Gift?

plus size luxury robes

A bathrobe is a great gift. However, we still do not recommend giving such gifts to your boss or unfamiliar people, so try to choose something else. The ladies plus size robes differ from a man’s, first of all, by the sophistication and softness of the colors. For a young girl, it is best to buy a peach, white or red robe. For a more mature woman, you can choose a robe with a floral print. Always try to accommodate the taste preferences of the person you want to give the gift to. For example, for housewives, dressing gowns with zippers are more practical, and for real travelers, the best choice is a white dressing gown with a personalized print. What do you think are the best plus size robes for women? Share your opinion with us and other readers in the comments!

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