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As plus-size women, there may be certain outfits or clothing pieces that don’t flatter our bodies the way we want them to. We either have too much excess belly fat on display or we just want our stomachs to be tucked in. It isn’t a crime to want everything to be held together, we all just have our preferences. For example, if we want to wear a body-hugging mini dress, we might want everything held together more firmly than if we were choosing to wear a more flowy dress.

A great solution to these issues is finding the best plus size shapewear. There are so many different body shapewear plus size women can look into and might even fall in love with. Usually, when we think of good shapewear for plus size women, we sometimes think it may be very uncomfortable to wear and may even be unbearable, however that is not the case. There is plenty of amazing and comfortable shapewear plus size women can find!

You can choose to purchase full-body shapewear, which means that it goes as low as your knees and as high as your bust, or you can choose to purchase shapewear that would focus more around your stomach area. You always want to make sure to choose the most comfortable and the best shapewear for plus size women. You don’t want to go through your day feeling like you can’t breathe or feeling very uncomfortable. Let’s take a look at some of the best plus size shapewear for tummy and we can take a look at some plus size shapewear reviews as well!

SPANX Thinstincts Tank Soft Nude MD – Amazon

This is definitely the best plus size body shaper for women who want something lightweight. This amazing shapewear provides breathability and great absorbency. That is especially good because usually, shapewear is worn throughout the day, so having something with good absorbency and breathability is a win-win. The armholes are what seem to bring consumers the most comfort, which is amazing! This SPANX Thinstincts Tank Soft Nude MD is made with 77% nylon and 23% elastane which is perfect because it doesn’t pinch. You can find it on Amazon for a fair price point at about $48!

Shapewear Body Shaper By PlusFit – Amazon

Another good shapewear for plus size women would have to be the Shapewear Body Shaper by PlusFit. It is absolutely amazing and goes to a size 10XL! It helps with controlling your tummy, slimming down your waist, and offering firm support. The sizing especially is one of the best things about this shapewear specifically, the range is one of the largest we’ve seen, making it one of the most size-inclusive shapewear on the market.

This PlusFit Body Shaper is also very discreet, which means that because of its design, it will be extremely difficult to tell you are wearing it. This shapewear has an undergarment form and open bust to add some more support. We think this product is a definite must-have in everyone’s collection. It is surely the best body shaper for plus size ladies. You can find it on Amazon for about $20, which is an amazing price point for an item like this!

Curvy Firm Foundations BodyBriefer By Flexees – Amazon

This is another one of the best shapewear for plus size ladies. Not only is it generally amazing shapewear to purchase, but it is the best plus size shapewear for hanging belly women. It offers firm control over your hanging stomach, but doesn’t add any more layering, it is very subtle, but does a fantastic job!

The best part is the comfort this shapewear provides! It is so comfortable that you will not have any complaints about it all day. It is an open bust and closes at the bottom which is great, providing for a more firm look. The sizing goes up to a size 4X which is very size-inclusive. You can also find it on Amazon for about $30.

How to choose the best shapewear for plus size women?

body shapewear plus size
  • Measurements are important
    • You want to know what your measurements are before you go ahead and purchase your shapewear. As plus-size women, finding the perfect size can be a little bit tricky, so this is really important. We suggest measuring your waist, hips, and bust. The bust isn’t necessary unless you are getting shapewear that covers the bust area.
  • The support you are looking for should be known ahead of time
    • You want to know what kind of support you want to get out of the shapewear you are purchasing. There are three compression types, light, medium, and firm. Light compression is more for subtle touches and little spots you want to smooth out on your body. Medium compression is more for women who are looking to emphasize their shape and emphasize their curves. Firm compression is the one with the most compression. It provides for body contouring and makes you feel toned and held together. It is great to wear with dresses!
  • Choose the shapewear that fits with the occasion
    • There are different shapewear types meant for different occasions. Many people tend to skip over this important tip and just buy the shapewear they think will give them the best results. You should buy the shapewear that gives results, but also the shapewear that is meant for your specific occasion. Depending on what you have going on, you can choose between everyday wear, workwear, evening wear, and formal wear!
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