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Sometimes we look back and see how society used to be and how unaccepted it was to be plus-size. Thankfully, we have come quite a long way. As the years go by, it is our duty to shape society to be inclusive, loving, and equal. Throughout the years there have been more and more inclusiveness.

Brands have been changing their images and reshaping their target audiences, new brands have been very inclusive and of course, there have been so many social media stars, actors, and singers who have been role models for the plus-size community. It can sometimes be harder to be in the public eye and be plus size because of all the comments and criticism that may be thrown around but to see plus-size singers really push for inclusiveness and fight what society thinks is the right weight is such a milestone.

It is a new world filled with creativity from so many amazing artists. Ranging from Adele to Lizzo, to Zachary Miko. It brings so much body positivity throughout the world and increases the confidence of so many young men and women, today. It has such a positive impact and creates such a difference, it is incredible. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some amazing plus size famous singers, whether it be plus-size female singers or plus size men singers.

Heather Mae

plus size singers Heather Mae

Heather Mae is a​ plus-size female singer​ and musician. Heather is mainly known for her alt-pop sound. Heather is a very inspirational singer because she openly writes her music about heavy topics that many can relate to. She writes about mental health, activism, and many other topics that speak to people. Many can agree that music is their therapy and get away from problems they are trying to escape. Heather Mae inspires people through her music while making music. She is one of the best plus size pop singers around.

Rose Short

plus sized singer Rose Short

Rose Short is mainly known for being on the 17th season of The Voice. Not only is she a singer, but she is also a songwriter, actress, and composer. Rose is more of a country singer rather than pop music. But she of course throws in her pop and soul songs.

Kanda Mbenza-Ngoma

plus size female singers Kanda Mbenza-Ngoma

Kanda is not only an amazing singer, but she is a plus-size model. Many people love her music because it’s very soothing and calming to listen to. Kanda does not only release music in one genre, but she has many different music choices for you to pick from.


plus size pop singer Lizzo

If you have been on social media or listened to the radio at all then you have probably heard of Lizzo. Her amazing singing career was kickstarted by her top hit, Truth Hurts. This song is great for those who have just had a breakup, focusing on uplifting women and showing them that they are a prize. After that, Lizzo became a sensation, having multiple hit songs, urging confidence and self-love. She is a very vocal plus-size singer who urges women everywhere that they should love themselves as they are and they should never change. Healthy comes in all different types of forms and someone’s health should not be determined just by their weight.

Megan Trainor

plus size men singers

Megan Trainor is a very inspirational plus-size singer. She promotes self-love and loving your body image. Megan’s main goal with the platform she has is to make sure everyone listening to her music gains their body confidence. Through her songs, she sings about loving yourself, and everyone’s body is perfect.

Nathaniel Rateliff

plus size famous singers

Nathaniel is a plus-size male singer. Many people may think there aren’t many men that promote self-love and body positivity, but there is a world full of them. His music style is more folk-like and blues, making it more unique. He is definitely a singer you want to check out. Not only is his voice rough, but it is smooth as well, making his vocals perfect for his music style.

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