How to Wear Skirts: Plus Size Outfit Ideas of Styling Such Skirts

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skirt styles for plus size

For a long period, women were allowed to wear only dresses, later skirts were added, and only a century ago, pants also became an indispensable element of a woman’s wardrobe. However, today we will discuss exactly plus size skirt outfits because this topic will never lose its relevance and our goal is to destroy stereotypes about clothes for curvy people. You would feel more feminine in these clothes, but you need to be able to choose a style and length that really brings out your best sides. Remember that there is no bad figure, there are clothes that may simply not suit you. And we will help you to figure out different skirt styles for plus sizes and choose yours!

How to Wear Skirts: Plus Size Tips?

A properly chosen skirt can highlight the waist and make the hips visually smaller.

  • The flared skirt is gathered at the waist and the folds go down freely. With its help, it is possible not only to hide full legs but also to emphasize a bust. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the length – the skirt should be either below the knee or on the floor. Blouses and knitted sweaters with a V-neck are suitable for such skirts.
  • Even though a pencil skirt fits the figure, it is very suitable for plus-size women. After all, this model not only emphasizes the beautiful lines of the thighs but also visually elongates the silhouette. Try free-cut blouses with such models.
  • Denim skirts for curvy ladies are another winning option. It can be flared or a pencil skirt. They can be worn with office blouses and bright shirts.
  • Gode skirts have a complex cut – they fit the hips and end with a small ruffle only at the knee. If you have a rectangular type of figure, then this skirt can be worn, but always with a loose tunic.
  • Long skirts take a special place, and we would like to talk about them in more detail.

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt: Plus Size Tips?

This is one of the win-win options for overweight ladies. Loose skirts on the hips to the floor in ethnic and boho style are suitable for most women. In summer, you can wear linen long skirts with T-shirts, straw hats, and leather flat sandals. In spring and autumn, Cossack boots with stable heels are suitable for long skirts made of dense fabric. And in winter you can combine these skirts with stylish tall dogs and coats. If you are just at the beginning of the journey of accepting yourself and your body, start with these skirts, and below we would like to provide you with some cool options for your wardrobe.

Plus Size Maxi Skirt Outfit Ideas

What fabrics can offer you long skirts that would emphasize your figure favorably?


plus size long skirt outfits

The brand has a variety of options, but the most popular is the lightweight zebra print skirt. It may not be quite a winter option, but if you are going on vacation to a place where it is warm, you will definitely need it there. It can be worn both on everyday days and holidays. The wide high waistband creates the illusion of a flat and slender belly. Such plus-size long skirt outfits should not be complemented with unnecessary accessories, you can even wear a simple T-shirt and look amazing.


how to wear maxi skirt plus size

Boho-style cotton maxi skirts are a win-win for your everyday looks. Try a dark blue smoky design that goes well with a tee of almost any color. But still, we advise you to pick up lighter ones. Also, you can try a maxi skirt and crop top for plus size. This look would give you self-confidence and visually make you taller and slimmer. Complement it with accessories – a straw hat or large earrings, etc.

Shimmer Georgette

how to style maxi skirt plus size

The outfit in a pleated skirt in black and with white inserts would make you more elegant, and you can safely go on a date in it and conquer your prince. The floor-length design features pleats at the waist. It has a fluid look and is quite comfortable to wear for a long time. In addition, a thin belt strap has been added to the material to perfectly accentuate your waist. For such long skirt outfits for plus size, heeled shoes are a perfect match.

How to Style Maxi Skirt: Plus Size Tips?

  • For a more formal look, pair the skirt with a button-down shirt in delicate colors.
  • For a casual look, choose a light and elegant printed skirt. You can try flowers, animals, and even abstract print.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes on bulky materials such as cotton and linen.
  • Do not add too many accessories to the outfit, they can ruin even the most successful combinations.
  • Add a strap to accentuate the waist.

Other Plus Size Skirt Outfit Ideas

Mini and media skirts can also be great for curvy women, so we must recommend a few options.

Mini Denim Skirt

plus size mini skirt outfit ideas

It seems that denim would never lose its relevance. And one of the best plus-size mini skirt outfit ideas is such denim models. You can wear such a skirt to any event because upward would play a key role in determining the style of your outfit. Remember, your comfort in the clothing is a key point for your fashion.

Midi Rayon Skirt 

plus size maxi skirt outfit ideas

The mid-length skirt is perfect for a warm season, even in winter, and looks very fashionable. A cute lavender A-line skirt with pleats in the front and a central button panel for a vintage look. A neat sash secures the skirt and conceals belly fat. In this unusual brown combination, you can try not only ordinary T-shirts but also some unusual combinations.

Casual plus size skirt outfits are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe, even if you prefer to wear pants. Sometimes it is good to try something new and a little different for yourself because it helps to reveal your personality!

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