What Is Smart Casual: Women’s Plus Size Outfits and Tips for Their Creation

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Almost all of us have several casual outfits. And last year we discussed some of them, for example, casual outfits with sneakers. What do you know about plus size smart casual? Women often have to stick with it at work. So let’s discuss how to create outfits in a smart casual style that match the dress code in the office and in which you can go on a date right after work!

What Is Smart Casual: Women Plus Size?

For the first time, this term appeared on the pages of the American press back in the early twentieth century, and since the mid-50s, smart casual has already been popular among office and bank employees who preferred a democratic image in everyday life and reserved strict classical suits only for special occasions. Women’s smart casual dress code has become even more informal and practical these days. Classic women’s suits are now sewn from soft fabrics, styles of trousers, skirts, and dresses do not hinder movement and bring amazing comfort. At the same time, the clothes remain aesthetically attractive and restrained. In other words, smart casual style is semi formal that combines office classics and soft comfortable casual.

Smart Casual: Plus Size Guide

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Casual has certain principles, knowledge of which may help you to correctly and harmoniously put together a certain dress code for every day:

  • Natural fabrics with moderate elasticity. When choosing clothes, pay attention to fabrics. Moderately soft and elastic materials help to maintain the shape of clothes, do not wrinkle, and look luxurious. The combination of beautiful fabric and elegant cut allows you to feel free and stylish in such clothes in everyday life.
  • Actual color palette. Smart casual for women uses basic colors, including all shades of pastel and nude, gray, blue, purple, green, brown. For an accent, you can combine clothes in a muted red or burgundy color. As a print, classic colors are used – stripes, checks, crow’s feet, geometric patterns.
  • For creating smart-casual plus size women’s outfits, you should use the formula for combining basic things:
    • wide trousers and loose blouses;
    • plain dresses of simple cut, decorated with accessories;
    • A business suit made of soft comfortable fabrics;
    • midi skirts with a free silhouette top;
    • jeans and a cashmere pullover.

How to Create Smart Casual Plus Size Women’s Outfits?

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This is not as difficult as it might seem. For starters, you can buy ready-made outfits in this style. And later try to create your own from the things of your wardrobe.

Shirt for Curvy Figure

For smart casual for plus-size women, shirts with buttons can be difficult because they create gaps or “eyes” between them. Choose a material that can be stretched to move without gaps. Some attractive styles may be adapted to create more shapes with features such as indentations or folds.

Fold the cardigan on fitted buttons to lengthen the abdomen and create a slimming effect.

Cotton Pants

In most offices, casual business attire does not include jeans, except on Fridays. On the other hand, it is not necessary to wear pants and pencil skirts every day. Reserve cotton pants. Khaki always looks good, but if you want your style to shine, you can try a few patterns. A pattern should be proportional. Choose thicker materials. They would give fewer bumps than weak rubber bands. They should be comfortable and without folds. Try to avoid too skinny pants in your smart-casual outfit for plus size.

Pants in Neutral Tones

Pants are flexible, which allows you to wear a jacket and move from everyday affairs to important meetings. You may have hundreds of plus-size smart casual outfit ideas but don’t forget to choose neutral tones such as black, beige, navy blue, or gray. And pair them with a colored shirt or sweater.

Use Stripes Wisely

You may have heard that large horizontal stripes should be avoided, but there are several ways to use the stripes to your advantage. Beveled strips can create the illusion of shape and reduce the waist.

Choose the Right Dress

A universal option is A-silhouette models that do not lose their relevance from season to season. They go well with shoes with heels, as well as with models with a low speed and even in a sporty style, so there are a lot of options for available images that you can create. If you prefer absolute comfort, loose trapezoidal tunics are a real salvation. They are harmoniously combined with trousers and jeans, creating a complete and very modern smart casual for your plus-size outfit.

Quality Underwear

Bra and underwear may affect your appearance and comfort at work. Think about going to a lingerie store. Bring your size or let them measure your size for a perfect fit. Spend the extra money on quality. Choose underwear with a smooth surface and allow the clothes to lie smoothly on it.

Smart Casual Wardrobe: Plus Size Accessories

This style allows you to use accessories freely. You can wear shawls, ties, scarves around your neck, and gloves and hats would also complement the outfit well. Smart casual bags are accessories in muted colors, with clear shapes and a minimum of decor. Shoes for this style are presented in the form of classic low-speed or low-heeled boots, moccasins, oxfords, loafers, etc. As for jewelry, small sizes and laconic jewelry are more preferable.

When you create your easy smart casual outfits for plus size, don’t forget to share some photos on social media. Perhaps you would inspire someone else for some ideas. Have you made any mistakes in this style? Share in the comments!

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