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What if there was a way, where you get a box full of fun items delivered to your door every month? Have you heard of the different makeup subscription boxes that deliver different makeup items to your door monthly?

Well, what if, there was an option for clothing items, a clothing subscription box? You are in luck, there are plus size clothing subscription boxes that you can subscribe to and get new clothing items every month. Isn’t that exciting.

For some people, going out to shop for clothes can be a hassle and some people just might not have the time to go out and find outfits to wear. In this day and age, delivery and online shopping have given so many people the option to get everything delivered straight to their doors, even groceries.

Anyways, if you’ve heard of Ipsy then you know that it is a makeup subscription box. You pretty much put in your preferences when you are first signing up and they send you a couple of different items that match up with your preferences every month, so you are getting new products always.

It is not just makeup though, there are so many different types of subscription boxes, candy, chocolate, makeup, skincare and so much more. Now we were blessed with plus size style box subscriptions. If you are someone who hates going out to shop for clothes or prefer having clothing items delivered to your door, then this is going to be a great read for you. Let’s talk about the world of plus size clothing box subscriptions.

Gwynnie Bee

plus size style box

This is a fantastic plus size clothing subscription box option. It costs about $49 a month and caters to sizes 10-32. You choose the look, rock it and return it after. You can even go ahead and try this box for free!


plus size clothing box

Nuuly is another great plus size subscription box. It was started by the parent company of Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie, URBN. Although it was started by the URBN, it doesn’t necessarily only provide clothing items from the stores under URBN.

They provide clothing items from high-end designers such as Anna Sui and Zadig & Voltaire, as well as some more accessible brands such as ModCloth and Levi’s, making it size-inclusive within a ton of different brands. With Nuuly, it costs $88 a month to rent six items at once, including two-day shipping and returns, professional cleaning, and no late or damage fees. You are able to pause your subscription for up to three months as well if at any time you need a break from the world of subscription boxes.

Fashion to Figure Closet

plus size subscription box

Another great plus size monthly clothing box would have to be Fashion to Figure Closet. This plus size clothing delivery subscription costs $55 a month for three pieces at a time, which is pretty decently priced. You choose at least eight pieces before you are shipped your first box with your pieces marked at priorities. It’s best to keep more items in your virtual closet so that if an item is out of stock, they can choose something else to ship out to you.

Dia & Co. Active

plus size clothing delivery

We know that having workout clothes is a must as well. Of course, Dia & Co. Active is a great plus-size clothing subscription service that caters to active clothing items. There is a $20 styling fee to order a box, but it goes towards any items you want to purchase. The sizes do range from 14-32 and 1x-5x which is very size-inclusive. Dia & Co. Active offers personal styling services for activewear!

This makes it much easier to put together clothing items because they ask about support preference, compression for leggings, and other concerns as well. You receive five items from different brands in your box a month and decide what you want to keep and what will be returned, if you decide to keep everything you do get a 25% discount which is great.

There are a ton of plus size subscription service boxes, including plus size fashion subscription box services. It makes it so much easier for us to receive our clothing items right to our door.

The different subscription services all around the world have made their systems so much easier, allowing us to choose items, put our preferences for items, and have a closet filled with different pieces we really like and receive a box filled with a couple of different pieces. It definitely gives you an exciting feeling, especially when you don’t know what to expect, it’s like unwrapping gifts every month.

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