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Growing up, we see all sorts of role models all around us, whether that be at school, on TV, or at home. Role models consist of many different types, such as parents, teachers, and even superheroes. We look up to superheroes because they are out saving the world and doing good for others. There are a ton of superhero television programs that portray superheroes in a great light such as Iron Man, The Incredibles, and so many more.

As a kid, you want to see a diverse showing of superheroes, you don’t want them to all look the same because that will set unrealistic standards from such a young age.

Even as adults, we don’t want to watch TV and only be shown superheroes who all look the same and do not see any fat superheroes. You have probably even asked yourself, “Are there any fat superheroes?” We want to be able to look at the TV and see that society is changing and is being more inclusive. We want to tune in and see overweight superheroes, or open a comic book and see fat comic book characters. We want there to be diversity among the superheroes.

A superhero doesn’t need to look a certain way to be considered a superhero. There are as many fat female superheroes as there are fat man superheroes. Let’s look at some superheroes that fall under chubby superheroes.

The Incredibles: Mr. Incredible

fat superheroes

If you have ever watched Disney, then you have probably watched The Incredibles. Mr. Incredible is portrayed as the fat man superhero who works a regular job in the day and saves the world when called upon. This movie really does portray that anyone can be a superhero in any way that they may look. Not only is Mr. Incredible a superhero in this movie but so is his entire family, his wife, teenage son, and daughter, as well as his baby son, diversifying the “superhero” image. Mr. Incredible is seen as the extremely strong superhero that can lift nearly anything.

West Coast Avengers vol. 2: Big Bertha

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Big Bertha is one of the best overweight superheroes. She first appeared in the Marvel comics on West Coast Avengers in 1989. Big Bertha’s superpower is having the ability to make herself stronger and more durable than most and being bulletproof due to her being obese. She can also make herself skinny and give herself a slimmer appearance by purging out fat from her body.

It is very interesting because Big Bertha can become skinny or fat, really being able to play both sides. Through her power of being able to look slimmer or fat, she is able to show the audience that plus size and skinny can be great superheroes.

Alpha Flight: Pink Pearl

chubby superheroes

Pink Pearl had first appeared in 1985 in Alpha Flight #22. She is one of the really fat superheroes who possesses great strength and durability. Pink Pearl doesn’t have any specific superpowers, but she has her strength which makes up for not having superpowers. She is strong and is a great superhero to look up to.

Journey into Mystery: Volstagg

fat man superhero

Volstagg appeared in Journey into Mystery #119 in 1965. He possesses a larger stomach, which would make some consider him overweight. However, just because he has a larger stomach, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have muscles giving him great strength. Since he is from the Thor comics, it means he is light on his feet, which portrays how his weight doesn’t affect his performance as a superhero whatsoever.

This is an especially important message because some would-be discouraged or think that being overweight, that will have a drastic effect on performance, which is not necessarily true. Performance has more to do with practice, willingness, and skill rather than just physical appearance.

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