How To Choose A Plus Size Swimsuit Cover Up – The Main Rules When Choosing A Plus Size Beach Cover-Ups

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The beach season is already in full swing, and swimsuits are an indispensable thing. However, plus-size girls face a difficult choice: how to find plus-size cover-ups to look decent on the beach? Now modern swimwear for plus-size girls has long been not limited to conservative models and dark shades.

A serious approach to the selection of a bathing suit will help to emphasize the beauty of the figure, and correctly present luxurious forms. Do not be afraid to experiment. New styles and images can help create a unique harmonious beach style.

If desired, any girl will always choose a variety of suitable accessories that complement the image. You only need to take into account the parameters of the figure, choosing fashionable swimwear size plus size. In this case, girls with curvy shapes will feel great on the beach.

Plus Size Sheer Swimsuit Cover Up

Perfectly complement the beach image of a full girl, make the figure harmonious. They are able to protect from the sun’s rays and hide excess volumes in the abdomen and thighs. Pareo is the perfect option for reviving a stylish beach look. This open and frivolous outfit is able to lift the mood and turn even the most conservative closed swimsuit into a graceful seductive product.

Among the dozens of possible options, overweight women are more likely to choose such methods of tying the Pareo:

Pareo-skirt – on the hips with a classic large knot, which can be located both on the side and in the navel area. This imitation of the skirt gives the necessary comfort on the beach and helps to feel free, and emphasizes the waist, even if its line is not too pronounced. For maximum comfort, it is better to use two Pareos.

Pareo-a dress wrapped around the back and fastened to the chest or neck. This outfit is also suitable for visiting beach cafes or shops, as it turns the beach look into a classic summer option.

Plus Size Swim Cover-Up Pants

The best choice of a beach suit is a tunic and light trousers.

Capri pants or regular straight-cut trousers will perfectly hide the shortcomings of the figure and you will look just fabulous.

In addition to light trousers, plus-size women can afford plus-size swim cover-up shorts, you just need to choose the right style and length. Plus-size women should avoid shorts with a low waist, and styles with an excessive number of decorative elements are not suitable. It is better to choose straight narrow shorts with a high waist or loose-fitting shorts.

Plus Size Beach Cover Up Dresses

long beach cover ups plus size

For plus-size girls, a beach dress should be stylish, as well as not restricting movement. Sundresses, dresses are preferable to a straight, fitted, or A-line silhouette. Such a cut will hide the shortcomings of the figure.

Plus size cover-up tunic is a great opportunity to look irresistible. Like beach dresses, tunics for overweight women will hide excess volumes in the waist area, abdomen, and highlight the smooth curves of the body. A belt, lacing above the waist, complements the products. Single-color or products with a bright print and with a deep V-neck or a boat neck accentuate the attention.

Plus size maxi dress cover up voluminous and hips show off the beautiful bust. Therefore, the style in the Greek style visually slims.

Sleeves as kimono cover up plus size fullness of the hands are especially relevant to 3⁄4 sleeves.

Long cover-ups plus size complemented by a mesh of silk, cambric, chiffon, will also look great.

Plus Size Bikini T-Shirt Cover Up

Men’s clothing on the female body is considered sexy plus size cover-ups. After all, the easiest way to get an easy oversize is by taking something from the men’s closet. Most often, these are cotton plain T-shirts that are mid-thigh long, with a lowered shoulder line and a straight style. They may have a logo or pockets. If you want to stretch your figure and face a little, then the T-shirt is suitable with a v-neck.

Plus Size Caftan Cover Up

Another great alternative to tying a Pareo. The length of such models can be from the middle of the thigh to the ankles, you can choose the best degree of body closure from the sun. These long beach cover-ups plus size are perfect for overweight women, much better than tunics of large sizes. After all, in the first, the silhouette is more structured and straight, while in the second, the outlines are soft, relaxed.

How to Choose the Right Plus Size Swimsuit Cover-Up?

plus size swimsuit cover up

Here are some mandatory rules.

Good Fabric

In order for the plus-size swim cover-up to make you slimmer, it must be made of high-quality, dense, elastic fabric. It is great if it contains 18-30% Lycra: this textile fits the figure, allows the skin to breathe, does not lose its shape and color after the first wash.

Never buy a swimsuit made of shiny fabric “with iridescence” — in it, the figure looks more voluminous.


Most plus-size girls have large and beautiful breasts. Underline it! Choose a plus-size swimsuit cover-up with a deep V-neck and a bright bodice.

Stretch Inserts and Boning on the Bodice

Look for a swimsuit with tight inserts or a corset: with their help, you will visually lose a couple of centimeters in the waist or on the hips. Usually, stores offer two-layer models of plus-size bathing suit cover-up, combining fabrics of different stretchability.

In addition, pay attention to the bra from the swimsuit: girls with large forms are contraindicated in styles with soft cups without pits.

Deep Color

Plus size beach cover-ups muted, deep and expressive color. Blue, burgundy, purple, brown, dark green. Black is also good, although it is a bit gloomy for a sunny beach.

Solid Color and Printed Models: Pros and Cons

The original clothing swimwear cover-ups plus size can be single or separate, dark or light, with or without a print-there are a lot of options. Solid color women’s plus size swimsuit cover-ups always look much better than printed ones, especially for plus size girls. The print may not “spread” very well, and it will definitely not decorate our figure. Solid color options, especially in dark colors, always hide the nuances of the body.If the solid color options are not your favorite, choose the print correctly.

It must also be modern; otherwise, there is a big risk of adding age to yourself. Although solid color options always look great, diagonal lines add elegance to the image and make the silhouette, smoother, even if you have a straight figure type. Therefore, pay attention to clothing in the color-blocking style or with diagonal lines on the printer. Instead of garish flowers, wear a swimsuit with vertical contrasting stripes on the sides. A plus-size crochet beach cover-up will look good. Such techniques make the figure slim, the waist thin and noticeably stretches the silhouette. In this case, you can safely experiment with colors: monochrome, bright colors, or pastel shades.

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