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The colder seasons are among us, which means that we need to start layering up on our clothing to keep warm. Of course, living in states like California and Florida, you were blessed with warmer weather year-round, but in places like Illinois and New York, we were cursed with colder weather with a chance of snow! In times like these, you want to invest in some great tights to wear underneath your pants, skirts, or dresses to keep warm. Of course, even in warmer climate areas, you can still wear tights under dresses and skirts for the style of it. You just need to be aware of what kind you are buying.

You don’t want to buy a thicker pair of plus size tights and wear it in the hot weather so you can start burning up. In warmer weather, it is best to get some thinner material plus size pantyhose, so that it won’t be too warm and you still feel cooled down. There are so many different brands of some of the best plus size tights and they tend to be extremely comfortable. Tights are fairly easy to find, but they are also very easy to destroy and rip. Depending on the type of material you buy, a simple fingernail may cause the destruction of the tights. It is very important to buy the best plus size pantyhose you can find that will last you a good while, you don’t want to be buying new ones every couple of weeks. One thing to also keep in mind is that there are many different types of tights. There are plus size opaque tights, there are plus size pantyhose, and some of the best plus size stockings! Let’s jump in and explore the many different plus size women’s tights you should go out and buy!

Hanes Curve Opaque Tights

If you are focused on finding more stylish tights, rather than ones to keep you warm, then these are the perfect pair. They are some of the best plus size opaque tights around and they sell for only $12 on the Hanes website. The sizing is very inclusive, coming in sizes 1X to 4X. They come in a couple of different colors such as deep mahogany, black, and blackberry wine. The great news is that they have three of the colors on sale for about $5, ink navy, divine grey, and cherry pie. These tights are so pretty to throw on with a skirt or a dress. They are pretty sheer, so they don’t look like leggings under your outfit!

Amazon’s Choice High Waisted Leggings

best plus size pantyhose

The high waisted leggings sold on Amazon are a perfect pair of the high waisted leggings. These pants hug your waist and body in all the right places. Not only are they a great pair of pants, but they also come in 25 different colors to choose from. Although they are a one plus size fits all, they stretch to fit everyone’s curves and all different body types.

80 Denier Tights

If you are looking for some great tights for plus size ladies, then look no further. These tights are a little bit thicker, so you can also choose to wear them underpants for the cold weather when you need to layer up. They sell for only $12 on the Snag Tights website and come in sizes 2 to 34, being very size inclusive!

High Rise Ponte Leggings

These leggings are also sold on Amazon and are a great pair if you’re looking for everyday comfort, or even working out. These sizes range from X-Small to 3x to fit all types of body types. These leggings are amazing and we highly recommend them! They are great for layering in the cold season as well. Definitely check them out!

Super Opaque Tights

The Super Opaque Tights are a great option for stylish uses and for warm uses! They sell on Amazon for about $9 and come in sizes 1 to 5! They have a fantastic rating, with over 1,000 reviews left. The sizes take into consideration both height and weight, which you can find on the size chart. The waistband is the best, tucking in your tummy and keeping the rolls under control.

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