Plus Size Travel Outfits | Basic Rules For Choosing Plus Size Travel Clothes And Travel Tips That You Should Not Miss

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Plus Size Travel Outfits

Travel is becoming more accessible, the distances between cities are being overcome faster and faster. If you do not know what to wear for plus-size solo travel or what to go on a tourist trip with friends, then it is worth learning about the basic things of the wardrobe for plus-size travel.

Plus size travel lovers should know that different plus-size travel destinations are popular at different times of the year, and this is, of course, due to the peculiarities of the climate in a particular country. It is necessary to understand which countries are most popular in different seasons. 

If you want to have fun with plus-friendly vacations, then you have to consider many factors. The choice of a fashionable image for a full woman on the road will depend on the purpose of the trip, the length of the journey, and, of course, the chosen type of transport. Let us look at plus-size travel clothes and find out how to take into account all the nuances of road life in your outfit without changing the style.

Basic Rules Of Plus Size Travel Outfits

No matter what distance you are going to cover and on what, initially follow a few important tips. This way you will filter out unsuitable plus-size wardrobe clothes. 

Choose Things Made of Plant Materials

Cotton, linen, viscose— these natural fabrics and their analogs will help you maintain optimal air exchange and temperature conditions. This is an important factor to consider when going on a tourist trip. 

Comfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes

It is easy to choose the right low shoes for any set: at your disposal are all kinds of moccasins, loafers, sandals, ballet flats, espadrilles, sneakers. It is better to exclude sneakers from the list because of the laces. Shoes should be such that it does not take much effort and time to take them off and put them on. Probably, on the way to a busy sightseeing trip, you will repeatedly want to quickly take off your shoes from your tired feet and put them on again as soon as necessary. 

Backpack Instead of a Handbag

During the trip, you need free hands. It is not necessary to choose a bulky tourist backpack if you do not plan to fit your entire luggage in it. Manufacturers provide fashionistas with a wide selection of compact and feminine urban backpacks. You can complement the skirt with a top with straps. Be sure to bring a thin cardigan with you. 

Underwear and Socks

The same rules apply to the selection of underwear and socks as for the selection of basic clothing. Products made of synthetic fabric are easier to care for if they are made of cotton, while products made of merino wool provide natural breathability and comfort. When choosing socks, remember that synthetic or wool will better protect your feet from calluses, keeping your feet dry, than cotton socks.

Clothing And Shoes For Plus Size Travel

Clothing And Shoes For Plus Size Travel

Pay attention to the climate and features of the area to which you are going. Also, remember that it should protect you from the sun, wind, rain, insects, and mechanical damage (for example, injuries from branches or stones). It is better to choose products made of synthetic materials, as they provide good ventilation and dry quickly. Therefore, for example, for plus size travel groups, take the following:

  • a pair of T-shirts;
  • two hoodies;
  • two pairs of trousers plus waterproof;
  • windproof and waterproof jacket;
  • several pairs of socks;
  • cap;
  • A swimsuit or swimming trunks, (if the hike is in the hot season). 

Plus Size Travel Tips

The weather on a hike can be changeable. Seasonal conditions make you carefully choose what to wear. However, it is not reasonable to take the entire wardrobe with you, especially when manufacturers have long learned to sew comfortable clothes that meet modern requirements. 

Comfort and convenience

Plus size clothing should match the size of the tourist, sit well on the figure, do not restrict movements, weigh little. A special cut helps to choose a wardrobe for any type of activity: fishing, mountaineering, skiing, traveling on rafts on the river, etc. 

The Functionality of Clothing Plus-size

The Functionality of Clothing Plus-size

When traveling, you need to be prepared for any unforeseen situations, and therefore, have everything you need at hand. A large number of pockets, a zipper with two locks, magnetic buttons, and a hood provide this feature. 


Tourist plus size clothing should keep warm well, while not allowing the body to overheat. That is, to be breathable, removing excess moisture. The top layer, depending on the time of year, should be durable, water-repellent, not freezing in the cold, protecting from ultraviolet rays, as well as heat. 

Loose Clothing

Oversize is convenient for traveling; you will be comfortable and not hot, so give preference to loose clothing.


Pockets are especially useful if you decide not to take a fanny pack on a trip. It is convenient to store tickets, sunglasses, and other small items in the shirt pockets. It is convenient to carry money and documents in the pockets of your trousers, it is important that your pockets are closed with a zipper, this will protect you from loss or theft. 

Collect Some Outfits

Before putting things in a suitcase, bag or backpack, evaluate how the wardrobe items are combined with each other. To do this, try to collect three or four onions from those sweatshirts, T-shirts, and trousers that you decided to take with you. Ideally, all things and accessories should be in harmony. 

Plus Size Cruises

On the ship, you will find no less pleasant forms and types of recreation than in a star hotel, which means that the clothes must match.

Let us conditionally divide all the clothes into three categories:

  • Evening dress 
  • Club wear
  • Beach suit 

Dress Code On the Liner

Dress Code On the Liner

Every day, the dress code for tomorrow is announced on the cruise ship. You can find out about it from the daily onboard newspaper, where all upcoming events will be indicated. Of course, you will not be allowed to enter the restaurant in shorts and slates, but you should not wear club clothes either. Be elegant. On an eight-day cruise, you will have a couple of formal evenings. You will attend theater productions and shows, concerts, and other clubs; all this requires an evening dress. Wearing short shorts and a swimsuit is allowed only in the pool area. Long shorts, T-shirts, polo shirts, sundresses, skirts, and blouses are perfect for moving around the ship.

Evening Dress

Two or three evening dresses for balls, perhaps a pantsuit for concerts and a restaurant, as well as one floor-length dress for a cocktail and a photoshoot is quite enough. It will be ideal if you can match all these outfits with one suitable pair of shoes. 

Club or Casual Wear

Comfortable, lightweight clothing for traveling around the ship and trips on excursions. Pay special attention to shoes, they should be light, comfortable, and at the same time reliable and strong. Wedges, sneakers, or something like that is what you need. 


The water in some pools is highly chlorinated, do not take very expensive swimsuits with you, you can spoil it. Take a headdress, slates, and sunglasses. 

We believe that the right plus-size travel clothes will help not only to get the maximum pleasure from the trip but also to feel comfortable in any conditions. Thus, when collecting a hiking backpack, you should focus on the purpose of the future trip, its duration, and the conditions of the area to which you plan to go.

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