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Being part of the plus size community, it may be frustrating to go out and not find the perfect underwear. We can look in multiple stores during one day, but we still don’t find the perfect pair. Just like any other person, we like to find something with comfort, good material, cozy, etc. Comfortable plus size underwear is tricky, we may find plus size underwear, but they can be the most uncomfortable panties ever.

However, sizes are also quite the hassle considering every store is different. Someone can be a size fourteen at one store, as well as an eighteen at a different store. Sizes can range, but so can quality. Looking and purchasing the first plus size panty one sees can feel like a goal. Little do you know that the three dollar panty you found is super itchy and uncomfortable. Us plus size women need the womens best plus size panties and we want beautiful and comfortable plus size underwear. Not only do we look at the price, but we look at quality. If we are planning to pay eight dollars for one panty, we expect top quality for sleeping, going out, etc. Plus size panties for us plus size women give us happiness.

The most happiness is when it comes to sexy plus size underwear. Sexy plus size underwear is even more frustrating to find the right place and right store for it. A night out with a partner? It is almost a necessity for sexy panties, regardless of your size. We are big beautiful women and like to be sexy for our partners too with even sexier panties. Just like the next person, we are looking for the top store with top prices with top quality. We want to feel sexy and beautiful like the women we are. Panties are always needed, you don’t always have to wear them, but the majority of women do. It is a necessary item that we can’t really go our day without.

Plus size women need quick and fast access to plus size panties just like average size women do, but they have access all around them, unlike us plus sized women. It is much harder for us to find plus size panties. This shouldn’t be the case because of our size. However, there are many incredible stores that offer beautiful plus size panties with some amazing quality as well. Ranging from best plus size cotton panties to silk or satin panties.

Many of the stores have shipping to have plus size panties delivered straight to your door quick and easy. However, you can always go to the store to get a better look at them and feel the quality and see what fits your taste and style the best.

Cacique by Lane Bryant

best plus size panties

We thought Victoria’s Secret was good? Nope, Cacique by Lane Bryant is even better. The fit, the style, the material, all incredible. The brand has such a large amount of options it’s so hard to pick just one. The best part about the brand is that the prices are reasonable and reviews on the brand are incredible. Usually, the brand has a deal of five panties for thirty-five dollars and select styles for these panties.

The best part is that the sizes can range from a size zero, all the way up to a size twenty-eight. The brand has many cute plus size underwear where it is so hard to pick which to buy. Depending on your preference, there are styles with a thicker waistband and there are styles with a thinner waistband. Many would prefer thinner, so it feels like beautiful and comfortable plus size underwear, but it is all based on one’s preference.


This brand is super popular in the plus size community. Not only do they offer the best plus size clothing, but one of the best plus size underwear, as well. As first timers, one can be a little bit hesitant about buying because of the prices. However, a pair of panties is $14.50.

Yes, it is a lot and they do offer deals, such as “Buy 3, Get 2 Free,” it is risky, but looking at reviews can cause someone to purchase them almost immediately. Once you put a pair on, you’ll know what I am talking about. There are so many different options that can have you fall in love within seconds. The stretch in the panties really causes the high demand on them because the stretch ensures that they will stay on through your day without constantly needing to pull them up or having the strap flip when you sit down. 

Duluth’s Women’s Buck Naked Brief Underwear

This brand is sort of lowkey in the plus size world. It isn’t as known or as popular as Torrid or other brands. However, that needs to change ASAP because this brand is a go to for so many plus size women. They offer the most comfortable plus size underwear and one of the best underwear for plus size women. The brand has over a thousand reviews with a four in a half star rating which keeps women intrigued in the brand.

The material in these panties is super light and soft enough that you almost feel naked. The best part about these panties is that they are perfect for a hot summer day when it is 90+ degrees outside and you don’t want to risk butt sweat. These are the perfect solution. Prices in this brand can be a little high, but once again so worth it.

Original pricing is $18.50 but can go on sale to $9.09, more or less. The styles can range from cotton and cheeky to briefs, to extra soft panties and it is incredible. The sizes in the brand can start as low as an XS, to as high as an XXL, in numbers being a size two to a size twenty four

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