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Waking up and getting the day started off on the right track is important for everyone. We all want to feel fresh and be healthy, but we need to put in the work to be at our very best. There are certain things that must be incorporated into our everyday lives. We should be waking up every day and getting our days started on a high note. There are so many different activities or mental exercises people do to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

Waking up early is the first step in starting your day off right and from there, choose at least three things that make you feel good, whether that be journaling, drinking coffee, or having an amazing breakfast. Now that you have that planned out, you need to make sure that you also put working out into your morning routine, or night routine, whichever you prefer. Working out is the ultimate key to making us feel good, fresh, and energized. It is a huge factor that plays a huge role in our health and we must always make sure to keep track of it and utilize it to the best of our abilities. As plus-size women, we are always told and even stereotyped as unhealthy, or never working out, but that simply is not the case.

There are plenty of plus size women that work out plenty but still have their beautiful plus size figure. There is a lot that plays into our body shapes, but unfortunately, some people take it upon themselves to determine how well we work out or how healthy we are. Little do they know, we love to workout just as much as the next person. There are tons of workouts for plus size women to add to our plus size workout routine. Whether you are a beginner and are looking for plus size beginner workout tips or someone who is looking for the perfect plus size workouts or plus size gym workout, we got you covered. Let’s take a dive into some of the many exercises for plus size women.


One of the best workouts for plus size women is walking. It may sound simple, but this is one of the most effective. It is great for getting in that cardio and it isn’t boring. This is a great plus size gym workout or just a beginner workout for plus size women. You don’t necessarily have to do it at the gym if you choose not to.

This workout can pretty much be done anywhere. We love taking walks outside whether it be down the street, on a trail, or to a specified destination. It makes things so much more exciting. If you are a treadmill person, then this works at the gym on a treadmill, but if you don’t like walking in place and rather walk somewhere with some great scenery, then utilizing a trail is always a go-to option.

Aqua Jogging

Aqua jogging is an in-water activity. For many, lap swimming is difficult, but aqua jogging is simply running in the water with a twist. That “twist” is a buoyancy belt. When aqua jogging, your feet should not touch the ground, in a way you are paddling through to water trying to keep yourself above. Although this may seem easy, it is a much harder workout, so when doing this increasing intensity each time is definitely the way to go.

Group Exercise Class

plus size gym workout

For the more social people, group classes may be your thing. This can or cannot be a good workout for plus size beginners. When previewing the class, you can see whether or not the class is too intense and difficult for your liking.

This group class should be a safe place, you should be comfortable around the people around you, create new friendships, and a great relationship with the instructor. When speaking with the instructor, you should make sure they are willing to guide you and encourage you during these group classes.

Strength Training

When coming up with a plus-size gym workout plan you wanna make sure you are doing something you enjoy while benefiting your body. If you are looking for workouts that can be done at home or at gyms, this one for you. Plus size beginner workouts at the gym are helpful because you can then look into finding a personal trainer or asking the gym staff to assist you through your workout routine and machines. Strength training is great for building some muscle and strengthening your core, and it is definitely an exciting challenge.

Recumbent Bike, Cross Trainer, or Portable Peddler

Biking is the perfect option for you if you struggle with joint pains. This causes you to burn calories, with less intensity. Recumbent bikes are great if you have pains in your back or joint problems. This machine does not only focus on one part of the body but instead, it works on both the upper and lower body. Pedaling for long periods of time does get hard, so it is suggested that you take breaks.

For example, you can pedal for 10 minutes straight and take a 5-minute break. You should make sure to not overwhelm yourself when doing this workout. This is simply one of the best workout choices considering there is less pain on your joints and works on your whole body. We definitely think this is one of our favorite plus size girl workouts to do.

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