What Is Plus Size 2000’s Fashion: Popular Clothes Brands & Curvy Influencers

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plus size 2000's fashion

Modern brands increasingly began to focus their attention on different types of figures, so it became much easier for plus-size women to find something stylish that would emphasize their advantageous sides. However, this was not always the case, for example, in 2000, when bright colors were preferred in clothes, girls with curvaceous forms had a hard time. It has long been proven that many fashion trends are greetings to us from the past, so let’s find out if we are ready for plus size y2k fashion. We will tell you not only which brands have decided to fill this gap in the fashion industry, but also a list of pioneering models who, by their example, prove that y2k fashion for curvy women exists.

Plus Size Y2K Clothes

What prevents modern brands from creating clothes in any style that was once popular or coming up with something new? Of course, nothing, and that is exactly what they are doing. However, not all of them take into account the interests of women plus size. Below you will find the top 4 brands, whose plus size y2k clothing has become the most popular, and now thinner girls dream of trying something from this cool series of clothes.

Ashley Stewart

plus size y2k clothes

What do you think were the most popular pants in the 2000s? Of course, blue jeans, and they are still not out of fashion and are even considered classics. In other words, every girl should have a pair of cool jeans so similar to those days. The pair from the famous brand Ashley Stewart is just that. They have a high rise, so you can easily wear an equally cool white top and complement your image as a stylish girl from the 2000s.

Pretty Little Thing

plus size y2k clothing

Pretty Little Thing is definitely breaking records for the coolest things to help you recreate the cool 2000s look for 100%. However, the greatest demand is for their short denim skirts. The main thing is to choose the right size so that it fits perfectly on your wide hips, and you should not believe in the stereotypes that mini is not for plus size. If you love watching movies and TV shows of the 2000s, then you probably noticed how popular the oversized dad blazer was, and this brand recreated this cool jacket. As you may have already guessed, the Pretty Little Thing would be able to dress you in the best plus size y2k trends.

Fashion Nova

plus size y2k

Do you know what the 2000s have always been associated with? With snakeskin skirts or mini dresses, or similar colors. But you need to be able to combine all such an interesting solution that can emphasize your wide hips in the best way. Also consider what kind of figure you have, for example, for girls with a strawberry body type, a snakeskin mini dress from Fashion Nova is suitable. Also, this style would make you more cocky and confident.

Dress Lily

plus size y2k fashion

Velvet is back in fashion and hundreds of thousands of fashionistas are already looking for a corduroy tracksuit. Plus size girls can find one in the Dress Lily store. Why is a suit made of such material a good solution? This material can be worn for a long time and does not wear out, is pleasant to the body, and you do not have to iron your suit after washing. Due to the ability to keep warm in cold weather, this is what you need for morning jogging in the park.

Models Plus Size: 2000’s Fashion

It is thanks to curvy influencers that hundreds of thousands of girls have begun their successful struggle against old stereotypes and are beginning to love themselves. Below we will tell you about 5 successful and self-confident girls with curvaceous forms who are not afraid to be themselves and have become one of the leaders of body positivism movements. Someone you may already know, and someone would become a real discovery for you.

Moe Black

Moe Black 2000's Fashion

It can be difficult for Moe to find clothes in her size that match her own style. Therefore, sometimes she has to adapt to trends, and not buy what she really wants. She loves 2000s style, but unfortunately, not many brands are big sizes. So finding clothes can turn into hours of agony, but her favorites include ASOS, Juliet Johnstone, Fanci Club, and Gia Milan co. They have cool high-rise 2000s jeans and more. On her Instagram page, you would find a lot of curvy fashion tips.


rue 2000s trendy outfits

This girl has long found her own style, how and where to get her inspiration for new cool looks. She has a fairly versatile style and of course, there are many plus size y2k fashion looks. Rue tries not to get hung up on one clothing brand, she can buy a thing absolutely anywhere, if that’s what she needs – Amazon, H&M, or Forever 21. On her Instagram, she posts different photos in cool clothes – in velvet tracksuit, military-style, tight-fitting dresses, and mini skirts, etc. On her page, among the lines, you can read that stereotypes are only in our heads, and you can look elegant, sexy and at the same time stylish with any figure.

Gabriela Torres

Gabriela Torres photos 2000s

Gabby, as an influencer, positions herself with bright content, and she adheres to the same style in clothes. Almost every photo of her on Instagram is bright and unusual, and the outfits can be safely called stylish, which perfectly emphasizes her curvaceous forms. By the way, in one of her last December posts, she is wearing a cool Christmas sweater. If you haven’t chosen anything for your holidays yet, then first find out what ugly Christmas sweaters are popular this season. Gabby is a fan of small clothing brands such as Lazy Oaf, Bando, Crap Eyewear, and Yak, etc.

Jessica Rose Lambregts

Jessica Rose Lambregts y2k

It is difficult for Jessica to find high-quality modern things that fit her size. Her favorite clothing style is more suitable for smaller sizes, which is very frustrating for a girl in modern society. Every girl, regardless of size, has the right to look fashionable and cool. She loves basic Weekday, and Whistles skirts and trousers. Jessica is not afraid to post candid photos on Instagram and show her body, but as we can see, she also loves sweaters in a cage or multicolored stripes. So if we speak about y2k fashion the name of this plus size influencer must be on the list.

Holly Marston

Holly Marston photos

Holly loves to experiment with many styles, but the 2000s is her favorite because of the color and pattern combinations. If in the public opinion you have extra pounds, this is not a reason to hide them, on the contrary, mark them with bold decisions in clothes. Her favorite brands include Fashion Nova, Delias, Jade Clark, Easy Tiger, Shop Fluffy, and Dazedstudi0. Her Instagram has a lot of tight-fitting clothes, mini and photos in swimsuits. If you are a plus size girl, try early 2000’s fashion, and you will discover new facets of your style. Many things would never lose their relevance, besides, you would be comfortable wearing such clothes. Do you have any of the 2000s? Share in the comments!

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