What Is a Good Yoga Mat for Plus Size: 5 Cool Options for You

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best yoga mats for plus size

In the last 10 years, almost everyone has started talking about yoga. However, what do you know about this? Most people only know that they need to practice on a large yoga mat and do unusual and even bizarre poses. The yoga culture came from India. Researchers are still arguing about the meaning of the word “yoga”. There are two most popular versions. According to the first, yoga should be understood not as a process, but as the ultimate goal of all activities, as a result of which you acquire a spiritual state of unity with the universe and inner harmony. According to another version, the main goal is the process of practice itself, during which you learn to control your feelings. Harmony with oneself is very important, but this is not the only advantage of yoga. Therefore, let’s find out what else might interest us and which plus-size yoga mat is better to choose for your first lesson!

Why Do Curvy People Need Yoga?

Yoga strengthens the muscles of the whole body – even those that are very difficult to use during sports – normalizes the functioning of internal organs, supports the spine, improves blood circulation, and much more. Moreover, regular exercise would help balance the nervous system, harmonize the overall state of mind and body, and make you feel better not only physically, but also spiritually. Regardless of your weight, you can get the same benefits from exercising as anyone. The only thing we would like to focus your attention on is that you will need a large-size yoga mat. It will not differ from the usual one, except for the size and thickness. The fact is that the load on the knees would be bigger and therefore a comfortable airbag under them is needed for balance and to avoid unpleasant sensations. Therefore, we will definitely consider with you the best options that may suit you.

What Is a Good Yoga Mat for Plus Size?

best yoga mat for heavy person

Of course, you don’t need a mat that would cover the entire floor where you are exercising, but you should be comfortable doing exercises and postures on it. In other words, you need to fully occupy it, and not so that part of the body is on the floor. Also, you should not feel discomfort, because the goal of yoga is to give you relaxation, and not torment you during processing. So what is the best yoga mat for a heavy person to choose? We prepare for you our top-rated list, where the following tips are taken into account:

  • Try to choose a mat that is at least 72 inches high. Also, pay attention to the latitude. The average size is about 25 inches, but it is better to measure the width of your shoulders so as not to be mistaken in your choice.
  • You shouldn’t try to save money on the mat. It is best to choose high quality, tear, scratch, and sweat-resistant because you would sweat a lot during your activities.
  • You can also choose a mat that matches your own style.

Better Grip Yoga Mat

XXL yoga mat

It is an XXL yoga mat (72 inches long and 25 inches with 1/4 thickness). This model is durable because it is made of anti-wear materials. Also, the surface prevents the ingress of dust and moisture. And if you are looking for environmentally friendly products, then this is definitely the best choice, because the material is absolutely non-toxic. This mat would suit anyone, regardless of gender, because it is available in different colors. However, according to the reviews, there is a small complaint – it can be difficult to keep it rolled out.

Yoga Accessories Deluxe Yoga Mat

best extra wide yoga mat

It is one of the best yoga mats for plus size on Amazon (84 “L x 36” W). Its size makes it very comfortable to do any stretching exercise and any other posture, and it is also quite tight. The material is non-toxic and excellent at absorbing sweat, so you would not practice on a wet mat. The only negative aspect that can be here is the small choice regarding color. However, it is just a little con compared to those advantages that you would receive from yoga classes on this cool mate, isn’t it?

Rolling Sands Oversized Yoga Mat

extra large thick yoga mat

It is an extra-large thick yoga mat (84 “L x 36” W). This model is made of durable, non-toxic, and skin-friendly material, and the 1/4-inch pillow would make your activities more comfortable. It would be easy for you to clean, but some reviews complain that the mat doesn’t absorb sweat well enough. Therefore, if you are sure that you are sweating moderately, then this model may suit you. It would seem that this is already a serious drawback, then why does mate have such a high rating? The fact is, it is one of the largest sized models from a reliable sporting goods company.

Square 36 Large Yoga Mat

best yoga mat for plus size

This model deserves the title of the best extra wide yoga mat (72 “L x 72” W). Choosing this model not only gives you plenty of place for your stretch exercises but also extra cushioning that is 1/2 inch thick. It is often recommended by many yoga instructors for those who have back and joint pain or knee problems. It is made of durable, environmentally friendly, and high-quality non-toxic materials. With such a rug, you can safely practice in group classes or at home in the fresh air.

DAWAY Professional TPE Yoga Mat

what is a good yoga mat for plus size

If you are looking for a yoga mat in a big size (72 “L x 72” W), then look at the model by DAWAY. It is made of non-toxic material and has a high density. The body alignment system helps keep the arms and legs in an optimal position. It has a double-sided non-slip surface with a special texture. Also, this model is durable and comfortable. If you sweat moderately, then you can safely buy this particular mat. It is available in several colors, so you can match this best yoga mat for plus size to your style. You don’t need to have a super stretching or athletic performance to start doing yoga. All you need is a mat, comfortable clothes and a desire. You can practice with a trainer or on your own, but no one will force you to immediately do difficult poses for which you are not ready physically and mentally. After all, relaxation through compulsion cannot be achieved, is it? So what is a good yoga mat for plus size? This is the one that you like externally, suits you in size, absorbs sweat well, and is comfortable for you to practice on!

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