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Being active and working out should be part of our everyday routines, whether it be incorporated in the mornings, afternoons, or evening times. It is very important to get in some sort of workout into your days. Not only does it make you feel better physically, but it emotionally makes you feel so much better. Staying active helps people stay energized, clear their minds, and freshen them up.

We love staying active, but to do that, we need motivation. We love looking at different active clothing pieces and setting goals for ourselves to really get motivated and work towards a specific goal. Setting goals makes it so much easier to put together a plan of what you will do to hit that goal. It helps in putting together a workout plan, a schedule, foods and drinks, and even what types of workouts to do.

Sometimes it can get very repetitive and boring to do the same workouts every single day. We know it can get a little bit unmotivating to go on the same run or lift the same weights every day. But there are so many different types of workouts to try. There is cardio, weightlifting, dancing, sports, swimming, and our personal favorite, yoga! Yoga is absolutely amazing and we love to do it and try the different yoga poses.

While cardio is more focused on increasing your heart rate and getting you moving, yoga is more focused on keeping you steady and at a steady heart rate. It helps when you are having a bad day and just want to calm down and it helps with stretching out your body.

It is definitely a different experience from weightlifting and running, which we love. It helps you focus on your breathing, your mind, meditation, and your posing positions. There are tons of positions, from downward dog and lotus position to the cobra and the plow. Whether you want to look into yoga for overweight beginners or if you are very experienced in yoga for big women, there is something for everyone. Let’s get into it and talk more about yoga for plus sizes, including yoga for plus size beginners.

Take it slow and settle in

yoga plus sizes

Some people may ask themselves, “Can overweight people do yoga?” The answer is absolutely we can. Yoga for plus size women is just as important as it is for anyone else. Sometimes, if you have no background experience in yoga or know nothing about it, it can be discouraging to get out there and get started. But you should never be discouraged to start.

The good thing about yoga is that you are doing it at your own pace. It is not a race, it is about you and what makes you feel good. Though some poses may be a little bit difficult to master in the beginning, it doesn’t mean that you should give up.

When first starting out doing yoga for heavy people, you want to take it slow and start easy until you settle in. You want to start with easier poses and build your way from there. Yoga for large women is a process and takes practice just like any workout would.

Social media is not your enemy. Many times, we are told that we should stay off of social media because it is toxic. That is not true. It depends on the mindset you are going in with, you never want to go on social media with thoughts of comparing yourself or judging yourself because of what you see, because, at the end of the day, you see what social media users let you see.

However, going on to social media with the thoughts of motivating ourselves and picking up skills is definite okay. We learn a lot from social media, news, travel destinations, workouts, and of course, yoga tips and tricks. There are a ton of amazing Instagram influencers who help us get started doing obese yoga. One of these influencers is @mynameisjessamyn. She is amazing and inspires deeply when it comes to doing yoga. Another great account to check out is @jessicajadeyoga, she is such a great overweight yoga inspiration as well.

Keep track of how far you’ve come!

overweight yoga

When you are first getting into full-figured yoga, it will definitely come as a bit of a challenge, but it gets easier and you begin to improve as time goes by. You want to keep track of yourself. Keep a journal and track the poses you are doing, what improvements you make, your flexibility, your heart rate, and even your breathing.

You want to know where you are at, in order to plan for the next time you do yoga. The best yoga, plus sizes should look into when getting started is Hatha yoga. It is great for beginners and helps you really master it. Of course, you still want to keep track of yourself. When you completely master yoga, you will be able to look back and see your progress and what it took for you to get to the position.

Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Yoga may come off as intimidating when you first get into it, but with practice, consistency, and the right mindset, it is so much fun. You don’t want to dread doing yoga or going to yoga classes, it should feel natural and you should want to go. Yoga is about you, so focus on yourself and enjoy it.

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