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When going shopping, you need to clearly know the features of your figure and, accordingly, how to choose a large size dress that best fits this very figure. Despite the wide range, it is still more difficult for women to buy the right clothes for themselves than it is for skinny ones. After all, you need to have a lot of important points.

You shouldn’t buy a thing without careful fitting, no matter how much you like it. Only after studying the tips of stylists and “trying on” them to your own body, you can get an idea of ​​what kind of dresses will suit you. Drop waist dress plus size will be the best variant! But let’s look at all the options.

Dresses for obese women with a belly:

One of the most common problem areas in the vast majority of women is a full belly. With its presence, the silhouette cannot be called the standard of beauty. Even a small tummy completely kills the alluring waist and all the seductive curves. But you should not be upset, because you can pick up a dress that levels the stomach and sides.

There is a sufficient number of stylish and trendy styles that allow you to discreetly hide a big belly. Stylists call favorites among them:

  1. Plus size vintage drop waist dresses will be a good effective option that can hide all your flaws and emphasize your advantages
  2. A-line dresses – a loose fit in the abdomen and sides perfectly hides these problem areas, focusing on the upper part of the figure.
  3. Dresses with a peplum – a peplum, located at the waist, ideally conceal the belly. Such dresses are suitable for both full ladies and slender girls with a pronounced tummy.
  4. Loose fit with wrap – this trendy cut has unique camouflage properties. The presence of draperies in the waist area is especially welcome. This stylish technique guarantees a stunning effect.
  5. Drop waist plus size dress – models with a low waist against a background of a free top will be a real salvation. Bat sleeves are the perfect complement to this style.
  6. Dress-shirt – trendy dress-shirts of a straight free cut perfectly level the poorly expressed waist and tummy. For a corrective effect, wear them without a belt.

When choosing a model, it is important to build on the type of figure in order to discreetly hide flaws and emphasize the advantages of an outstanding appearance. When choosing, adhere to the following rules: For the type of figure X (hourglass), styles plus size drop waist dresses are ideal. These are models with open shoulders in a trapezoidal silhouette, a round neckline is not excluded.

When choosing a nice plus size drop waist dress for the wedding of friends or relatives, it is important to remember about minimalism. The dress should not be full of sequins, attract with voluminous decorative elements and shock with frank cutouts. It should be simple, elegant, but not defiant style, which imperceptibly emphasizes an impeccable sense of style, fully corresponding to the theme of the celebration. It is also recommended to contact future newlyweds and clarify all the nuances of the dres’s code.

If you are going to have fun with friends or work colleagues, the requirements for women’s outfits are unobtrusive. Plus size drop waist cocktail dress models, fashionable at all times, become an ideal option, which not only raise the festive mood but also attract everyone’s attention with their original style, exquisite colors, and the most unexpected design solutions.

Some tips during drop waist style dresses plus size:

drop waist plus size dress

If you like dresses with prints, then it is better to choose models with vertical lines that are able to visually stretch the figure. Dresses made of striped fabrics should be chosen for your height. A dress with a horizontal stripe is suitable for tall women, and a dress with a vertical stripe for small ladies (visually slims the figure).

You should not choose dresses with a narrow and straight skirt, this way you can emphasize the fullness. For persons with full arms, models with long or short sleeves are perfect. Sleeveless dresses can be complemented with a thin bolero. But it is better to choose models with wide sleeves, as they visually narrow the waist.

It is worth choosing the right length. The optimal solution – the skirt drops to the middle of the knees or 5 cm shorter. You need to be careful with a plus-size drop waist midi dress with a tapered hem. This is a very risky length with such a figure because it can “cut” the silhouette inharmoniously. Maxi will look advantageous if the outfit is made in rich and deep shades.

Among the general recommendations for choosing a plus size drop waist formal dress for girls, it is worth noting:

  • semi-tight silhouette – the style should not be too tight, but not too loose;
  • the length is slightly above or slightly below the knees – mini and maxi are best avoided;
  • noble dense fabrics are welcomed that do not shine through and do not emphasize all the curves of the figure.

A very successful accent that distracts attention from a full belly will be a V-shaped neckline that will catch the eye on the bust. Asymmetric inserts in the waist area are also welcome, especially if they are made diagonally or X-shaped.
But what she definitely avoids is the fitted models of plus-size drop waist club dresses. They will not only not decorate the figure, but, on the contrary, will highlight all the flaws.

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