Male Plus-Size Models in Savage x Fenty Show and World’s Reaction on Them

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Male Plus-Size Models in Savage x Fenty Show

Rihanna has earned her reputation not only for her songs but also for other glamorous industries such as cosmetics and lingerie. And this year she again pleasantly surprised the whole world with her Savage x Fenty, where plus-size male models became the head of her collection of menswear.

Thousands of tweets confirm that the public reacted positively to such an innovation, and many men were able to see themselves in Savage x Fenty male models, and the fashion show gave a good deal of confidence in themselves and their beauty. After all, appearance worries not only women, right?

It is also important for men to feel sexy and comfortable. Savage Fenty for men of any configuration, race, and age. Modeling is not only for women but also for men because we have equal rights in this area. More recently, we discussed Precious Lee and her involvement as a plus-size model, now it’s time for the male models in the Savage x Fenty show. Many of them believe that they have made a real breakthrough in the history of fashion, and it is difficult to disagree with this opinion. We found some interesting interviews with the participants of the show, and we want to tell you about their life and impressions of the show in general.

Male Models in Rihanna’s Fashion Show

“Wow, now buying on the Internet is cooler than it was before, especially when you see a model just like me.” Singer and fashion diva Rihanna began to receive similar messages and comments. Male lingerie models made a splash, but until recently, few people believed that clothes presented for shock would go on sale in large quantities and at an affordable price. However, you can already buy cool clothes for a man of any build.

Steven Green

When Rihanna first contacted Steven about his involvement in Savage x Fenty as a plus size model, he thought it was some kind of joke. But we already know that this is a reality that thousands of people have perceived positively. The model could never have guessed that he would be considered a sex symbol, but the show organizers and viewers proved that size does not matter.

This gave the man even more confidence that with his career he does not just make money, but helps society accept themselves and their bodies. In one of his interviews, he emphasized that low self-esteem is not only a woman’s problem but men are often criticized for extra folds on their belly and so on. Being overweight becomes an obstacle to achieving your goals and creates self-doubt. The body positivism movement has no gender, and Fenty beauty also exists in male models.

Steven is happy to become part of this fashion breakthrough and went down in history. In many interviews, he is asked about the relationship between weight and health. However, the man is convinced that if you are comfortable and there are no medical indications for losing weight, then you should not adapt to society and fit into any framework. You need to be yourself. By the way, google “Savage x Fenty boxers” and be sure how cool he looks in the photos.

Izaak Adu-Watts

Izaak Adu-Watts

Adu-Watts is not a plus-size model, but we also want to pay your attention to this new Black Model Star. This is a new face in the fashion industry. So Rihanna not only opens up new facets of beauty but also gives young and promising models a chance to succeed and take part in a grand show. When Adu-Watts received the invitation, he could not believe that it was true, because he had been a fan of Rihanna for a long time and could not believe in his luck. However, he also delivered his debut success to his mother, who believes in him no matter what, because the main thing is that the work of your life brings you pleasure and not just finances. Of course, the journalists asked the model about the show in general. He said that there was an atmosphere of friendship, composure, and confidence in himself and in the show as a whole.

We think that his mother will not be offended that we address her words to each of our readers. It is important for every person to do what they love, and our loved ones should be happy simply from what is good for us.

After all, not your favorite business lowers your self-confidence, which creates complexes about your appearance.

Savage x Fenty: Menswear and World’s Reaction on It

Savage x Fenty: Menswear

Of course, the list of Savage x Fenty men consists of different body types, but the most discussed line of clothing is for plus size. The singer has repeatedly emphasized in her interviews the importance of including different men in her shows and this is the right direction in fashion. According to research by renowned nutritionist Brenna O’Malley, women more often talk about weight and openly oppose public pressure about beauty standards. However, men are also warriors in this war. In addition, the generally accepted standards of men’s ideals have long been outdated.

Previously, tall athletic men were perceived as protectors of their family and future generations, but times have changed and now there is no threat from wild animals. And if you look at modern couples, where harmony and love reign, partners do not pay attention to excess weight, but on the contrary consider it a virtue. Thanks to the Savage Fenty, plus-size models have become one of the new standards and are easily reflected in the media. It also helped expand the perception of beauty and body in all nuances and angles.

We believe that the greatest achievement of the show was that the attention was laid on the awareness of the need for changes in the male sphere and the same openness of men as of women. Do you think men have the right to have a couple of extra pounds and look sexy at the same time? Share your opinion in the comments and be sure to write the name of the male model, who is a great example in plus size modeling!

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