Sex Positions for Fat People: After Reaading Our Article You Will Be Know Everything about It!

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plus size sex positions

Sexual life can be varied for everyone, regardless of the state of health and characteristics of the figure. Sex positions for fat people, for ladies with curvaceous forms and oversized men, will help you have fun despite some inconvenience. Of course, with strong completeness, the choice of positions will be somewhat limited by the characteristics of your figure, however, in this case, you can choose a suitable option for yourself.

Plus size sex tips:

Having sex can also burn extra calories. Isn’t this an incentive for fat girls ?! As you can see, sex is an excellent alternative to physical activity. Such a peculiar pleasant sport!

And now, having overcome doubts and insecurities, you and your partner found yourself on the bed of love. The question arises: what are the best sex positions for big girls to choose for convenience and receiving the highest pleasure? It is advisable to review and study in advance all those positions that you intend to use in the process of intercourse.

All these universal rules apply to overweight people. If you find it difficult or uncomfortable, it is recommended to make love in a relaxing environment, and before a responsible process, in advance, study plus size sex positions and several ways to achieve pleasure for people with non-standard parameters.

What to Consider When Choosing sex positions for overweight women?

To feel relaxed in bed, you don’t have to look like you took the Grand Prix in a tight-ass contest. Popular sex positions for heavy people, however, may not be as satisfying as they might be if they don’t take your body into account.

Completeness can have two complications. First, a large belly in one or both partners sometimes makes it difficult to penetrate. If you want intense frictions, you have to think carefully about the sex positions for big people.

Secondly, if the full partner is on top, it can be difficult for the one below. This problem is solved if you choose the sex positions for plus size where the second side does not carry the weight of the first. Partners in the body should be especially careful with the postures where the man holds them in his arms: however, you should consciously approach acrobatics with any weight.

Here is the list of sex positions for large women:

best sex positions for big girls


The pose of fat girl sex moves, where the man is behind, and the partner is on all fours, is especially good for obese women: in this case, the stomach will not interfere with comfortable penetration. In addition, in this position, it is convenient to additionally stimulate the clitoris.

If your bed is too soft, the receiving side may feel unstable with strong frictions. If this happens, try moving to the floor.

Pillows to help – sex positions for overweight couples

Soft props in the form of pillows of different shapes and sizes can make sex with appetizing ladies truly unforgettable. The options for using pillows are countless. You can use them in absolutely any position. During sex in the missionary position, you can put a pillow under your partner’s thighs, in doggy style – under her tummy, and when the woman turns into a rider, the pillow is placed under the man’s buttocks. With this simple technique, both partners achieve sweet ecstasy and open doors for themselves. into an amazing garden of sensual discoveries and unforgettable sensations. It would seem that an ordinary object is a pillow, but it is able to turn ordinary sex into an erotic adventure, the memory of which will haunt you for a long time in hot dreams.

Doubt about the hygiene of this method? Sex shops offer special sex pillows in bizarre shapes. The devices are made of durable, hygienic materials that can withstand significant loads. Velvet, corduroy, microfiber, and other materials pleasant to the body are used to decorate the devices. Be sure that such a product will become a piquant highlight and will add spice and charm to bed pleasures.

On the side

The woman lies on her side, the man is in the back. Since no one has to hold the weight of their partner in this, one of the sex positions for big women, you can enjoy each other for a long time. The girl can lift the leg bent at the knee – this will increase the depth of penetration. To enhance the experience, use different heights of pillows or toys under your pelvis.

In this position, it is also convenient to practice anal sex, since the partner is especially relaxed.

Improved missionary – the best sex positions for plus size women

It is better for a large partner not to lie on the partner: instead, try to support your weight by leaning on your hands, although this can be quite difficult.

It is much more comfortable to kneel in front of a woman’s thighs apart. You can also throw her legs over your shoulders. For convenience, place pillows under the girl’s buttocks.

Butterfly pose

A variation of the previous position, also one of the best sexual positions for big girls: the man stands in front of the bed, the woman lies on her back with her legs pointing up. It is important to move to the very edge of the bed. Legs can be kept straight or wrapped around your partner’s waist.

Backward Rider

The penis of overweight men can be partially hidden behind the belly. To open access to it, take a closer look at the positions where the woman is on top.

The rider pose is suitable for a girl of any weight since the partner herself can regulate the pace and depth of penetration. But the “Reverse Rider” is especially good – best sex position for big women in which she sits on a man’s hips, turning towards his feet. In this case, the abdomen will not interfere with frictions, moreover, it is especially convenient to stimulate the testicles and perineum of the partner.

Thigh Tide

This is already familiar to you “Backward Rider”, but with an important change: the man must bend one leg at the knee. A woman can wrap her hands around her partner’s thigh and rub her clitoris against him to bring her orgasm closer.


This one of the best sex positions for overweight people is especially good if one of the partners is ashamed of their body: it will not be possible to see each other properly. The girl faces the wall, the man penetrates her from behind: in this case, none of the lovers will have to hold the weight of the other. The stomach will not create additional interference either.

To make your sex hotter, try doing it in front of a wall mirror for deep eye contact. Just do not grab the glass with your hands: there is a risk of ripping it off the mountings.

More sexual positions for overweight couples:

sex positions for plus size

Dog on hind legs

A slightly more interesting variation of the doggy style. The woman is on all fours, her buttocks turned to the edge of the bed, the man stands behind on the floor. During frictions, the partner can rise slightly, changing the angle of inclination – this will provide a hotter sensation.

Inverted starfish

The woman is located next to the bed, puts the body on the bed, lifting her hips up. The man enters his partner, standing from behind. In this position, it is easier for the couple to maintain balance, since the area of ​​support increases.

Sex positions for plus size girls: Proper Use and Helpful Recommendations

The above options cannot be considered universal. Some people, even with extra pounds, have good endurance and flexibility, so they can make movements for a long time or often change positions. Others are in poor health and cardiovascular systems, so they should choose only the most comfortable options of great easy sex positions.

If you do not relax in bed, and only strain even more, then even the best curvy girl sex positions will not help you.

Accept your body

It should be understood that the real problem of overweight girls is not extra pounds, but low self-esteem. It is she who lies at the root of all problems related to personal life and sex.

Find “your” chubby sex positions

Finding the right sex position for appetizing “crumpets” is not as difficult as it seems. Do not hesitate to experiment in bed, even if the result is not yet 100% satisfactory for you, then the very process of finding a suitable position will take you a lot of pleasant minutes. You just need to feel free to share your feelings with your partner.

Overweight people have a sensitive and easily vulnerable psyche, which means that try to act for your partner not only as a first-class lover but also as a psychologist: do not forget to pay compliments, pay attention to positive aspects (for example, flexibility or relaxedness of a partner, good technique of movements, etc. Further).

sex positions for chubby women.

Do you have a question: How to ride a man when you’re overweight? You will find the answer in this article!

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