Shein Plus Size Bathing Suits: Choose Bikini or One Piece Swimwear

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shein curve swimwear

It’s no secret that Shein has pushed aside many of the big brands and has become popular with curvy shoppers. We have already discussed the features of this platform. Now let’s narrow the topic down a bit, for example, let’s talk about Shein plus size swimwear. They began to cooperate with many bloggers who try on different models of swimwear on live broadcasts or YouTube channels. Of course, you cannot rely on their opinion 100%. But if a blogger you have been following for a long time advises something, and you are sure that she does advertise not only for the sake of money, why not check it out yourself? They also do not hide the problem with the size. Therefore, below we will discuss with you the features of ordering Shein plus swimwear and consider the most popular models that you may like. Enjoy reading!

How to Choose a Shein Curve Swimwear?

shein plus swimwear

It is a fashion brand that sells its products directly to consumers. They make stylish and quality swimwear. You can buy multiple swimwear for the equivalent price of a swimsuit from more expensive stores. This is usually $ 10-20 for a swimsuit. If you like to hide your swimsuit until you enter the water, they also sell kimonos and blouses. Does Shein swimwear run small? Whenever you shop for clothes online, you need to work on their size. This is where the “sizing guide” comes in. Every swimsuit has a guide like this. When shopping on the site, you will notice that many models come in different colors, so you can definitely choose not only a swimsuit by size but also your favorite color. The platform provides two levels of transportation around the world – standard and express. For example, the standard is shipped to a US address in 6-8 days, and express is shipped within 2-4 days. In our last review, we mentioned that the return of swimwear is impossible, but as it turned out, this is only half true. This is theoretically possible. You need to contact support via the live chat on the site and initiate a return of Shein plus size swimsuits within 30 days. However, as the practice has shown, no one has succeeded in this yet. Therefore, when shopping for Shein plus size swimwear, please, stick to our review tips:

  • You can order on Amazon first and check for quality and fit without going through the platform’s direct return policy.
  • Read reviews not only on Shein but also on other platforms, for example, Amazon.

Shein Curve Swimwear Review

shein plus size bathing suits

We analyzed dozens of different Shein plus size bathing suits and their reviews and highlighted the 4 most popular models that you might like.

V-Wired Cherry Print Ruffle Trim One-Piece

You can and even should be sexy at any age and with any figure. All complexes are only in our heads, and if you love yourself, then it will be easier for others to notice your beauty (if this is important to you). How about a white one-piece swimsuit with a cherry pattern and a large neckline? It will accentuate your hips and breasts beautifully. In addition, you will feel comfortable in it. This is one of the budget Shein curve bathing suits that are perfect for relaxing by the pool or on the beach. If this is too dressy for you, then take another swimsuit. A real fashionista always has several of them, doesn’t she?

Floral Ruched Halter One-Piece

Let’s continue the topic of sexuality for curvy women. The next swimsuit model also has a V-neckline but in a more restrained color scheme. Floral pattern at the top and black high-waisted hem. Despite the fact that it is a Shein curve one-piece swimsuit, it looks like a two-piece one. It is made from a pleasant fabric that does not irritate. However, be sure to check reviews across multiple platforms for the correct size so that you don’t have a negative impression of it.

Plus Tropical Print Contrast Mesh Bikini

If you love yourself and your body and read that a curvy woman can wear what she likes, pay attention to Shein plus-size bikini tops. The bikini bottoms have a high rise, so if you have a tummy, they can hide it and accentuate your waist. Comfortable and soft ropes will definitely not untie while you swim in the ocean or pool. In fact, Shein has even more of just such models for plus size. This once again confirms that this platform does not focus on the figure and does not divide its clients into those who meet the standards and those who do not.

Plus Criss-Cross One-Piece

If you prefer black classics without prints, then this model has this color. It also tapers towards the waist, reducing the emphasis on the bottom and allowing you to focus on more beneficial areas. The nylon and spandex stretch fabric also makes you feel comfortable. The feature of this Shein XL bathing suit is the off-the-shoulder criss-cross style. It is a classic and elegant piece that reveals enough skin just to add a touch of sexiness. There is an interesting cut underneath the décolleté, so when you put it on, you will feel more mysterious. Is Shein swimwear a good choice for plus size? There are not many shops on the market where you can find such a large selection of swimwear for curvy women. Therefore, we advise you to take the risk and at least see what this store has to offer you. Which swimwear do you prefer, one-piece or bikini? Share in the comments!

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