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shein curve reviews

Shein is an Asian brand that offer super cute and cheap clothing and fashion accessories. The brand has a ton of products in different styles and sizes, offering worldwide shipping and very cheap pricing. Usually, people see the pricing on this website and ask themselves if that make sense, is shein curve legit? We also had the urge to check this out so we went over a tons of shein curve reviews, made our first order and came back to report.

Shein plus size clothing is available in sizes XL to 5X, but you need to pay attention to that. According to the reviews, everything is at least two sizes smaller than the typically large size. There, XL is equivalent to 12 yards instead of the usual 16 yards, and 5X is 22 yards instead of the expected 30–32 yards. However, is there really such a problem? We will definitely figure it out. The store offers more than 75,000 clothing options, from dresses and workwear to swimwear and underwear. This is a Chinese company, and it is not in the US. Therefore, we will also discuss with you the company’s policy – shipping, payment, and return.

Does Shein Have Plus Sizes?

This brand has a large assortment of clothing for curvy women. Many satisfied female customers describe their purchases as affordable and comfortable to wear. Also, their design is suitable for almost all styles of clothing. Plus, it’s never too late to try something new, is it? Most often they buy there:

We will definitely advise you on a few fashionable items, but that will be a little later.

Shein Plus Size Guide for Buyer

shein plus size clothing

This company proposes free shipping anywhere in the US for orders over $49, and free express shipping for orders over $150. However, please note that this is all coming from China, so it will still take some time like with AliExpress. They will not send you a return label, so there is no free return – you have to pay for the freight out of your pocket and then ship to China, so the cost is high and takes a long time. Basically, they make the return as difficult as possible, so be careful in your orders. According to reviews, the customer service is terrible – super slow and bad communication. One customer has been going around in circles trying to get an answer to her question about Shein plus size sizing. Also, if you order swimwear and earrings, you cannot return them.

Is Shein Plus Size True to Size?

In most cases, Shein plus sizes are small. We can say that they are elementary, but some models are difficult to integrate into them. The most important thing you can do is read the Shein plus size chart to choose the right size. It has such a chart for each item on its website. For example, if they say that the size of the object is tripled, the size chart would show 3 times the size of the waist and hips. But even due to this fact, there are still many complaints regarding this issue.

Is Shein Curve Legit

This is a completely legal business since you will definitely get the thing you paid for. However, the clothes are not suitable for everyone plus size because of the size. There were also many comments regarding the quality. This is more a matter of luck. You may end up with a mega-quality item or something that looks like toilet paper. There are also many blends of polyester and spandex available. However, don’t forget that this is a budget shopping platform. Therefore, you should not expect that every item you order will be made from 100% natural cotton, etc.

Shein Plus Size Women’s Clothing

shein curve plus

We figured it out with the Shein plus size sizing guide, but let’s look at specific models to understand if it’s worth the risk and place an order there.

Tulip-Hem Tee Dress

Mini to plus size is a cool option in any case. If you want to show off your figure, a mini dress from Shein. This is the product that fits the body best and smoothly. Plus, it’s suitable for summer casual get-togethers. Pair this trendy dress with a low heel and a cute handbag. Don’t forget to style it if you need it. There are many more shades to choose from, but dark gray is the best one.

Other features:

  • Unscratched
  • Fashionable clothes in casual style;
  • Use a simple drawing design;
  • Including round neck and regular short sleeves;
  • Slim-fit wrap dress;
  • Machine wash only;
  • Suitable for summer or holiday;
  • Comfortable, highly elastic polyester and spandex fabric;
  • Available in dark gray and other colors;
  • Budgetary.

Drawstring Front Asymmetrical Skirt

If you want a bold style, this skirt from Shein curve and plus is a must-have! The knee-length skirt takes your sexuality to the next level. The asymmetrical forefoot will undoubtedly accentuate your figure. In addition, the details on the ties have an additional effect on their shape. Made from pure polyester, which means it also goes a long way. Despite the simple construction, tops and high-heeled shoes are still popular. Make sure you pair it with a bracelet to make it stand out. No need to be shy, be a confident curvy woman

Other features:

  • Casual skirt style;
  • Medium stretch
  • Knee-length and asymmetrical design;
  • 100% Polyester;
  • The usual version without tulle;
  • Professional dry-cleaning required;
  • Includes drawstring to the sides.
  • Perfect summer fashion items;
  • Available in black and coffee brown.

Solid Zip Back Bandeau Denim Top

It is true that some Shein curve clothing can make anyone look like a queen. For example, this denim top is safe and fresh with a durable zip closure at the back. Likewise, it features a tailored length and twisted design. Don’t forget to wear a cute skirt or high-heeled pants to complete the look. However, you still need to check the sizing chart to determine your size before purchasing.

Other features:

  • Sexy top style;
  • Cutting length
  • Regular fit, no perspective;
  • Including pullover placket, zipper, and asymmetry;
  • Made from denim;
  • Mid-stretch neckline without shoulders;
  • Machine wash, avoid dry cleaning;
  • Very suitable for parties and other interesting events;
  • Budgetary.

Glam Split Thigh Sleeveless Maxi Dress

Is the Shein curve good in different variations? It is definitely good in its charming dresses. Solid Maxi Dress is produced with high quality, this staple food ensures that these curves are not wasted. This slim-fit black dress has a cut-out shoulder and high slits that are eye-catching. Since this is an extra-long style, and you can wear high heels. So this is a clear sign to buy this black dress for you.

Other features:

  • Skirt with suspenders in a charming style;
  • Maximum length;
  • A minor sprain in the neck;
  • Made from spandex and polyester;
  • Including split hips and common patterns;
  • Machine wash and dry-clean only;
  • Available in black;
  • Summer dress;
  • The standard version, high waistline, and cut along the bottom;
  • Budgetary.

Is Shein Plus Size Good to Buy or Not?

Despite the rather varied experiences of many buyers, we still encourage you to try their clothes. After all, the majority of buyers remained of the same opinion, even after a couple of unsuccessful purchases. Make a small order first. Please note that the size and quality may differ from each other, therefore, this point is also worth considering. Most of all, in this matter, the comments under the product can help you. Have you already ordered something from Shein curve plus, share your experience in the comments? And we will continue with you to consider the products of this Chinese store further, but already in our next articles. So be sure to check out the blog updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

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