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slimming outfits for plus size

Plus size women often need to look much harder and much longer for clothing pieces and outfits that will fit them nicely. We sometimes want to look slimmer and without our stomach rolls being portrayed along with our outfits.

However, since plus size sizing has only been introduced in recent years, finding slimming outfits for plus size women is still a little bit limited. Of course, we aren’t ashamed of our weight or how we look, in fact as plus size women, we are proud and confident with our bodies and how we look, as we should be. Sometimes, though, in certain outfits, we want to look a little bit slimmer than usual. Just like sometimes thinner women dress bulkier to look a little bit bigger so the outfit looks fantastic, we want to find slimming styles for plus size women.

There are tons of styles and slimming clothes for plus size women, it is just about finding the style that is best suited to you and finding the store or brand that offers the most plus sizes. Certain plus size clothes that make you look thinner usually come in the color black, which we will definitely go more into. Depending on your style, we have quite a few plus size slimming outfits in mind that are sure to look absolutely amazing on you.

Whether you are choosing plus size clothes that make you look thinner by the color or style, you will end up with something that you are happy with. Once you find that one style or color that you are happy with and you feel like it puts together the best plus size slimming outfits, then it is smooth sailing from there.

After you develop the style or color that you like, it will be easier for you to shop because you will know what you are looking for, rather than going in with a fresh pair of eyes with no idea on what to get. Let’s take a look at dresses for fat people to look slim, we love slimming plus size dresses. Additionally, let’s get a better idea of plus size dressing to look thinner! 

The darker the color, the more of a slimming effect it will have

If you have ever wanted to find a dress for a fat girl to look slim, then always look at darker colors. When in search of the perfect outfit that will make you look slimmer and give your waist a slim look, then you need to look at darker colors. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear bright colors because of course, you can.

However, when you want to look slimmer, you want to go for darker colors because they don’t pop out or emphasize your belly fat, whereas lighter colors do. Have you ever noticed that when you wear a black dress or a black outfit, you look much slimmer? That is because your fat and your body rolls are not emphasized as much.

Think of darker colors as camouflage for your body fat. When you want your body fat to blend in and not pop out as much, use darker colors. We love to go for black clothing pieces because not only does it give us a slimming effect, but it matches with anything and everything. 

You can never go wrong with some shapewear

Investing in a pair of shapewear, especially as plus size women, is a definite must. Shapewear has saved us too many times and we just know it will do the same for you if you are looking for a slimming effect.

With shapewear, you are able to get it tighter to give you an hourglass figure, or just tight enough to wear it slims you down just a bit. The right shapewear will tighten everything together firmly and be comfortable enough for you so that you don’t feel like you can’t breathe. 

Longer cardigans and blazers over short blazers and sweaters

slimming plus size dresses

We all love a good cardigan or blazer, especially if we are working or just heading out. However, as plus size women who want to look slimmer, we need to look at longer blazers and cardigans rather than short ones that stop right under your breasts or mid waist.

Longer cardigans will give off a more slim look, whereas shorter ones will emphasize your upper body, making you look bigger. We definitely love cardigans and we love fashion jackets, but make sure you take a look at some that reach at least mid butt. 

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