Sweaty Breasts: Reasons For Sweating Under Breast And Tips For The Treatment Of Cleavage Sweat

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Underboob Rash

The heat combined with tight underwear can provoke the appearance of an underboob rash on summer days. This unpleasant phenomenon is accompanied by redness of the skin, itching, and burning under the breast. You cannot think that the diaper rash will pass by itself because its progression can lead to inflammation of the mammary glands.

Sweating under the breast is a disease caused by the effect of sweat on the human skin. The prerequisites for the appearance of sweating are increased sweating in combination with clothing, which prevents the skin from airing and sweat evaporation. Especially prone to the development of sweating areas of the body with natural skin folds, including the mammary glands.

The Three Main Types of Rash due to Under Boob Sweat

  • Crystal. It has the appearance of a pearlescent rash with a size of 1-2 mm. There is no inflammatory reaction, and it does not itch. Such a rash passes independently after 3-5 days with the control of sweating and compliance with hygiene rules.
  • Red. It has the appearance of inflamed red nodules and bubbles. They are prone to fusion, inflammation, and infection. Red sweating can be accompanied by itching and serous discharge from the skin folds. It is treated with medication for 1-2 weeks.
  • Deep. Against the background of severe local redness and rashes, skin erosion and ulcers appear, which are prone to suppuration. Treatment is medical, often with the use of antibiotics.

Under boob, sweat is a harmless disease if it is treated in time. If therapy is neglected, bacterial eczema may develop, requiring long-term treatment.

How To Stop Boob Sweat?

How To Stop Boob Sweat?

To get rid of light sweating under the breasts, it is enough to take a shower 2-3 times a day. After active sweating, it is advisable to wash additionally. Baths with decoction of a series, oak bark, and chamomile are recommended. After a shower, you can dry the skin with boob sweat powder or Bepanthen cream. To prevent the infectious process, the area under the breast should be treated with solutions of chlorophyll or potassium permanganate. In case of severe itching, additional antihistamines or hormonal ointments are prescribed. If the inflammation spreads to a large area, it is also possible to use anti-allergic medicine internally. You can always cure sweating with adequate therapy, the main thing is not to self-medicate with pronounced forms of this disease.

Why Do I Sweat Under My Breasts?

The causes of cleavage sweat are quite diverse, so before treating this inflammatory disease, you need to familiarize yourself with them. Only an accurate determination of the specific prerequisites for the occurrence of diaper rash will help to prescribe effective treatment. Predisposing factors may be:

  • obesity;
  • large breast size;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • allergic reactions;
  • tight synthetic underwear;
  • reduced immunity;
  • non-compliance with personal hygiene;
  • skin infection;
  • diseases that cause excessive sweating, especially at night;
  • excessive sweating;

Also, one of the reasons for adult women may be sweating under breasts menopause. The above reasons can lead to sweaty breasts alone or in any combination.

The First Symptom of the Disease Is Skin Inflammation, Which Is Divided into Three Degrees:

  • Easy degree. It is characterized by a slight redness of the skin under the breast, accompanied by a slight itching.
  • Moderate severity. Additionally, there is a pronounced redness, rashes, the local temperature rises, and erosion can be determined.
  • Severe degree. It is accompanied by severe redness, numerous skin injuries, a transition to the area between the breasts, the exudate that is released smells bad. Severe itching can turn into pain when moving.
  • The progression of diaper rash can be rapid. When an infection is attached, more than one symptom of the disease can appear after 3-4 hours.

How to Remove Perspiration Under Breasts?

It is necessary to treat under boob sweat in a complex way using hygienic procedures, medicines, and folk methods. Any therapeutic scheme should be agreed upon with the doctor, so as not to overdo it with the number of procedures.

Hygiene procedures

  • Regular (2-3 times a day) taking a shower or bath with herbal decoctions of oak, turn, or chamomile. Irritation on the skin after taking a shower can be removed by using a hairdryer in cold mode
  • Put a well-ironed cotton cloth or gauze between the chest and the body to reduce friction. It should be changed every day.
  • During the treatment, it is necessary to choose a bra without hard and synthetic parts. Its material must freely pass air. 4. Exclude physical activity, accompanied by profuse sweating.
  • Do not abuse washing the problem area, because it dries the skin and prevents its regeneration.

What Can I Put Under My Breast For Sweating?

  • In the treatment of excessive sweating under breasts, a number of ointments are used, each of which is used in special cases. Before applying the drugs, it is recommended to treat the skin with antiseptics: a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • If there is sweating under the breast then drying ointments are used. They contain zinc, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components, which simultaneously with drying have an additional therapeutic effect. They are used mainly at the beginning of therapy.
  • In the presence of infected ulcers, erosion, and cracks, local ointments with antibiotics are prescribed: Levomekol, Sintomycin and others. Their use is more effective when
  • After eliminating the active manifestations of the infection, the skin is treated with ointments with a regenerative effect: Panthenol, Bepanthen, and others. Their use is combined with ongoing hygiene procedures that are carried out until the signs of the disease completely disappear.
  • At the final stage of treatment, the skin under the mammary glands can be smeared with baby diaper rash cream or regenerating ointment for 1-2 weeks. This helps the skin to restore its protective functions and remove the likelihood of a relapse of the disease in the short term.
  • Treatment of diaper rash with folk remedies is justified only if classical methods of drug therapy are unavailable.
  • The use of antibacterial ointments should be limited in time: after the disappearance of signs of infection, their use can be stopped.

How To Stop Sweating Under Breasts?

  • Wear comfortable “breathable” underwear without rigid elements.
  • Use antiperspirant under breasts when sweating profusely.
  • Take a shower 2 times a day.
  • Carefully wipe the folds under the breast after bathing.
  • Change your underwear after sweating profusely.

We believe that underboob rash is a problem for many overweight people. If treatment is started in a timely manner and the doctor’s recommendations are followed, the prognosis for diaper rash of the skin under the breast is favorable. The main preventive measure is compliance with hygiene standards. Women need to take a shower every day, wear underwear made of natural fabrics and use antiperspirants if they are prone to sweating.

Places of diaper rash should not be powdered with starch-based products, so as not to provoke a fungal infection. You also need to treat concomitant diseases, follow a diet for diabetes and choose the right main treatment. These simple tips will help make diaper rash under the breasts unlikely in overweight women. If the disease still occurs and progresses, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

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