Some of the best sustainable eco friendly plus size clothing that are amazing to try!

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sustainable ethical plus size clothing

We live on a planet that needs our care and effort. There is a lot that goes on that harms our planet in the worst ways. There is an overuse of plastic that ends up getting littered and hurting the planet, there are a ton of fossil fuels let out that also cause harm to our planet. It is up to us and our decisions on how we can take a step in the right direction.

We don’t necessarily need to go out and make huge changes and take over the world in order to help the environment, but there are little changes in our everyday lives that can be made and show a huge positive impact. For example, rather than using plastic straws, we can switch over to reusable metal or glass straws, instead of using plastic bags at the grocery store, we can choose to go the reusable route again or choose the paper bag option.

Another small change we can make in our day to day lives that will make a great impact is switching over to sustainable plus size clothing. Choosing eco friendly plus size clothing will definitely help the earth positively. There are tons of options of plus size ethical clothing, it’s all about exploring the different options and seeing with ones you like best. Let’s go ahead and dive into the world of plus size sustainable fashion.

Hackwith Design House

plus size ethical clothing

This amazing sustainable eco friendly plus size clothing brand is a top favorite. The pieces are Made in the USA and they are gorgeous go-to items. The clothing pieces you can find here are classy and timeless but also trendy. Shopping with this brand gives you the best of both worlds. You have today’s trendy pieces and you have those timeless pieces that stay in trend always. The brand is decently priced, not too pricey but not cheap either. The best part about it is that it is very size-inclusive, having sizes that go up to a 4XL.

Eileen Fisher

plus size sustainable fashion

Another one of our favorite ethical plus size clothing brands is Eileen Fisher. The brand is amazing ethically, using sustainable materials and practices. It is a great ethical natural plus size clothing brand as well as an organic clothing brand. Although this brand can be a little bit pricier, we think it is totally worth it. The sizing with this brand is very inclusive, going up to sizes 3X.


ethical natural plus size clothing

REI is a great sustainable ethical plus size clothing brand. They are very well known for the apparel they have for adventures, but they also do have everyday wear. Their sizing has really expanded over the years, becoming more and more size-inclusive. They have sizes that go up to 3X! Anything sold on REI meets at least the minimum ethical and sustainable standards. Their products may not all be made of recycled materials, but they are still made in an ethical way that should meet certain standards.

The ethical, natural plus size clothing brand options are endless. There are so many different brands that have switched over to being more sustainable and eco friendly because every little change counts. Although some certain brands may seem a little bit pricier when organically and naturally made, it is totally worth it in the long run.

One question that usually crosses everyone’s mind when organic clothing is brought up is, “Are the clothes going to be fashionable?” The answer is yes! There are clothing brands out there that you might shop at currently, that you might not even guess are organic. The clothing pieces are still made trendy and stylish, there is no change there.

The only change is eco-friendly clothing is the materials used to make it and the process of making it, not how they look. If we want to see a positive change on our planet, then it is time to start making little changes in our lives to better our earth. It may seem as though one person changing their habits won’t do much, but it definitely will. Slowly, in time, many people will begin to change their daily habits as well, taking more steps in a better direction.

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