Plus Size Tattoo – What Will Happen To A Tattoo If You Lose Weight Or Get Better Dramatically?

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Our bodies change, and that is normal. Our tattoos change along with them. In this article, we will analyze the facts and myths about what happens to tattoos when you lose weight, weight gain, and other body changes.

Fat Girl Tattoo Placement

  1. How important is it for you that the drawing is visible to others? Before you choose a place, think about how important it is for you to make the tattoo visible
  2. Whether the tattoo on this place will be distorted when walking, active movements.
  3. Think carefully about how your work of art will look on the beach, in open summer clothes, at a workout.
  4. The presence of moles, stretch marks, and scars on this part of the body.
  5. Be sure to consult your doctor if there are moles, scars, or any skin damage on the selected area of the body. It is best to choose a place where the skin is clean, without defects.
  6. Features of the tattoo itself: style, color, size, value.

The choice of a place for a tattoo depends on the features of the sketch. A plus size tattoo will not fit on the neck or hand, and a very small one will be lost in the vastness of the back.

Tattoos Before And After Weight Loss

fat tattoos

Tattoos for Weight Gain

Perhaps «well-wishers» have already warned you: “You will get a little better, and the tattoo will float.” Is it true? In fact, for the pattern on the skin to change, the weight gain should be 20-40% of the original body weight. That is, if you weighed 60 kg and gained from 12 to 30, then you will notice a change. The picture will lighten slightly due to the tension of the skin, become slightly larger, and the proportions may change. However, thick girls with tattoos are calm about these deformities and do not believe that the image has become worse.

Tattoo After Weight Loss

If you got a tattoo and then lost a lot of weight, the pattern on the skin may shrink a little. It will become a few millimeters smaller in diameter, possibly change the appearance, the details will be less noticeable and there will be sagging tattoo photos. However, to do this, the difference between the original and current weight must be at least 20%.

Fat Girl Tattoo Placement

If the question of losing weight is the only reason why you still postpone the session, then now we will tell you about those places on our body that are not subject to stretch marks and deformities.

The neck, shoulder blades, wrist, collarbone, ankle, forearm, and shoulder are ideal places to place a sketch, even if you suddenly get fat or lose weight. Fat girls with tattoos are worth giving up on choosing a place to get tattoos on fat arms, on your stomach, chest, and buttocks. Age-related changes and childbirth can affect the elasticity of the skin and plus-size tattooed women.

Time Frame

Slow weight loss will reduce the tattoo change. Rapid weight loss or gain is more likely to distort the tattoo pattern than slow weight gain or loss and may be more likely to cause stretch marks or sagging skin. If you want to protect your tattoo while dieting, choose a healthy and gentle weight loss, rather than a radical trendy diet or weight loss surgery.


If your tattoo has become significantly deformed due to weight loss, you may find that an experienced tattoo artist can repair or hide the pattern, or you may consider laser tattoo removal to remove an unattractive tattoo. Consider your new tattoo an unforgettable way to celebrate and celebrate your dieting progress, if you still decide to have your artist improve a distorted or stretched drawing.

A Few More Recommendations

plus size tattoos

If you are an active visitor to the gym, then during the recovery of the skin after the session, we recommend that you give up intensive training for the first 10-15 days. Remember that the sweat produced by the body during sports is one of the main enemies of the new fat tattoos. The healing process directly depends on the further life of the tattoo.

To protect yourself from unpleasant changes in fat lady tattoos, choose small sketches and place them on closed areas of the body. In addition, remember that in the case of deformity, the tattoo can always be corrected or redone; the main thing is to regularly take care of it and visit a proven tattoo salon.

Tattoos And Muscle Gain

There is an opinion that if you swing intensively in the gym, then tattooing fatty areas will stretch and become ugly. In fact, when the biceps grow, the skin of the armpit area is stretched. Tattoos are very painful to do there, so few people have tattooed armpits. Tattoos on the shoulders and back with successful attempts to gain weight practically do not change.

Tattoos to cover cellulite

Some women decide to do tattoo to cover cellulite. However, this will only focus on the problem area, and the image itself will be bumpy and uneven. A tattoo can be a way out of the situation if the cellulite is small, but in such a situation, it is easier to remove it than to hide it.

Tattoos On The Place Stretch Marks

We have already talked about the fact that with the help of a tattoo, you can hide stretch marks on your stomach after pregnancy. However, these stretch marks appear not only in young mothers but also during rapid puberty in teenage girls, when the body is rapidly rounded. In addition, stretch marks can occur already in fat women with tattoos. If you want to see something beautiful on your stomach instead of stretch marks, you will get an overlap in the tattoo parlor.

If you are plus-size women with tattoos, then pay attention to two important factors: design and location. The least noticeable changes are in complex drawings with smooth lines and many details. Flowers and leaves, sea waves, fantasy drawings and similar subjects are out of the risk zone. However, the portraits of people, geometric patterns and inscriptions change more noticeably

Stretching is also very important. On the body, there are areas in which, due to the peculiarities of human anatomy, fat deposits are more often formed. It is here that the volumes change most intensively and therefore the skin. These are the thighs, abdomen, inner side of the shoulders, buttocks, in the women-the chest. In addition, in areas such as the shoulder blades, ankles, shins, wrists, forearms, and neck, the fat layer is always thinner, so plus size tattoos in such places are not afraid of weight fluctuations.

What Place Should Not Be Tattooed And Why

fat girls with tattoos

Pay attention to the areas on the body, do not be plus size girls with tattoos:

  1. Palms, elbows, feet, knees – when moving, they will be distorted, and will not last as long as we would like – the drawing will quickly lose brightness and clarity.
  2. Face, head, palms, and fingers-the work in these places cannot be hidden, so it is important to make sure that your relatives and superiors will react to it calmly enough.
  3. Intimate places, breasts in women are very delicate and sensitive areas, it is better not to do tattoos here at all.
  4. Ribs, joints, and knuckles – all places where there is little fat and as close to the bone skin as possible. Here, getting a tattoo will be extremely painful, especially for a person with a low pain threshold.
  5. In places where you have moles, any damage to the skin (you can mask the scars, but with caution and after consulting a doctor).

Tattoo on the Stomach after Pregnancy and Childbirth

Many girls are afraid to do plus-size tattoos on their stomach because they worry whether the appearance of the drawings will be the same before and after pregnancy. Indeed, while a woman is carrying a baby, the skin on her stomach together with fan tattoos stretches quite quickly and strongly, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy. However, after giving birth, the stomach gradually takes on its original appearance, especially if the skin is firm and elastic, and the young mother leads a healthy lifestyle.

Another risk factor is stretch marks. These defects form on the skin because of its stretching too quickly. At first, they have a purple hue, and then lighten. They do not appear at all. As a rule, it affects genetics and the smoothness of weight gain. If the weight increased in spurts, and your mother and grandmother had stretch marks, then your chances of acquiring them increase. They usually appear on the arms, lower abdomen, and sides.

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