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People always criticize the fashion industry for the lack of diversity on the catwalks. Many fashion houses still use only skinny models, so the new Versace show has become historic.

The Italian fashion house held its first fashion show with the participation of plus-size runway models – Jill Kortleve, Alva Claire, and Precious Lee.

Jill Kortlev, who starred in Zara lookbooks and for the cover of Vogue, came out in a cropped striped Versace top and a black skirt with a slit at the hip. Precious Lee, the first black plus-size model whose pictures appeared in Vogue, presented a short Donatella Versace vogue dress, assembled from headscarves. Savage x Fenty contestant Alva Claire stepped out in a long yellow ruffled sundress.

Donatelli Versace said that the outfits created last season no longer make any sense now. The world has changed, as has fashion. However, that doesn’t mean she’ll suddenly start creating tracksuits and home clothing, because that’s not the brand’s DNA. The designer rethinks the Versace corporate identity and presents it to the client in a new, modern way.

The First Plus-Size Model

plus size versace model

The first woman who was a plus-size model defiled 1990. The most famous of them was Sophie Dahl. Sophie Dahl, a real English rose, a white-skinned beauty with huge eyes, became famous at the age of eighteen under the patronage of Isabella Blow. Designers exploited Sophie’s romantic appearance, sometimes giving her a frighteningly doll-like charm, sometimes turning her into a femme fatale. However, Sophie’s modeling career did not last long – she chose to work as a writer.

The first plus-size model in the 43-year history of the Versace house was Precious Lee, who also became the main face of the brand’s advertising campaign with other Versace models Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. The girl became the first dark-skinned model of smooth forms, who conquered the catwalk. In the maze of Versace, Precious Lee appeared in two images: an urban outfit of a skirt and parka, and a semi-transparent dress, gracefully maneuvering on impressive platforms. The model calls her personal style eclectic and close to grunge, actively promoting her image. At the same time, from her youth, she actively fought for racial equality and justice.

Curvy Runway Models

Jill Kortlev is a 27-year-old plusappea-size who was born in the Netherlands and one of the main stars of the fashion industry in recent years. Jill dreamed of becoming a model and lost a lot of weight to fit into the canonical standards, but at the junction of 2017 and 2018, she said goodbye to the aspirations for standards, and then success came to her. In October 2018, Kortlev stepped out on her first big runway for British designer Alexander McQueen. The band signed an exclusive contract with her for several seasons, after which Kortlev’s career rapidly took off.

28-year-old Alva Claire went down in history as one of the three models “with shapes”, having visited the plus-size runway show Versace for the first time. Claire was born in London. The spring-summer 2021 season has become a runway for her. Alva Claire went down in history as one of the three models “with shapes”, having visited the plus-size runway show Versace for the first time.

Plus-Size Model on Vogue

Robin Loli became the first plus-size model to appear on the pages of Australian Vogue, the cover of Sports Illustrated, along with her colleagues Tara Lynn – one of the most famous plus-size models of the modern generation – and Candice Huffin-an American plus-size model who achieved popularity thanks to a photoshoot for V Magazine.

Italian Plus-Size Model

Many people know that in the world of fashion, fashion models are gaining popularity, including due to their characteristic ethnic and national traits. Savannah Sievers – plus-size Italian model has a curvy shape, a charming smile, an original appearance, and extraordinary popularity on the Internet. The popularity of Savannah Sievers was not accidental. The main top marker of her stylistic success was contracted with two well-known “lush” brands, such as “Fashion Nova Curve “and “Swimwear”.

Women Talking about Size

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Avdotya Alexandrova, the founder of the Lumpen-modeling agency, says that all plus-size models that are well known have defined cheekbones, canonically beautiful, and classically sexy facial features, so the parameters are not always important.

“History,” Precious Lee wrote on Instagram after the Versace show. In addition, without exaggeration — Precious became the first plus-size model in history, which walked the catwalk of the Italian brand. She was joined by plus-size models catwalk Jill Kortlev and Alva Claire, and the trio instantly turned Versace into one of the most talked-about brands of Milan Fashion Week. It is also worth noting what the models defiled in Jill – in a top and a tight skirt with a cutout at the hip, Lee – in a mini-dress with a corset top and a tight bra, and Claire – in almost the same dress, but ankle-length. That rare case when plus-size models of vogue were dressed absolutely the same as girls of much more “traditional” appearance for the industry.

The models themselves also speak out about the hypocritical “talk plus” in the fashion industry regarding non-standard sizes. Jill Kortlev says that self-love is very important when it comes to working in the fashion industry. The model is confident that size, pigmentation, or gender should not be the primary or any other factor determining whether the model is suitable for the job.

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