What Is the Weight Limit for Skydiving & Why Does It Exist: Common Reasons

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is there a weight limit for skydiving

The weight limit for skydiving is frustrating. And when people see such a limit, they often have a misconception. They believe that these restrictions are unfounded, unfair and based on temporary biases. However, is there a weight limit for skydiving as an act of discrimination? Of course, not. It exists only for safety reasons, and this is by no means accidental. In fact, this restriction hurts a lot of people because they hope that everyone can jump with a parachute and experience the wonders of the huge blue sky. We don’t want any factors to get in the way of plus size skydiving. Unfortunately, this is a tough law that we cannot effectively control. So let’s find out what you need to know and understand about skydive and its weight limit.

Skydiving: Reasons of Weight Limit

Any sport has its own rules and restrictions, but often people do not understand the reason for this or that decision, and believe that this is just discrimination. Fat guy skydiving is quite possible, but there is a limit to some key issues, and we will explain why you may be denied skydiving.

Anti Gravity

weight requirement for skydiving

All items in aviation have a weight range. Take for example the plane. You might know that being overweight would prevent the plane from taking off. Similarly, landing an aircraft that is too heavy also carries a number of dangers. To prevent injury or tragedy, any aircraft should not enter the runway if it exceeds the established weight range. The same goes for weight restrictions for skydiving. Exceeding the specified weight range of the parachute can lead to harmful rapid deployment, breakage of the parachute cable and abnormal landing. To carry more weight, you need a larger parachute, the extra weight of which increases the total weight of the system. For this reason, the parachute can only reach a certain max weight for skydiving.

Seat Belt

When setting a parachute weight limit, its range is only part of the equation. There are also seat belts, which allow you to be securely fastened to the trainer and parachute, and can only be adjusted to a certain point. After that, the seat belt became difficult and uncomfortable to wear, it was tight enough under the free fall and under the awning to interrupt blood circulation. The simple story is this: if you come up with a weight requirement for skydiving, this is not the best time to ignore it. If it is more inconvenient and dangerous. Your parachute jump would end faster, the opening force would be more uncomfortable, and the landing would almost certainly lead to injury. This is certainly not what you want.

A Danger for Instructor

Each company cares about the safety and well-being of their instructors. It is almost impossible for fat skydivers to make healthy jumps and soft landings. You should not put them in danger because they believe that support and security are the main priorities.

Different Weight Limits on Skydiving

Different companies have different weight limits to skydive. Most landing zones in the United States severely limit the weight under 220 pounds. There has been an estimate for women weighing over 200 pounds and men over 220 pounds, but some can serve clients up to 250 pounds, depending on availability. For safety reasons, skydivers should be commensurate with their height and weight, and be able to bend, kneel, and lift their legs from a sitting position, which sometimes requires on-site assessment.

Skydiving for Heavy People: Reviews from Both Sides

weight limits on skydiving

It is important to read some other opinions that can help you to make a decision. When you consider someone’s experience, it may help you to avoid their mistakes.

How was Skydiving with a Curvy Guy?

If you are at a healthy weight, you will be more comfortable jumping. When the parachute opens, you will sit in the seat belt, if you are too heavy, you will slip a little into the seat belt. One guy has twin students who complain that their legs are uncomfortable after opening the parachute. And he lets them get to their feet and tries to move the lower part of the harness slightly to make them sit more on a swing, but it looks like they are still uncomfortable. Before we landed, there was nothing that they could do to make them do it, and it took almost 4 minutes. Also, to land so that no one gets hurt, they were steered while landing because it is safer than trying to get up and land with two people hitting together and at forwarding speed. Depending on the wind speed, the standing may result in injury. So both the student and the coach must raise their legs to land. If students lack core strength, and their legs are too heavy to lift the muscles, they can hurt themselves or the coach. By such an answer, the instructor wanted to clarify the risks, so others can make a decision. So bungee jumping weight requirements are really important for safe operation.

Where Is a Better Place for Skydiving?

Perhaps you can make an AFF if you have extra pounds. For example, Florida has significant landing areas and may have jumping equipment. These are practice jumps, you are not tied to a trainer – you are doing a real parachute jump and the trainer would help you correct your posture, but in the end, your job is to turn the canopy and land. This is especially influential for you, because if you lose your coach, they may not catch you again pretty quickly, so you need to be confident in your performance under these conditions. You might also consider flying to a skydiving room in Orlando. Again, you are on the verge of the maximum weight for skydiving, but if you talk to them, they might let you fly. This exercise is the main incentive for weight loss. After one woman started skydiving, she lost about 30 pounds just because jumping with her weight was painful at the time. But in any case, please, take an interest in several drop zones near the place where you intend to arrive, they may help you. We don’t recommend you try this kind of activity in your diet because there are too many other risks.

To Be Better for Skydiving

There are various factors that would affect how much fat you’re for a jump. First, the tandem system has a total weight limit, and the most are 500 pounds. That’s the weight of the rig, 50-60 pounds. Plus the weight of the TI and its equipment. The rest is the maximum weight of the student. One instructor has a student who has lost a lot of weight and wants to celebrate skydiving. She was slightly below the maximum configuration, so he helped her choose. They connected and rushed to the door with force. He asked her to raise her leg to prepare for the landing. She just reluctantly walked through, so she agreed to pick her up. However, as soon as she felt that she had to go through tandem skydiving and felt the physical challenge, she changed her mind that she needs to get better before she jumps. Tandem opened up the skydiving experience for people who couldn’t skydive before. But this is still a psychological and physical problem. And also you should consider a skydive height limit, which is 5 feet 2 inches.


weight limit to skydive

Skydiving is dangerous and can lead to serious fractures and even death, so if you dream of trying “flying” you need to carefully study all the possible risks. Companies that provide such services are responsible for your life and the lives of their employees. So if you think that they are discriminating against you because of your weight, this is not at all the case. Skydiving is not a trampoline, and everything is much more serious. By the way, it’s a great idea to try your hand at the trampoline first – don’t get dizzy while jumping, etc. Just Google “trampoline 400 lb weight limit”, and try this option. Above, we described for you the reasons why you may be denied and a few reviews from instructors and those who have already jumped. We would like to once again draw your attention to the fact that all of them indicate the potential risks that the participants could face, so this is not a myth, but a reality. In addition, we would advise a mandatory examination before such an adventure, because if you are suitable for jumping in weight and height, you may have other contraindications. Do not think that the risk exists only in obese people. There were thousands of cases when, due to an unsuccessful landing, people broke their legs, but you must admit that such a possibility can be avoided, but there is definitely no chance to avoid broken belts due to weight. So, what is the weight limit for skydiving? That’s no more than 220 pounds!

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