Welcome Torrid’s “More the Merrier” Team: Brand New Campaign

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Torrid Launched the First-Ever Virtual Casting Call

Torrid launched a new holiday campaign on October, 26. Its name is “More the Merrier,” highlighting the 10 champs of the company’s first-ever virtual casting call. Who are the winners?

Say Hello to #TeamTorrid

  • Barb, a talented advocate from Pennsylvania whose main field is disability rights;
  • Brittany, cute nursing student from Jamaica;
  • Anushree, a Californian aerospace engineer;
  • Angelina, a brilliant teacher, also from California;
  • Mariah, a well-known graphic designer, and photographer, based in New York and others.

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“More the Merrier” is the idea that became real after a long period of preparation, starting from May. The brand encouraged its loyal customers to send photos as well as videos for the casting call. The winners we can see now. But how many submissions were done? Over 8000! After the round of selections and hard decisions, 30 semi-finalists were left. The final choice was taken by Torrid’s customer base.

Winners received training tips from comedian and actress, Nicole Byer, and an exciting trip to Los Angeles for the photoshoot in August.

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