Bra Sizes For Plus Size: Tips For Choosing And The Best Plus Size Bra Models

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Bra Sizes For Plus Size

If you have plus-size breasts, and you are tired of wearing ordinary sports bras, then beautiful bras of large sizes are your right choice. They are seamless, unlined, and provide good coverage. Now we find out what is a plus size bra and how to choose the right sconce for you.

What Is a Full-figure Bra?

Traditionally, it is considered that plus size bra measurements are DD or more. This is an established opinion in the underwear industry — that is why many underwear lines end at the D cup, and manufacturers who position themselves as manufacturers of “underwear for big breasts” most often start their lines from the K cup.

What’s Considered Plus Size?

Most manufacturers and stores went with a band size of 40 or above, being plus-sized regardless of cup size. A 40A was as much a plus-size as a 56J. And those with smaller band sizes and larger cups sizes, such as a 30dd breast, were considered “full-figured”. The “average” sizes ranged in bands from 32-38 and cups of A-D.

What Is a Full-figure Bra?

What Is a Full-figure Bra?

Plus Size Breasts

If you have a plus-size breast, then you need bras for heavy set women with a cup of D or more.

Plus Size Body

Bras for such women have a belt with a volume of 80 or more and a cup of D or more.

How to Measure Plus Size Breasts

  • Wrap the measuring tape around your back and measure your chest at the fullest point. Write down this measurement.
  • If you are worried about your posture (perhaps you are slouching), try leaning forward at the hips at an angle of 90 degrees or until your body forms an L-shape. Then measure your bust from this position.
  • Do not tighten the tape tightly, as you did with the strip measurement.
  • Round to the nearest integer if your measurement is a fraction.

How to Measure For a Bra Plus Size

How to Measure For a Bra Plus Size

Put On a Comfortable Bra for Measurements

Choose the bra that you feel most comfortable. It should sit tight and not crash into the sides. Next, adjust the cups so that the nipples stand straight.

Measure the Girth under the Chest

Take a soft measuring tape and stretch it around the chest in the place where the bra bones are located. Write down the measurements in centimeters.

Use the mirror to adjust the position of the tape. If the measuring tape passes at an angle, you will get the wrong value. The tape should not be too tight or loose. The girth under the chest is usually indicated by even numbers, so, taking into account your feelings, round the figure in the right direction.

Learn Plus Size Bra Size

Study the detailed fit guides that recommend bras for many different breast shapes and types. If you do not know how to determine the size of a bra cup by letters, then you need to subtract the girth under the breast from the chest circumference. Do not forget to check your parameters with the size tables of specific manufacturers, as they may differ slightly.

How to Choose a Plus-sized Bra?

How To Choose A Plus-sized Bra?

Choose a Comfortable, Well-Fitting, Unlined Bra

Choose the bra that you feel most comfortable in-it should be cozy, but not dig into your chest and back.

Get to know your breasts better

The size and shape of your breasts can affect the size of your bra and affect which style is most suitable for your body. Breasts and bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Instead of worrying that your breasts do not look like a Victoria’s Secret model, focus on dressing for your body and finding what looks best on you.

Consider the Function of the Bra You Are Buying

A seamless bra for overweight women can be a great everyday bra to wear under a T-shirt or with other tight-fitting clothing, as it will be almost invisible under it.

How to Choose A Plus-size Sports Bra?

How to Choose A Plus-size Sports Bra?

For girls with large bust sizes, it is quite difficult to do sports. Physical activity always leads to chest fluctuations, and this, in turn, leads to sprains and pain. Therefore, for sports, it is necessary to purchase a special bra that provides the necessary fixation of the breast.

When choosing a sports model, pay attention to convenience and practicality, these qualities are more important than beauty. Consider the type of physical activity that you plan to engage in. Therefore, if the load is not too intense, then a sports top with a sewn-in sconce will do. But for active training, you need a model with strong fixation. The chest should not be pressed against the chest; you need to pick up a bra with cups.

Here are some recommendations for the selection:

  • Be sure to conduct a fitting, keep in mind that it is necessary to put on a bra not on a bra, but on a naked body. Otherwise, it will be impossible to understand how effectively the model supports the bust
  • Wearing a bra, be sure to try to conduct a small “workout”, that is, perform several different movements. At the same time, watch how the bodice supports the bust;.

Features of Choosing Plus Size Bras

Large breasts give an additional load on the woman’s body and require increased fixation. In order to provide reliable breast support and reduce the load on a woman, buying a large bra should focus on:

  • The straps must necessarily be wide. Thin straps, of course, look elegant, but they cannot provide a sufficient level of support. Narrow straps will not hold the chest, they will cut into the body strongly;
  • wide frame (semi-corset);
  • the presence of bones (preferably);
  • elastic fabric;
  • closed cup shape;
  • With a large breast size, it is recommended to purchase bras with a high clasp — for 3-4 hooks. A narrow belt and a low clasp will not work, such a belt will constantly roll into a “tube”;
  • The ideal option is completely closed cups made of dense material. They usually have a “T” — shaped seam.

Bras for Fat Women

Plus Size Small Cup Bras

Plus Size Small Cup Bras

Lauma Bra

The Lauma bra is provided by bra sizes for plus size. This oversized embroidered lace bra has thin cups lined for a smooth finish. The fabric is elastic and has a soft elastic finish. It comes in three colors and large sizes.

Curve Muse Plus Size Bra

These bras for obese women large size comes in a pack of two pieces in two gorgeous colors. It has beautiful lace detailing that gives you coverage just where you need it. It has no bones but provides perfect support and comfort for heavier busts. Wide shoulder straps provide excellent support.

Plus Size Large Cup Bras

Plus Size Large Cup Bras

Lady Lux Bra

This oversized lace bra has padded cups for comfort and support and comes with no uncomfortable underwire. It has a floral lace that is made of stretchable microfiber, which adds elasticity and stretchability to the bra. The advantage of this soft bra is that the cups can be removed. This bra is available in 21 bright and amazing colors and sizes from small to 34k bra size.

Kris Line Bra

This lace bra is suitable for a wedding or evening dress. The sophisticated lace bralette is made of polyester and spandex, which makes it very comfortable and stretchable. It can be worn every day for every day or office use or a party, as well as under an elegant dress. The underwear set comes in eight wonderful plus colors and sizes.

Cosabella Bras

The brand of underwear Cosabella also has a separate line for owners of large breasts. It has the same soft lace and cotton, only with the size of the cups DD-F.

We believe that a properly good plus size bra supports and decorates your figure. Before buying, check the size and understand whether you are comfortable in it. Trust well-known manufacturers who are responsible for the quality and functionality of their products. Major brands produce goods that meet quality and safety standards. You feel maximum comfort and a beautiful silhouette.

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