What Colors Are Slimming and Which Stripes Are Better for Plus Size

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Times are changing and this is great because now men and women of curvaceous forms can also dress fashionably and stylishly. However, the problem of color matching is inherent in people of all shapes and sizes. You may notice that the idea of ​​a capsule wardrobe is based on only 2-3 main colors. Why is the wrong combination dangerous? It can give you a couple of extra pounds, and this is clearly not the effect you would like to achieve. So what colors make you look skinny or heavier? Answer this question now and at the end of the article, you will be able to understand whether you were right or became hostage to some myths about colors. All the useful info is below!

Colors that Make You Look Thinner

First, what you need to understand is that there are colors that would help you look slimmer, and there are colors that you need to play in combination with others.


what colors are slimming

Does black make you look slimmer? One rule remains unchanged, and that is that black really helps you look slimmer and this has even been proven by scientists. Galileo many centuries ago wondered why Jupiter is four times larger, but it looks smaller than Venus. Then, in 1867, Hermann von Helmholtz discovered that white squares on a black background looked larger than black squares on a white background, even though they were the same size. However, in our time, scientists have found a more scientific explanation – our eyes tend to exaggerate the power of light stimuli and dark shades seem to us less. So what colors are slimming, except black.

Blue: Light and Dark

does black make you look slimmer

Deep navy shades are close to black, which means you don’t have to worry about your slimming looks either. At the same time, the blue undertone is able to effectively highlight the eyes, hair color, or accentuate accessories. It would look good in combination with lighter cold shades and shift accents in the direction you need. Light blue, although not like black, can emphasize your advantages and hide flaws, especially if this color is used for block dresses to look slimmer. But bright blue should be avoided. Combine blue with light colors such as purple, burgundy, gold, green, calm azure, brown, lilac, medium beige

Worst Colors for Block Dresses Slimming

Do not be negative about the colors that are described below, with the right look and in combination with stripes, they can look pretty awesome. But in themselves, they are an unfortunate choice for plus size people.


Colors for Block Dresses Slimming

The secret of white lies in its ability to reflect light rays. White scatters the light falling on it as much as possible, thereby, as it were, smooths the boundaries between the item of clothing and the surrounding daylight or artificial lighting. As a result, the figure looks vague and more voluminous. So it is better to wear flattering colors.


Colors Not to Wear Together

Any light, pastel shades can help you look more rested. That is why the last few years, nude has not left the top positions of the main shades of the season. It is believed that this color is perfect for curvy women. This is partially true, but in most cases, such shades highlight the minuses of the figure, not the pluses. You should not completely abandon such shades, but you need to choose their combinations more carefully.

Colors Not to Wear Together

However, the rule to wear a solid color does not apply in dressing.

  • If you combine more than three colors in one dressing, you may look too colorful. At least one color should be calm, neutral. Take this color as a basis and choose suitable bright ones for it. For example, add purple and green to the base gray.
  • The color of the ensemble should be chosen based on the place and situation. Neon colors are unacceptable in classic business style. But a similar dress would be appropriate at a party. And for work, I recommend using a neutral color scheme (dark blue, brown, black, beige, gray).
  • Do not combine warm and cold shades, but choose clothes in approximately the same color scheme. For example, pastel shades go well with each other.
  • Excessive monochrome is also our enemy, in black and white, you would rather look like an office worker. Therefore, do not be afraid to bring bright details to the monochrome dressing.

Which Stripes Are Slimming?

Let’s take a look at vertical and horizontal stripes and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each for curvy shapes.

Are Vertical Stripes Slimming?

Are Vertical Stripes Slimming

According to scientists, horizontal stripes can help to look slimmer. This is because they seem to fill space better than vertical stripes. Conversely, they can lengthen your figure and make you taller. This is because vertical stripes actually trick our eyes, making people with vertical stripes look taller and thinner.

Do Horizontal Stripes Slim You?

Do Horizontal Stripes Slim You

There is a fairly common belief that horizontal stripes increase your waist by several inches. But as practice shows, they are not so bad if you combine them correctly. So how to wear horizontal stripes for plus size?

  • Choose narrow stripes instead of wide ones and minimize color contrast between them.
  • Always wear straighter stripes as they would visually reduce your figure. Ideal ratio – the width of the black stripes is equal to the width of the white stripes.
  • Since the stripes give your garment a certain appeal, you want a slim fit that balances the volume. Things like round necks not only shorten the cleavage but also make the face rounder and the body thicker. In contrast, a V-neck is a good choice because the sheer lining increases the lengthening of the neckline and creates some vertical lining to balance the stripes.

Are Polka Dots Slimming?

Are Polka Dots Slimming

Polka dots are very popular lately and can really help you look slimmer. But you should take into account that there should not be too many of them and dots of one color, a maximum of two, are preferable. If you are plus size, choose your best dressing to look thinner due to our tips. Have you guessed the colors that make you look thinner? Share in the comments!

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