What to do when you overeat and feel sick? Home remedies for relief after overeating

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what to do after overeating

As people, we can sometimes have those days where we just want to eat anything and everything that we see. It can be cravings that we get, boredom, hunger, there are so many different reasons for wanting to eat a bunch. Certain foods tend to feel much heavier than others though, which can make us feel really sick if we overeat them.

In recent months, with quarantining and stress, we have turned to food to aid us during these times. It is harder to see and connect with people, leaving us with only food to turn to. However, since we only have food to turn to, that means we tend to keep eating more and more.

Doing so is extremely unhealthy and caused a lot of sickness and aches. You can get a stomach ache from eating too much on the same day or you can begin to develop overeating stomach pain the next day. There are many ways you can be feeling after you overeat, you may feel bloated, cramps or just really full and can’t move. Typically, these aches don’t feel the best at all and we want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

How to feel better after overeating? There are plenty of different remedies when it comes to overeating, it’s great to follow them in order to feel better. What to do after overeating? There are great remedies for this as well, to help you feel better before your stomach aches worsen. There are drinks to help soothe aches, exercises, stretches, and certain foods to help you feel better after you have overeaten.

What to do when you overeat and feel sick?

overeating stomach pain next day

Know how you are feeling

Understand what you are feeling and how it came to be. You want to be paying attention to what you have eaten and how much you have eaten when you feel sick because of overeating. There is no reason to judge yourself because you wanted an extra piece of pizza or another serving of food, but keep in mind how you are feeling and if you are still hungry.

You want to note what you are feeling. Some signs of overeating are not being able to move because of how full you feel, having stomach aches, being exhausted, gas pain, becoming bloated, and having fatigue. You definitely might get some stomach pain from eating too much.

Move your body to the best of your ability, don’t overdo it

Getting an overeating stomach ache or regular overeating stomach pain really puts some restrictions on us. Even just having a huge meal makes us want to sit on the couch and relax. Moving around and doing different things is the last of our worries, but it should be done.

Of course, you don’t want to overwork yourself, especially if your stomach hurts from eating too much, but you should at least try to move around a little bit. Now we don’t mean go out and get a full workout in, but a walk would be perfect. It will help decrease the pressure that you have on your stomach and it will reduce any heartburn.

Doing a really big workout after overeating is not good at all, it will cause stress and possibly mess with your metabolism as well, which you definitely don’t want. Rather than turning to a workout, take a small walk. This is definitely going to help with your overeating relief, it’s a great remedy for overeating.

Don’t restrict yourself

You ate too much, feel sick the next day, it is not ideal, but it happens. However, when your stomach hurts after eating too much, you should not feel as though you need to restrict yourself. We’ve all overeaten and felt as though we can never do that again and restrict ourselves to make up for all the food we ate.

That shouldn’t be the case though. When you restrict yourself from food and decide which foods are good and which foods are bad, you will tend to overeat. Restricting ourselves causes us to think about the foods that we have restricted and obsess over them, eventually overeating. It is better to give yourself permission to eat whatever you want, that way you won’t be overthinking about the specific food. The best option to help with overeating, is to try to pay attention to how you are feeling when you are eating and keep track of your hunger.

Eat slower

Sometimes when we see our favorite food, all we want to do is devour it because of how amazing it looks. However, it is actually not healthy to eat fast, doing so only tricks you into overeating.

It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to communicate to your brain that it is full, which means you should pace yourself during meals. You don’t want to eat so much in the first 5 to 10 minutes and not even give your stomach the chance to let your brain know that it is full. Pacing yourself will help you eat less and feel less sick.

What to do when you’ve eaten too much?

overeating stomach ache

Drink water!

Overeating, especially heavily seasoned foods, will likely cause a bad stomach ache. Many tend to develop a stomach ache after eating too much, but there are certain things you can do to reduce the bad feeling. You want to make sure to drink some water to help you feel better.

It will get rid of any extra salt in your body that your meal gave you and help you digest better. You don’t want to chug down the water though, that will only make you feel sicker. Just have sips of water after your big meal and continue on for the rest of the day and make sure you are staying hydrated.

Do not lie down after a meal

As tempting as it is to go lie down and possibly get a nap in after a big meal, it is a big no, no. You already feel sick after a meal, lying down may sound like a great idea to help cure it, but it will only worsen it.

Not only does it let your calories just sit in your body without being burned off, but it slows down your digestion. Laying down may cause you to throw up and have acid reflux, only making you feel worse than you originally did. Plus, it messes with your digestion. When you lie down, rather than making its way down, it is easier for your food to make its way back up, slowing down the digestion.

Do not turn to the bubbly

It definitely sounds great, but turning to a carbonated drink after a big meal is not the best idea. A carbonated drink will only add gas to your system and continue to fill up your digestive system, making you feel more and more full. It will make you feel bloated and just not the best. You may think that it is making you feel better because you are burping it out, but you only burp out a little bit of it, the rest goes right through your digestive system and you eventually pass it as gas.

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