Why Do Men Like Curvy And Plus Size Women? – 12 Reasons And The Opinion Of Men

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do men like plus size women

You can admire the full-bodied models who do not hesitate to show off their impressive forms on the catwalks and in front of the cameras. You can blame them for their shamelessness and unwillingness to take care of themselves. However, it is impossible to remain indifferent to plus-size models. When another beauty with pouty lips and a Barbie doll figure appears on the cover of the glossy magazine, we will take a casual look at her – and scroll further. If a woman with voluminous hips and lush breasts poses in the photo, the gaze involuntarily lingers and even the regulars of gyms and health food stores begin to consider the sultry young lady. What is the secret? Do men like plus-size women? There are at least several reasons for this.

Why Do Men Like Curvy And Plus Size Women

do guys like curvy girls

They Always Take Care of Themselves

Because the magnificent forms of women often begin to complex or feel ugly against the background of slender girls. That is why they spend more time on their appearance, trying to hide noticeable flaws and emphasize their advantages. On a full face, facial and age-related wrinkles are not so noticeable. Thanks to this, a woman’s skin will look young at any age. Thin ladies rarely worry about their appearance. They can safely wear any clothes and do not apply makeup. Women “in the body”, in contrast, always strive to look good. So you can answer the question: do guys like curvy girls? Men want to see well-groomed companions next to them, so they cannot resist curvy girls and choose them.

They Have a Feminine Figure

Men that like full-figured women always choose full ones. The dimensions of full girls are far from models. However, where a slender girl can hardly see the differences between the chest, waist, and hips, the clavicles and vertebrae stick out, the crumpet has an appetizing shape with a clearly defined difference between the lush chest, waist, and feminine hips. And this is what men like!

All Curvy Women Have Thick Hair

Another reason why do men like curvy women is their hair. Women with excess weight have thick hair, luxurious long curls — the business card of any girl. Almost no guy can resist gorgeous hair. Representatives of the model appearance often sit on diets and limit themselves to the use of many products. Because of this, a hormonal failure occurs, which leads to the loss of bands. To restore the hair, you have to spend a lot of money on doctors, cosmetic procedures, masks, and extensions. Curvy girls rarely limit themselves to food, as they feel confident in their bodies. At the same time, they produce the female hormone estrogen, which is responsible for the shine, elasticity, and density of hair. They practically do not spend money on care, as their curls do not need it.

They Do not Have Wrinkles

On a full face, wrinkles are not as noticeable as on a thin one – this is a fact. Sometimes the skin of a full-bodied girl at 18 and 35 looks the same. A slim lady starts buying smoothing anti-aging serums at the age of 30. And the full needs it only after forty.

They Are the Soul of the Company

Men who like large women believe that a full girl is always the soul of the company. Scientists have proven that crumpets laugh more often and joke more than slender girls. Representatives of the model appearance often have a “crown” on their heads, which is why they show less friendliness and openness towards people. They are also more likely to experience stress, so they are rarely in a good mood. Plump ladies are always open in communication and are happy to meet new people. It is always easy and fun to keep in touch with them because they themselves make the first step. They are always happy to be accepted into any company and enjoy spending time together.

Curvy Women Have a Beautiful Voice

Have you ever seen a lady with a curvy figure – and a squeaky voice? That is right! All curvy girls talk with a special languid, beautiful voice that always attracts men. A man may not see her yet, but he will already be fascinated by the deep timbre of her voice.

They are More Often and Easier to Get Acquainted with

Another reason why do men like curves is the ease of communication. Who is easier to approach – an unapproachable slender beauty in a designer dress, with a bored look, sipping a cocktail, or a smiling curvy girl with a glass of beer, who will definitely not send off, but will laugh at jokes together, and also tell her own? With them, men relax, which cannot be said about slim girls – in front of them, you need to try to make an impression. They get tired of it.


Psychologists in response to the question: do skinny guys like curvy girls? They said that girls are always attracted by their kindness. The rumor that skinny people are angrier than crumpets is often true. Everything depends on the person, of course, but food causes the hormones of joy to be produced. Lovers of eating these hormones simply have more. In addition, full girls do not like to find fault, because they know that they themselves are not the ideal of fashion. And they forgive the shortcomings of men more often than thin women.

The Character of a Woman

why do men like curves

If a man is looking for character in a woman, then slimness fades into the background. Or the third one. Do men prefer curvy women for possible relationships, usually years after 25. And mature men, unless they are trying to compensate for complexes or maintain status, are increasingly inclined to choose more voluminous ladies, which look more loyal and responsible?


Many men are afraid to approach to be acquainted with slender beauties. They are quite rightly afraid that such a girl may not want to meet with the “average”, and will try to find a more attractive guy. Full girls, in the view of men, do not enjoy the same success with the opposite sex as beauties of model appearance. In addition, it is easier to be acquainted with them. Then communication will be more free and relaxed. The funny thing about this situation is that many men think so. As a result, a curvy girl can have even more choice than her slender friends can.

A Good Wife and Mother

Young people feel confident in living together with crumpets. Plump ladies are associated with guys with comfort, which they try to achieve in family life. Full ladies are able to surround a loved one with tenderness, care, and love. They will always support him and will be there for him under any circumstances. In addition, crumpets like to cook delicious dishes, in which they often surpass slender girls.

Family Life

If you are still thinking: do guys like plus-size girls? Of course, yes. A woman who smells of pies and cutlets in her kitchen will always win over someone who chews lettuce leaves without salt. It is plump men who perceive excellent homemakers, “with such a woman, you will never stay hungry” – they say. Cook delicious food can only be the one that knows a lot about it.

I have always noticed that many men are attracted to curvy girls. After all, against the background of slender girls, full ones have many advantages. They are always cheerful and responsive, know how to cook delicious food, and are ready to follow a man anywhere. Curvy girls are always the soul of the company – they will support and cheer you up. This is very attractive to men.

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