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As plus-size women, there are certain traits that some of us may carry that others don’t. Everyone carries their own specific traits, but some of us have wider feet that may require wider shoes. There are so many women’s wide width shoes for problem feet that we want to discuss and share with you all. Wide width feet problem doesn’t necessarily mean chubby feet though, they can mean multiple different problems such as bunions, swollen feet, or other issues such as flat feet or aches.

Thankfully, our options have diversified and there is a world filled with some beautiful shoes to choose from. Whether you are looking for some great casual shoes or shoes you can wear to an event you’ll be sure to find a pair you love. Let’s look at some women’s shoes for problem feet, but also let’s make sure they are fashionable wide width shoes.


womens wide width shoes for problem feet

These are one of the most gorgeous pairs of womens stylish wide width shoes. They sell on Zappos for $120 and range from sizes 5 1/2 to 12. They are adjustable so that you are able to have some more toe room. They are not only comfortable, but you are able to pair these with a super cute dress (it can be short or long, whichever you prefer!), shorts, and a cute top or a cute skirt paired with a top. We especially love the wooden heel, it gives the shoes a distinct look to them.

Sam Edelman – Loraine Loafer

fashionable wide width shoes

These fashionable wide shoes are absolutely to die for. They are extremely comfortable and give off different vibes depending on the way you pair them. They are currently sold on the Zappos site for about $130 ranging from size 4 to 13. The best part? They come in sixteen different colors and patterns to match any colors you desire.

Whether you want these shoes to give off a professional vibe or a casual vibe, all you need to do is switch up the fit. If you are going for more of a work wear or professional look, we recommend the black pair with some trousers and a blouse (you can add a blazer if you are feeling extra fancy!). If you are choosing to go with something more casual for a lunch or a dinner, we recommend pairing these with some trousers (patterned trousers are best if you go with a solid color!) and an oversized t-shirt or a fitted t-shirt. You can definitely pull off a fit with these shoes. They are one of our favorite shoes for wide feet ladies.

Naturalizer – Zarie

shoes for wide feet ladies

The colder days are here with the Fall season already caught up to us and Winter right around the corner, we definitely need a cute bootie option. These are an awesome choice in wide feet womens shoes. These stylish ankle boots are sold on Zappos for about $110 and range from size 4 to 12. These aren’t only some of the most stylish shoes for women with wide feet, but like the other options we recommend, they hold a ton of comfort. To pair these, you can dress them in a cute fall dress with or without a scarf and a jean jacket, you can pair them with leggings and a cute white v-neck or you can pair them with jeans and a v-neck.

New Balance – Fresh Foam 1080v10

wide feet womens shoes

Gym shoes are a necessity in any shoe collection, whether you want to use them to work out or to wear them around the mall. Gym shoes can be worn for almost anything casual. These New Balance kicks sell on Zappos for about $150 and range in sizes 5 to 13 with 9 different color combinations to choose from. They are very comfortable shoes for girls with wide feet. The variety of color combinations definitely make this shoe one of the most fashionable wide shoes, when it comes to gym shoe styles. These can be paired with a pair of leggings and a t-shirt or sweatshirt and can be worn to run errands, to the gym, on a run, or just a stroll around the mall.

Birkenstock – Arizona

This is the shoe or in this case, sandal, that we are ecstatic to share with you are. These sandals are some of the comfiest shoes that we have tried. They sell for between $90 to $300 and you can find them at Amazon, Nordstrom, or the Birkenstock website. They are adjustable, so they give you plenty of toe room and they can adjust to extra wide womens shoes for swollen feet. They are definitely great fashionable shoes for wide feet. They come in different colors so you are really able to match them with any outfit or color that comes to mind. To pair, they work with anything. You can pretty much pair these with anything whether it be jeans, leggings, casual dress, skirt, or sweats. The only thing we wouldn’t suggest wearing them would be with a professional outfit.

There are plenty of wide width shoes to choose from out there. They are fashionable and comfortable. However, you want to make sure you are measuring your feet so that your new shoes will fit perfectly and comfortably. You want to go into the store with everything set so it is a breeze when you are shopping. Remember, there are multiple factors that play into wide feet, it isn’t necessarily your weight that plays a role in it. Pregnancy, heat, and even age can play a role in your feet widening. It’s important to know that your feet may change and you may eventually need wide shoes if you don’t currently need them and you may eventually not need them anymore.

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