Zach Miko: Biography, Career, and Useful Tips for Becoming a Plus Size Male Model

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Zach Miko Plus Size Male Model

A positive perception of different body types is what millions of women and men are now fighting for. If the dialogue between plus size women has already been imposed, and we hear every day about such models and bloggers as Margie Plus, Barbie Ferreira, and Precious Lee, etc. The same dialogue should be among men, so today our article is about one of the first representatives of men who conquered the modeling world. Zach Miko is a plus size male model that has become the display of millions of men not only in the United States but all over the world.

Zach Miko and His Biography

Zach Miko walks runway during The Iconic Swim Show

Born in the United States on June 9, 1989, Zachary Miko became the first major male model to sign a contract with IMG. His family has always supported his career. Thanks to them, he has the motivation to live the life he wants. His father, Tom Miko, even appeared on the magazine covers with his model son. Zach grew up in Stratford, Connecticut, and is a US citizen. Zach Miko is a model, who graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He later immigrated to New York to pursue his model and artistic passion. Since then, he has starred in CBS’s Boundless and NBC’s Shades of Blue. Regardless of life’s difficulties, his parents are always by his side. So, it is not surprising that all the inspiration comes from his parents. Zach Miko’s wife, Laura, is the talk show comedian and supporting actress. She inspires her man no less than his parents because she was easily accepted into their friendly family.

Miko’s Career as a Big Guy in Modeling

Plus Size Male Model famous

Initially, Zach aimed only for a career as an actor, but when the opportunity to reveal himself as a plus size male model presented, there was not a single doubt that it was necessary to act. When he was invited to the Target male models, Zach was very excited and in his interviews, he said that from an overabundance of emotions he began to dance with his wife, and when he got his thoughts, Zach immediately called his parents. He is truly considered one of the first pioneers in the fashion industry. And his goal as a model is to inspire as many men as possible to accept their body and appearance in general and understand that it is not conformity to standards that makes us happy and attractive, but self-love. Plus size male model agency’s had a big influence on his first work. Sana Hanible received word from a hairdresser and makeup artist friend that they wanted a big, tall man to model for their campaign, and she immediately recommended Miko. The next day he went for a test shot, the Target liked what they saw, and the next week he returned for another shot. He was asked to return six times and the rest, they said, were already history. However, his first shot was not smooth. The shirt he needed was not in his size. Each piece of clothing must be stretched by the production designer. And if that doesn’t work, the shirt is slit at the back and closed with flaps for a better fit. It can be foreseen that clothes stuck in place would not work at all, so he was being asked to take another photo. Fortunately, the correct size was available at the time, and there have been no such incidents since then. What other works are known?

  • Male clothes in modeling must be in different sizes, and that is the mean idea of the Brawn division of IMG. Men need to see the model and think about the similarities between them. Zach hopes that this collection would resonate with everyone who wants to feel confident and look stylish. He took part in this because he is close to the idea of making fashion real for everyone who does not fit the generally accepted standards. Which means that the standards are outdated for a long time, right? This year, they issue new work for Miko as a plus size male model. Swimwear and underwear would make a splash in the fashion industry.
  • Zach has an impressive list of acting merit. Looking at his acting resume, one would think that he has competed in competitions for decades, but only in the last five years or so has he played roles in different TV shows. Some of his works include The Sasquatch Show, Land of the Unknown, Shades of Blue, My Crazy Love, Rock Star Cafe, Fatal Sin, The Wolf of Wall Street, and The Man in the Glass House, etc
  • Miko also received awards as a playwright and composer for his collaboration with The Dreamstalks. The team shot a short film called When I Grow Up, and he wrote the music for the video.

How to Become a Popular Male Plus Size Models?

If you want to try yourself in modeling, but you have a non-standard figure, then who, if not the first plus size male model, can give useful advice? We analyzed more than one male model interview by Zach Miko and highlighted the most interesting and instructive moments.

  • Whether you love or hate, you should consider the fact that Instagram is an integral part of any modeling career. Your Instagram account would be used as a modeling portfolio more often than your official one. What matters is that the person you are online with is the person they see in real life.
  • Take a million photos and learn how to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t take a million close-up selfies and expect to be greeted at a model show. You need to take full-length photos so any potential agency, brand, or photographer knows what you look like and can imagine how the clothes fit you. Make sure your Instagram is public.
  • Modeling in this social media world is about more than just your looks. People want to know you, and they also want to contact you. If you don’t know much about yourself, they won’t be able to do it. Start a journey to learn to appreciate your body, emotions, intellect, and spirit. You need to be confident not only in your body but also in your mind and soul. In the plus size men models industry, you ask people to believe in you, and if you don’t believe in yourself, no one would. Love the good aspects of yourself, but also learn to respect the less good. You would be able to better manage these things in your personal and professional life.
  • Finally, know why you want to be big and tall male models. It’s no shame that you want other people to talk about your uniqueness and beauty, but if that’s your only goal, maybe you should find another way to express yourself? Modeling for the plus size community is not only about promoting fashion but also a way to transform outdated standards and help others love themselves. Because Zach hated himself since childhood and considered himself unattractive and unpopular. It’s about opening up a feeling that was once elusive to everyone. You know that millions of people walk into a store, try on clothes, look in the mirror, and cannot say that it suits them. When men have problems with self-esteem, it can lead to insecurity and depression, which can manifest themselves in intimidation or the imposition of unrealistic standards. Then men project those standards onto women, objectify them, and make them hideous. The cycle goes on forever. This is a terrible trend that has put a lot of people in a terrible situation. Be able to look through fashion magazines and see people who are somewhat similar to them. It’s about being satisfied with who you are, not who you think you should be.

What other plus size men models do you know, and like to follow on Instagram? Share in the comments!

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